YOU vs ROCKY – How Could You Defeat And Survive Him? (Rocky Movie)

It’s time for a new hobby, and after taking
a look at some flyers posted up around town you decide that boxing is the perfect new
activity for you. Learning to throw and block punches to protect
yourself in case you ever get into a fight doesn’t seem like a bad thing, and neither
does the idea of getting into better shape while you’re at it! Within hours you’ve signed up for your very
first boxing lesson and are already in the gym along with a few other new recruits. The instructor wants to see what you’ve got
though so he knows what he’s working with, so he slaps some headgear and a body protector
on you and throws you into the ring. Don’t worry he says, you’re only going to
be facing off against the wife of one of the boxing club’s owners, and it’s not a for-real
sparring match, just to see what moves you already know. Not what you were expecting on your first
day, but “maybe this is how things work in boxing gyms” you think. As she climbs into the ring she seems vaguely
familiar, and makes you think about 70s sports action movies for some reason. You shrug away the thought and start your
lesson, but as the bell rings to start the round and you start heading out of your corner
into the center of the ring, the next thing you know you trip on your untied shoelace
and fall forward face first! As you fall though, you swing your arms out
to catch yourself and your first connects right with the woman’s face, knocking out
two of her front teeth completely by accident! You’re horrified as she starts crying, and
then suddenly you hear it, a booming voice coming from behind you… “Ay yo Adrian! …what’s going on?! Adrian!!” That’s when you realize who you’ve been sparring
against- the wife of none other than world heavyweight champion and commie-crusher extraordinaire,
the pride of Philadelphia, Rocky Balboa! Seeing that you’ve accidentally knocked her
two front teeth out, Rocky roars in rage and thrusts a finger in your direction- you and
him officially have a date in the ring, and it’s not for the world heavyweight title,
it’s for your life! So you decided that learning how to box would
be a pretty cool thing to do but then inadvertently punched the wife of 1970s sports action hero
star Rocky Balboa in the face and knocked her two front teeth out, and now the most
feared boxer in the world wants to rip your head off in the ring… how in the world are
you going to defeat Rocky? Standing five feet eleven inches. Weighing in at two hundred and sixteen pounds. Eighty one fights, fifty seven wins, a whopping
fifty one of those wins by knockout. Rocky Balboa needs no introduction, but just
in case you have terrible taste in movies and have never seen a single Rocky film, we’ll
give you a brief one.. Rocky grew up on the streets of Philadelphia,
and was an amateur boxer by day and a leg-breaking debt collector for criminal interests by night. Not well-liked by people, Rocky was the local
underdog, until one day the world heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed, finds himself in need
of a new opponent for a highly publicized boxing match on New Year’s Day, 1976, the
year of the United States’ bicentennial. Apollo thus decides he wants to give a local
boxing underdog a shot, although he has no expectation of losing his fight. Rocky is then invited to prove himself in
an unprecedented shot at the world title. In front of thousands of screaming fans, Rocky
and Apollo engage in a brutal boxing match that pushes both men to their breaking points. Apollo has superior technique and skill, but
Rocky has an almost supernatural ability to absorb punishment and keep pushing on. Rocky’s nose is broken and his eyes are swollen
nearly shut, but Apollo suffers serious internal bleeding and bruised ribs. After fifteen grueling rounds, the judges
call the match in favor of Apollo, but only by the slimmest of margins. From there Rocky would get another chance
at the world title when Apollo Creed challenged him to a rematch. Unable to bear the media’s claims that he
only won because the judges gifted the more famous champion a decision, Apollo runs a
smear campaign against Rocky until Rocky finally accepts a rematch. Still the superior technical fighter, and
with the lefthanded Rocky fighting right handed to protect a detached retina which could cause
him to go blind, Apollo gains a massive score lead. Ignoring his trainers who tell him to fight
defensively in the fifteenth round and win by points, Apollo insists on knocking Rocky
out, and in the last few seconds both men fall to the mat. Rocky heroically picks himself up at the last
second, with Apollo Creed suffering his first ever KO. From there Rocky would go on to defend his
title against other boxing villains, including his legendary match against the Soviet-engineered
super-boxer, Ivan Drago, where he defeated the Soviet Union’s greatest boxer and ended
the Cold War single handedly. Good news for the western world! The bad news for you is that you’re up against
the most feared boxing champion in world history, and even worse news is that if Rocky loves
anything more than boxing, its his wife- whose teeth you knocked out with your ill timed
stumble. Now he’s looking to not just remove your own
two front teeth, but your very head from your shoulders, and you’ve got thirty days to train
to beat Rocky in a one on one deathmatch in the ring. The first thing you’re going to have to work
on if you want a chance at survival is your diet. Boxing heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr who
had his own Rocky-like underdog story when he overcame thirty to one odds to win his
own championship via TKO. Even though he may not look like the most
shredded fighter in the world, Ruiz is still in amazing shape and has a very specific food
regiment he sticks to every day when he is training for a new fight, and you’re going
to be adopting his diet. For breakfast he typically has a three-egg
omelette with mushrooms, spinach and avocado. Avocado is basically a superfood, but it’s
also rich in fat and so super-good about making you fat if you just sit around all day. If you don’t like vegetables then you better
get used to eating them, because vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals essential
to repairing damaged muscles and helping them grow. For lunch he has either a chicken salad or
a chicken wrap, and the key here is that both of these are heavier on lean chicken and accompanying
vegetables than on thick, creamy dressing. It does you no good to eat healthy if you’re
just going to drown your salads or wraps in ten-thousand calories worth of ranch. In between lunch and dinner or throughout
the day, Ruiz enjoys servings of either nuts, fruits, or another healthy wrap such as chicken
and cucumber- once more though, light on the dressing. Finally for dinner, he has either steak, chicken,
or fish, accompanied by pasta or rice. Pasta here doesn’t mean three-cheese tortellini,
or a heaping slice of beef lasagna- but rather simple pastas that are both light on the sauce
and cheese. The next thing is going to be to work on your
cardio. You’re going to start running, and running
a lot. You want to be doing at minimum three miles
a day- and that should be before breakfast. Later in the evening, you want to be hitting
the track or a treadmill and do another three miles, alternating sprints with jogging. Running may not make you hit harder or faster,
but it will give you the endurance that you need to go the distance. It doesn’t matter if you’re able to knock
someone’s head off in one shot if you can’t last long enough to get that one shot. To add to your cardio routine you’re going
to be doing all kinds of supplemental calisthenic workouts, including jumping jacks, burpees,
planks, and squats. In the weight room you’ll be working on a
total-body workout, because punching power doesn’t just come from your arms and chest. In fact a proper punch starts down in your
legs, and a champion boxer can deliver power from his leg muscles up through his lower
back muscles and then to his arms and finally his fist. That’s right, a good punch should be using
up most of your body, and you should be twisting your hips with each punch in order to channel
power up your legs to your fist. So don’t make like most gym rats and simply
work on your upper body, hiding your scrawny legs under sweatpants- you’re in it to win
it, so you need to be hitting those squats and leg lifts just as hard as the pull up
bar and bench press. Next you’ll need to work on speed, which means
its punching bag time. You should be doing at least five minute full-power
sessions with the punching bag, strengthening the muscles in your forearms and arms to help
make your guard strong. You don’t just want to be able to deliver
bone-crushing punches, you want to make sure that you’re able to block them as well. Think yoga is for hippy nerds? Think again, because you’re also going to
be engaging in a whole lot of yoga. Only we’re not talking about the stuff your
mom does before she goes namaste all over her local starbucks, we’re talking some seriously
advanced yoga. You’re going to want to work on strengthening
and lengthening your tendons all over your body, and making sure that you increase your
flexibility. This is critical for boxers to avoid injury,
and increased flexibility and stronger tendons can even add to your reach. All the working out is going to come with
a risk of injury, so by working on your stretches and starting a hardcore yoga routine you’ll
not only be helping prevent injury in the ring, but injury during your training. Finally it’s time for technique. You decided to finally cash in those birthday
checks that grandma has been sending you and hire a real trainer. Professional boxing trainers can cost in the
tens of thousands of dollars, and luckily grandma got a little confused on a few of
the birthday checks and added some extra zeros so we’re able to hire one of the best. Most pros usually train at least six to eight
weeks for a fight, but since we’ve only got thirty days we’re going to focus on
getting the basics down. A quick jab, a strong cross, a crushing hook,
and a solid guard. So you’ve been hitting the gym for thirty
days straight, working on your diet and your yoga with so much devotion you could basically
open your own inner-peace yoga studio, and practicing technique every extra minute of
the day- now it’s time for fight night. Time to fight for the title- or in this case,
your very life. You’re gonna want to get amped, and hopefully
you’ve been watching videos of Rocky’s past fights to learn his technique. The most important thing to do though is to
limit your fear response, and center yourself mentally to a place where you are accepting
of the physical abuse your body is inevitably about to take. Our brains naturally reel from the impact
of an injury in order to keep us safe, but in the ring the greatest secret to success,
and certainly one that Rocky has mastered, is the ability to know when to take a blow,
so that you can deliver a devastating counterblow. You’re gonna have to psych yourself up and
prepare to take a little damage- ok, a lot of damage. Now that you’re in the ring, how are you going
to beat Rocky? Well, just like all boxers, that part’s up
to you. We’ve been the man in your corner throughout
this whole ordeal, and just like a great boxing trainer we can prepare you physically and
mentally as much as possible, but in the end it’s you that’s gotta go toe to toe with the
champ, and honestly we really prefer it that way. Hopefully you live to tell the tale, because
even the Soviet Union’s best sports medicine scientists couldn’t engineer a boxing champion
tough enough to stand up to the Italian Stallion. Don’t worry though, we totally got your back-
now if you’ll excuse us we need to find a bookie still taking last minute bets. Oh yeah, we’re definitely putting our money
on you… we believe in you! (whisper) Psst, hey, hundred bucks on Rocky… How would you prepare to fight Rocky Balboa? Other than preparing for a fight against a
pro boxer, what’s the toughest physical conditioning you ever underwent? Tell us in the comments! Then go watch You vs The Terminator! As always if you enjoyed this video don’t
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  1. This is assuming you're fighting Rocky Balboa circa 1980s. Realistically, we should be considering modern day old Rocky, as of Creed 2.

    Rocky would still knock you out. And if it's not him, it's Adonis Creed.

  2. Do this workout:

    100 push ups

    100 sit ups

    100 squats

    And a 10km run for every single fay for 3 years until u go bald.

  3. Okay, I know this probably won't be read, but I have a challenge idea if I may: let's let our favorite human lab rat go 1-2 months without brushing teeth? I know most of us probably did that as kids, but let's see him do it and watch the girlfriend get mad

  4. I guess none of you are actual boxing fans because in reality Rocky Balboa exhibits the worst boxing I have ever seen in a movie.

  5. At least Rocky would just knock you out, now try fighting Mike Tyson in his prime. Just remember to update your will first.

  6. Why would you wanna?! He’s a gentle giant and a great person! He’s not aggressive! Plus why isn’t Adrian wearing a mouth guard?

  7. Me an intellactual:*does not wear any think with cords*
    Average Joe:Turn on me
    Average Joe:*punch to mouth*
    Rocky:Are you challenging me ?
    Me:Not him but I do revolver shot

  8. rocky is a forgiving and understanding person he would understand it was an accident. also his wife should have had her mouth peace in to prevent that

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