You Are Co-creating With Life

Watch how life begins to play with you in a positive way when you take
responsibility for who you are. Watch how life begins to play with you when you say I truly desire to become
the best version of me so I can impact the lives of others
in a positive way. That’s what life wants from you anyways because if we all are interconnected
and all one when you uplift and you become the
best version of you and when you personally thrive with
the intention of serving others why would life make it difficult for you? Your evolution, your expansion is its
expansion and even on your journey to
being of service and becoming the best version of you if life does serve you curve balls,
they are actually challenges. because through moving and evolving
into your highest expression you are going to stretch You are going to be put in
situations that will challenges you to make you into that
better version of who you are. So if you treat it as if like
you are not being punished but you are actually being
put in positions where you can level up then the way you see these
curves balls become different. You see them as opportunities
of growth and not things that are there to hinder
your evolution, or to hinder your journey. you know that something is coming up
because you are about to learn something
about yourself. You are about to stretch passed
another fear. You are about to stretch passed
another limiting belief. So when things come up that way and if you interpret them as they are
coming towards you because you are about to level up doesn’t that change everything? A challenge is not there to break you.
It’s there to build you up. If you are able even intellectually
to open up to the possibility that life
happens for you and not to you That life will serve up will put you in places that you can
move through and evolve. Then you’re not playing the game of
life as something that is a war, a battle. You are co-creating with life and those
challenges become opportunities.

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  1. it is not important how much u know, it is important how much u can teach. u have the gift of teaching clear and simple…. thanks

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