Xgirl Nerf War: Fight For Survival

I saw the boss of Alibaba You look Let’s go We have to chase, catch it Sitting sad plucked leaves fall picking again and again, sad is sad Hey, catch lice the for me What did the boss tell
us to go out here for? I do not know too The boss said when he gave a signal,
I and you ran out The boss came … boss came Follow his I follow this path, to block Stop Let me see, can you run away today? Do you think it’s easy to catch me? Today you are alone In the hands of no weapons You can’t escape You quickly give up, bear tied This girl, that is .. Sassy rude Dare to arrest your boss This is my hand You tie up You … Dám bắt ông chủ của tôi Lead her Let’s go
go Quickly say Quickly say Say I will kill everyone in Xgirl’s group You can’t do it Thick tangerine peel – Pointed nails Guys, handle it here Remember, don’t let it die I want to catch all Xgirl groups Then let them die together Yes Sir You watch over her I have a job You …will die with me Maybe the Xgirl are here Stand up Go Go Quick Pretty good … Be good at shooting You are very good Put down the gun, or I’ll shoot it Kick the gun out here Are you OK ? I’m ok Let’s go Their boss has returned You sit here, let me handle You are very lucky He escaped We go home

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