You two, stop holding hands [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.29]

It’s not getting anywhere so far. (Success) (Curious) – It’s blank again. / – It’s blank. Let’s keep going. (She has to top her block on top of the tower) (Wobbling) I hope it falls so the date ends. I want to knock the tower over. (These people wish the game would be over already) You want it to fall? Fall, fall, fall! Be careful what you wish for, it might fall over on your date. I want that date to end already. How do I go about this? (What do I do?) – I’m sorry. / – You did it for the show. I made it too difficult. (I’m fine, I’ll give it a try) (Carefully pulling out a block) (Successful) (Nice play, Kisum) Is there something written on yours? Wink. (Choose a person and wink at that person) Why am I the only one with missions? (Why am I the only one with missions?) (Seokhyeon has no choice) This is driving me crazy. (Wink already) (Don’t drag it on) – Can I wink? / – She’s good at winking. (Here goes Kisum’s wink) (Winking) (She acts cute) (The fluttering moment…) (Only lasted so long) She’s so cute. Gosh. (She feels utterly embarrassed) She’s so cute. (He’s satisfied) – Hurry up. / – Okay. (The more we play Jenga) (Why do I feel more uneasy?) This is a piece of cake. (It’s Seokhyeon’s turn) (Risky) He did it. Something’s written on it. (Uneasy) – I wonder what it says. / – It must be something odd. It’s too much. – Why? / – It’s too obscene. Why? – Isn’t this public channel? / – Why? They say it’s obscene. (Gosh, it’s making me curious) What could it be? (What could it be?) “Hold hands with an opposite sex until you take the next stick out.” Gosh. My gosh. – This… / – Choose one. Hold one person’s hand? Were you going to hold all our hands? No, that’s not what I meant. Or our feet. Was he going to hold them all? How many hands does he have? Or he could hold his own hands. He’s a weird man. Stop badmouthing so much. No, I was stating a fact. – You’re so mean. / – I’m only stating the facts. (Isn’t this what just happened?) Well… Does anyone want to hold my hand? (What did he just say?) – Are you making us step forward? / – If not… – If not… / – Unbelievable. I’ll choose. Then… (This moment is making the girls’ hearts race) I’ll hold her hand as I place it. (Let’s hold hands, Kisum) I’ll hold hands. (Will you hold my hand?) I’ll do the rest. (Look how manly he is) (She lets him hold her hand) My gosh. She’s feeling good. Kisum is feeling happy. She’s not upset anymore. He’ll soon pinch her cheek. (Screaming) (They held hands!) They held hands. What’s going on? See? I told you. He’s a player. He just held her hands. He’s sending her a message. (The two are holding hands) (Did Seokhyeon change his mind or is he just playing?) This is crazy. It’s so funny. (Is Kisum feeling excited?) Can I have a mask? My face is burning. Did he hold my hands because he’s interested in me or was it because I was the closest to him and it was inconvenient to reach out to others? That’s why I was puzzled. (She’s still unsure) (You can’t tell what’s on his mind) (Did the wink and pinch change his mind?) (And to one person, all this is unpleasant) (She’s bothered) It bothered me. (Even when it was her turn to take out the stick) (She couldn’t ignore the hands) I just stared. I was a little upset. (She couldn’t help it) She’s daring. (This is the end of upsetting Jenga time) – I’m sorry. I couldn’t help. / – What do we do? What did it say anyway? What was it? – It was an order. / – “Give each other nicknames.” Then the two would have… (It would’ve been enough to make them fall in love) (Bitter)

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