Woh (HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Priyanshu Chatterjee – Cleo Isaacs – Ravi Kishen – With Eng Subs

“That one!” “That one!” Yes, sir, everything
will become alright. Okay. You go and check on dye no.120.
– Okay, sir. Peace be upon you, Brother Ali. Upon you be peace,
pal. What a surprise! What’s this? Have you
come for a job, or a girl? I’ve come this far for a job, Ali. There’s no dearth of girls in Goa. And they were all crazy
about me. Do you remember? When I was in Goa, none of the girls,
used to even, look at you. I know, master. I know,
how great a magician, you are! Now tell me. Have you
done any magic, here? Have you spoken
to them about my job? Do I look like a fool to you,
that I ask you to come over here.. ..and don’t even talk
to them about your job? Shekhar, I feel, your job is done.. ..you just have to impress
that Makhija, and that’s it. Who’s Makhija?
– The one, who’s your interviewer. And how’ll he be impressed? Only Makhija can tell how
he can be impressed. Come! Good morning, sir! What’s the matter?
– Sir, my friend, Shekhar. Hello! – I had spoken to
you regarding his job. Okay. Come in. Sit. Why are you sitting here? You already have a job, don’t you? He’s the one who needs
the job, I’ll talk to him. You get back to your job. Why are you unnecessarily
wasting your time? – Okay sir. Sorry, sir.
– Okay, now go. All the best.
– Thanks. Sir, this is my bio-data.
– Okay. MSc. in Mathematics,
that too, in 1st class? Very good! State volley ball champion! Excellent! Diploma in Civil Engineering! Very good! Very good! Great! It seems you’ve worked very hard. It was my father’s dream that
I should be ahead of everyone. Then what are you doing here? Yes? – Look, the post for which
you’ve applied is a very small one. And your father’s dream is very big. For which, you’ve worked so hard. I don’t need a highly
qualified person for this post. No, sir. I have no qualms,
working in a small post. But I do. Look, people like you apply
for higher posts, somewhere else. And then, to pass off the time,
come to me for a smaller job. No, sir. Neither have I applied for
some other job, nor will I do that. Look, before you, two
people have already come to me.. ..they, too, said the same thing,
and when they got a better job.. ..they kicked my job, and went away. They didn’t even think about
what’ll happen to poor Makhija. I don’t want to take a
third chance with you. Look, you find some other job,
fulfill you father’s dream. He has a very big dream!
You work hard. Get a highly placed job,
somewhere else. There’s no place for you, here. Sir, how am I
responsible for what they both did? No, you aren’t responsible.
It isn’t your mistake! 100%, it isn’t your mistake! It’s your father’s
mistake that he dreamt so big! By sitting on this chair,
you’ve the right to refuse me a job. Not to prove my father wrong. And remember one more thing, the
chair on which you’re sitting.. ..someone else was
there on it, yesterday. And someone else will be
sitting on it, tomorrow. Thanks for your time, sir. You didn’t get the job, but why? It’s entirely my fault.
I can’t bribe him, it’s my fault. I don’t have any recommendation.
It’s my fault. I studied so hard, always
came first. It’s my fault. No problem, it’s okay. I called you from so far,
and couldn’t get you a job. I didn’t get the job, and
you’re lamenting for it! It’s alright. You did
as much as you could. It’s all right. It’s okay. What’ll you do now? Now, I’ll dance and
you’ll play the drums. Shekhar, please be serious,
at least sometimes. For what should I be serious? For what Makhija did?
Or for the job? Shekhar, for life. Brother, I’ve no
complaints about my life. I’m unsuccessful in life,
but, not hopeless about life. Don’t pull a long face,
now. Come on, smile. Where will you go? Wherever God takes me! I’m his monkey.
I’ll dance to his tunes. You won’t change.
Do you have enough money? Yes, till now, I do. I’ll ask you when I don’t have.
You’re there. Shekhar, always remember,
whenever you need anything.. ..your friend, Ali Khan
will always be there for you. Thank you!
– Goodbye! Goodbye! I’ll get going! “Oh, God! What’s this?” “Except for me, You’ve
acknowledged everyone else.” “Oh, God! What’s this?” “Except for me, You’ve
acknowledged everyone else.” “You’ve never thought good for me.” “You’ve never thought good for me.” “What such wrong, did I do to You?” “Oh, God! What’s this?” “Except for me,
You’ve acknowledged everyone else.” “You gave me sadness,
and gave joy to everyone else.” “I, too, am a traveller.
I, too have to reach my goal.” “The path is difficult,
my hopes are pinned on You.” “Please take care of me.” “Whenever I take a step or two,
disaster befalls me.” “I’m an amateur, You’re a
professional. It’s all Your game.” “What I asked for,
and what have you given?” “Alas! You did the same thing.” “What I asked for,
and what have You given?” “Alas! You did the same thing.” “You’ve never thought good for me.” “You’ve never thought good for me.” “What such wrong, did I do to You?” “Oh, God! What’s this?” “Except for me, You’ve
acknowledged everyone else.” “You gave me sadness,
and gave joy to everyone else.” Where are all of them? What, uncle?
You left the cashbox open. What if someone had stolen them? Dear, those who have an intention
to steal, do so, under your gaze. And those who don’t steal,
they close, even an open cashbox. This world rests on the
shoulders of good people like you. What do you want?
– Petrol. Shall I fill up the whole tank? No, just for Rs.500. From where are you coming?
– From Goa. And where are you going to?
– Wherever I get a job. Meaning?
– Meaning, I’m searching for a job. Search for a job? Ridiculous! People go to the
cities in search for a job. And you’ve come over here,
from the city? If there isn’t any ridicule,
then life would become boring. Can I get a job here? The salary should be
just enough for my expenses. There isn’t any job, here, dear. But, your jeep is really nice. If you have a shortage
of money, then sell this. No, Uncle. This jeep is my father’s. I can’t even think of selling it. As in my childhood, my father
used to life me on his shoulders. Similarly, now, this
jeep carries my burden. This is my house, my everything. You seem to be quite
an emotional person. What’s your name?
– Shekhar Kapoor. Dear Shekhar.
– Yes? Do one thing. You go to Mahabaleshwar. There’s a bar there. Laila’s bar. Maybe you’ll get a job there. A job in a bar? – It isn’t an
ordinary bar, it’s famous one. It has changed the fortune
of many people in trouble. Maybe it’ll help you, too. What name did you say?
– Laila’s bar. You’ve started
drinking in the day time only! I don’t drink every day.
– Shut up! Pratap, then one for whom
you were waiting, has come. Shekhar! From Goa. Welcome, Mr. Shekhar.
– Thank you. You’ve made me wait for long? Me?
– Yes. This is an advance of Rs.1 lakh. Another Rs.1 lakh,
after the job is done. But what’s the job? Sonali. My niece. For killing whom,
I’ve sent for you, from Goa. ‘In what mess have I got stuck?
If I agree, then I’ll be in problem.’ ‘If I refuse, then he
won’t spare me alive.’ And this is the key
to the main door. Open the door, go in. And kill her,
in whichever way you want to. The choice is all yours. What are you thinking? A way to escape. Don’t worry about that,
leave that to me. Moreover, the police here,
isn’t very active. After killing Sonali, disturb
the household articles, a bit. And I mean, just a bit. Not much. Later, I’ll have
to do the cleaning. The police will think that a
thief had entered the house. He got into a fisticuff with Sonali,
and killed her in the process. The police will do
their investigation. After a few weeks, and trying a bit,
when they don’t find any evidence.. ..then they’ll close the case. Where will your
niece be at the moment? Who’s that? Who are you? Is your name Sonali? I’m asking you whether
your name is Sonali.. ..and whether you
know any Pratap Singh? Yes, he’s my uncle. But why are you asking all this? Because your uncle
wants to get you killed. You’ve gone mad.
You’re talking nonsense. I wish I were wrong, Sonali. But this is the truth. What proof do you have? Amazing! Do you need to
produce evidence to prove the truth? This is the money your
uncle gave me to kill you. And this is the key to your house.
Else, how could I have got in? Your uncle gave this, too. I could never imagine that my
own uncle would become my enemy. If everything happens as we think.. ..then who would believe in God? But Sonali, why does your
uncle want to get you killed? I don’t know. I don’t know why my
uncle wants to get me killed. He was the one who brought me up. I don’t know who to trust. It was my duty to tell you the truth. Now, the decision is in
your hands. I’m leaving. Good luck. Listen. You can keep this money. I didn’t do all this for money. I did what my heart told me to. I’m also doing what my heart
is telling me. – But Sonali.. Don’t think that I’m
paying you for your favour. Please keep it. Don’t refuse it. Leave this place as soon as possible. Okay? Shekhar, did you get a job?
– Yes, uncle. I got a job. That’s good. Now tell me, how much
petrol should I fill? Fill up the whole tank. That means you’ve got money, as well.
– I did, Uncle. Uncle, do you sell stamps? Yes. For the villages nearby,
this is like a post office. – Okay. Please give me inland letter. Okay, son. In a few hours, you’ll get the
news that someone has killed.. ..your dear niece Sonali. Laila, these few hours
will be hard to spend. But why do you want to
get her killed? Money. Money. Money. For my future. So that I can live a
luxurious life with you. Sir, I met a man named
Pratap in Laila Bar. He wants to get his
niece Sonali killed. For this job, he has
sent for a killer from Goa. Before that innocent girl loses
her life, please take some action. This is about someone’s life. Please don’t consider it
to be a joke. Thank you. Mahabaleshwar Police Station. Uncle, will you please
post this letter? Okay, son.
– Thank you. Goodbye.
– Okay. Hello. Hello? What happened? She’s still alive. Shekhar might not have
got the opportunity. Sonali stays alone in the house Something’s wrong. There’s surely something wrong. Bye, hero.
– Bye. Oh, I’m really sorry. I’m very sorry. Fool! God creates
such strange creatures. “Mister, walk a little carefully..” Uncle, what’s on the menu? ‘Mutton Biryani’, ‘Mutton Masala’,
‘chicken biryani’, Chicken Masala’. ‘Aloo Palak’..
– Enough. I don’t want food.
What do you have drinks? Black label, RC, McDonald, Old monk. Old monk! 1 bottle.
– Ok. Uncle.
– Yes. Black label! 1 bottle.
– Okay. Thank you. “My crazy heart is soaring.” “Life is beginning to get enjoyable.” “Oh, God. Oh, my God.” “Oh, God. Oh, my God.” “God, my gamble has paid off.” “My job has been done today.” “Oh, God. Oh, my God.” “Oh, God. Oh, my God.” “God, my gamble has paid off.” “My job has been done today.” “You’re a golden beauty.
Your eyes are mysterious.” “You’re a golden beauty.
Your eyes are mysterious.” “You’re one with unique charms.
Everyone has lost their hearts.” “You’re one with unique charms.
Everyone has lost their hearts.” “My heart is lost in your love.” “My job has been done today.” “Oh, God. Oh, my God.” “Oh, God. Oh, my God.” “God, my gamble has paid off.” “My job has been done today.” “You added colour to my life.
It’s time to celebrate.” “You added colour to my life.
It’s time to celebrate.” “You met me. Now,
something is bound to happen.” “You met me. Now,
something is bound to happen.” “I go wherever you go.” “My job has been done.” “God, my gamble has paid off.” “My job has been done today.” “Oh, God. Oh, my God.” “Oh, God. Oh, my God.” “Oh, God. Oh, my God.” “Oh, God. Oh, my God.” “God, my gamble has paid off.” “My job has been done today.” Stop! Oh God. I am dead.
– Don’t worry. I’ll take you to the hospital. I am sorry. I am sorry. Nurse, please call the doctor.
He has met with an accident. What happened? – Doctor, he’s in a
very critical state. Do something. Take him to the
operation theatre, immediately. Nurse, how is he now?
– The doctor knows about it. Listen. Where are you going?
– To park the car. It’s parked in
the middle of the road. How is he now? Did the accident
occur due to his car? Inspector Sameer, please come
with me for a moment. – Okay. Tell me. Were you going to park the car?
– Yes, sir. Give me the keys. I’ll park it. Why do you take the trouble?
I can do it myself. It doesn’t matter.
Are the keys in the car? No, sir. It’s with me. Give it to me. Yes. Okay. Inspector Sameer.
– Yes. The superintendent of police called.
He said he’ll be here soon. What? Come over here. You called up the SP, didn’t you? Why would I do so, sir? So, how did he come to know
that we’re at the hospital? What can I say about that? He has a dog’s nose.
Sniffs every problem. He’ll come here and start the
investigation and like fools.. ..we’ll just stand and salute him. Sir, I know that you don’t
like him. But what can we do? He’s our senior.
– To hell with such a senior. Hey, you. Do you
have a driving license? Yes.
– Show it to me. Did you drink?
– Yes, sir. Tell me, why did you
want to kill that man? Why would I want to kill him, sir?
He came in front of my car. Is that so?
– Yes. That means he shot himself
and came in front of your car? Was he shot?
– Yes. Sir, I thought he
was wounded by my car. I’m telling the truth, I don’t know..
– You’re lying. The truth is that you were drunk
and you couldn’t control the car. You smashed into his car. It was followed by a fight and
you shot him angrily. Right? Wrong. If I’d wanted to kill him, why
would I bring him to the hospital? This is his driving license. Shekhar Kapoor from Goa. He says he came here
looking for a job. Does he have any criminal record? No, sir. What about that man? The doctor says he’s recovering.
He’ll survive. Keep reporting me
about his condition. Yes. Mr. Shekhar Kapoor. As long as that man isn’t fit
enough to give his statement.. ..you’ll be in our custody. Excuse me, sir. I need to talk to you. Sir, I don’t think
this man has shot him. Why do you think so? Because no one would bring
the wounded to the hospital.. ..after shooting him. This man can’t be a criminal. Sameer Yadav, you’d better
leave the judgement to the court. And do your job. It’s your job to search
for evidence. So, go do that. Because for me, he’s the witness,
the evidence and the criminal. I can’t let him go.
– Okay. Kulkarni and you take his
jeep to the police station. I’ll bring him along. Now you’ll tell me
exactly what’s this all about. Sir, I thought you
needed a man in your office. I’d only come for a job.
– Hey you. Are you kidding me?
– No, sir. I’m telling the truth. Why didn’t you say so
when I gave you the job? Sir, I was scared. I wanted to go away from here. But that man came in
front of the car suddenly. How could I have left
him to die on the road? Do you know him?
– No, sir. But don’t worry, sir.
I’ll go away from here quietly. I won’t say anything to anybody. You won’t see my face in
this city again. – Hey you. Who are you, son? You’re lying here as if
this road is your bedroom. Oh, God. What kind of
people do you create? You’re lucky that I got my
brakes repaired yesterday. Else, you would’ve stuck
to the road like a sticker. And your head.. Hey, I’m no coward. Tell me the truth,
what’s this all about? First, you were lying on
the middle of the road. Then, someone tries to shoot you. Who wants to put you to
rest permanently, brother? Look, start talking
like an express train. And I don’t want a story. I want
the truth and only the truth. Else, I’ll arrest you.
– Arrest me? I’m a CBI (Central Bureau
of Investigation) officer. Start speaking. Kulkarni.
– Yes. I think the guy is honest. Me too. Had he wanted
to kill that person.. ..he wouldn’t have
brought him to the hospital. Exactly. – Why hasn’t the SP
arrived with that guy yet? That’s not the question. The question is why did
he take that guy with him? That’s what I don’t understand. If the SP had his suspicion on him.. ..he should’ve brought him to the
police station and interrogated him. It takes ten minute to reach the
police station from the hospital. And it’s almost an hour
since he left the hospital. I don’t understand
this person’s character. His regular visits to Laila’s Bar. His relationship with Laila. There’s something wrong. Very wrong, sir. Okay. So these policemen think.. ..their profession gives
them the power to do anything. Don’t worry. Come with me and tell
me who that Pratap is. The three of us will
gain victory over them. Sir, three of us? You, me and Rampyari. Sir, if there are ten more
officers like you in the force.. ..then people like Pratap
would think a 100 times.. ..before doing anything wrong
while hiding behind the law. Stop praising and take me to
Laila’s place immediately. Let’s go, sir. Salute, sir. What happened, sir? Bring the first-aid box. But this.. How did this happen, sir? Did I ask you to sit? Sorry, sir. Now file a FIR (First
Information Report). A criminal named Shekhar Kapoor
has escaped from police custody. Escaped? But how? He injured me. But he was handcuffed.
– He unlocked the handcuffs. Without the keys?
– Stop questioning me. And write whatever
I say in the FIR. Okay? And I’ve been noticing, Sameer. Nowadays, you’ve been
preaching about the law. Be disciplined. Else, you’ll remain
an inspector forever. Now tell me, what did
you find in Shekhar’s car? ‘I’ll take care of you.’ Don’t forget to file the FIR.
– Right, sir. Sir, your case is lost.
– I know. He has the habit
living off others. Sir, this is the place. Let’s go.
– Sir, take Rampyari along. Oh, thank you. Come. Laila! Hi! She’s Pratap’s accomplice
and the owner of this bar. She’s a beautiful girl. See, how she’s looking. Now, she’ll phone Pratap. Pratap will come
running and get trapped. Hello.
– Pratap, he has returned. Who? – The one who we had
hired to kill Sonali. And there’s another man with him. Forget the man.
Keep that rascal there. He shouldn’t leave.
I’ll be there right away. Sir, this is Pratap. Mr. Pratap, you’re a
big idiot and a fool. No. Hear me out first. This is Shekhar Kapoor. Master of Science with Maths. And I’m Shekhar Ambasari. CBI. Criminal By Inspiration. Sit down, son. Else, you’ll have to
listen to Rampyari’s song. You’re amazing, Pratap. You
assume anyone to be a shooter. Do you know? Had he shot Sonali.. ..there would’ve been
a loss of Rs.250000. But he’s a faithful follower of God. Listen, I’ll give you Rs.400000. Kill him as well. I charge Rs.200000 to kill girls. Tender, delicate. Strangle
them slightly and their game’s up. He’s a 6ft tall strong young man. He has troubled you a lot. I’ll charge Rs.400000 to kill him. That is, total Rs.600000. I agree. Friends, brothers, it’s our SP
Pratap Singh’s birthday today. He has decided to
celebrate it with you all. He has even agreed to
foot all your bills. All of you please
pray for his long life. Wonderful! SP is
footing the bill today! Watch it, man! Listen. You search for him over there.
I’ll search for him here. I can’t understand one thing,
why are you behaving like a watch? Because my wife is a clock tower. She keeps track of every minute. Darn it. Be a man, pal. Will your wife dare to
nag and scream at you? Look, it isn’t good to
be a henpecked husband. Once, my wife nagged me about this. I taught her a good lesson. Since then she only listens,
she doesn’t say anything. You’re a whirlwind of a man, Banne. Be a man. Be a man. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. Where did he go? He’s a smart guy. It would be fun to kill him. “The crazy lover has come.” “He has come..” What were you doing up there, buddy? I was hiding. That means you were
trying to escape the police? No, I’m trying to escape my wife. Why? I was drinking at
Laila’s bar secretly. She came there too.
– Darn it. You’re a man,
yet you fear your wife? Shame on you, buddy. You don’t know
how deadly my wife is. Else, you wouldn’t have
mocked at me like this. Had she caught me,
she would’ve killed me. Now how will you escape?
– You’ll help me. Look, my house is nearby.
Take me there before she gets there. I’ll be saved. Will you save me? Come down, buddy.
– Thanks. Shall I tell you the truth?
– What? Even I’m afraid of my wife.
Don’t tell anyone about this. Else, I’ll be defamed.
Because I’m considered a man. No. Don’t be afraid. The more you get afraid the
more beautiful will you become. Who are you?
– You’re such a beautiful girl. I wonder why your
uncle decided to kill you. That too at my hands. Beautiful girls are my weakness. It’s Shekhar Ambasari’s policy.. ..to let the youth
breathe before dying. Five minutes of life
to an old person. And with a beautiful
girl like you. Game break. Don’t struggle. Go fly away. Go! In my language, this is known
as toying with the prey. Shall we have a warm-up
session before the game? Sonali! Sonali. – Yes.
– Shall we go away from here? But where are we going? We’ll think about that later.
First, we should leave this place. Okay, let me take my bag.
– Okay. Sonali, what happened? Thank you.
– It’s okay. Now tell me, how far is
the nearest village? – 65km. Is there a police station there? Yes. But why do you need the police? Before my problems are compounded.. ..I want to tell
everything to the police.. ..and get rid of
all these problems. But why would
the police believe you? Why won’t they? Because uncle is the
SP of this district. They would believe
in them, not in you. Let’s get out of his
reach as soon as possible. Why do you need this gun? To kill the one who killed my niece. I didn’t get you. You understand nothing. That’s why you have
a lot of questions. I could’ve killed Sonali myself if
I wanted to, but I didn’t do so. Because had I done so.. ..I would be the first
person they would suspect. I’m trying to kill two
birds with one stone. I’m getting Sonali killed.. ..and saving myself from the
clutches of the law as well. Where’s Sonali? I’m asking you, where’s Sonali? Shekhar! Are you all right? I’m tired. I’m sleepy. Okay, you rest for a while.
I’ll drive. Police. Police. Stop the car. Youngsters these days start
romancing wherever they want to. Let’s go. They’ve left. This is a deep wound. You’re in dire need of treatment. But where do we go?
We can’t even go to the hospital. There’s a place.
To my friend Ali. Come. Shekhar, what happened to you? Shall we go in?
– He has been shot. Shot? But how? I’ll answer your questions later. First, arrange for
his treatment. Please. Don’t worry. I’m here. Come. Carefully. Easy. Easy. Shekhar, I’ll get the doctor. No, not a doctor. We’ll have to
treat Shekhar ourselves. But why? I’ll tell you later. First, get
a first aid box, please. – Okay. Thank God, The bullet just passed by. Pass me the Detol, please. Hello. Inspector Jadhav, this
is SP Pratap Singh here. Yes, sir. A car has been stolen
from my jurisdiction. Its number is MH-02 4156. There are two people in
this car. A guy and a girl. As soon as you get news about
this car, inform me on my mobile. My number is 9820054012. Piping hot tea.
– Thank you. If you don’t mind,
may I ask something? – What? How did all this happen? Because of me. I’m responsible for
Shekhar’s condition. How are you feeling now?
– I’m fine. You’re near me.
Everything feels so nice now. I wish time stops here and I lie
here like this holding your hands. You love me a lot? More than that. So much that even a lot seems less. Is that why you came back to save me? Without worrying about your life? I had come to save my life. Because you became my
life the moment we met. To save this life.. ..anyone can give up his
life without hesitation. Shekhar, don’t talk of dying. I have no else in
this world except you. Promise me that
you’ll never leave me. I promise. “My heart is saying,
since yesterday evening..” “My heart is saying,
since yesterday evening..” “..that I dedicate my life to you.” “..that I dedicate my life to you.” “It seems.. it seems..” “..it seems,
it’ll be spent in comfort..” “..it seems,
it’ll be spent in comfort..” “I’ll dedicate my life to you.” “I’ll dedicate my life to you.” “You passed through my eyes.. ..and the desires in my heart,
began to arouse.” “I, too, became crazy,
I began taking pride in my love.” “I, too, am sitting anxiously.” “I, too, am sitting anxiously.” “I’ll dedicate my life to you.” “I’ll dedicate my life to you.” “In a moment,
I don’t know what happened.” “I got lost somewhere,
and you too, were not to be found.” “When the cold winds began to blow..” “I slept off in the
shadow of your tresses.” “My name was joined
with that of yours.” “My name was joined
with that of yours.” “I’ll dedicate my life to you.” “I’ll dedicate my life to you.” Sonali, what are you thinking? That, how man can change
for the sake of money. Shekhar, I can never forgive Pratap. I had so much faith in him. Forget all that. I can’t. He has cheated me. Being my uncle,
he has breached my faith. I can never allow such a man to
acquire the property of my father. Then, what will you do Sonali? I’ll go back. To retrieve the papers
of the power of attorney. Have you gone mad? Your
uncle will shoot you, on sight. Look, Sonali. If we’re alive,
then we can earn all this property. Only if we’re alive. Don’t think that I’m doing all
this for the sake of property. No! I don’t need anything. I can live with the
support of your love. But, I won’t let uncle
Pratap enjoy on that wealth. I’ll donate all of it, and go along
with you, to some place faraway. But, Sonali, what about the danger.. Just tell me, are you coming with me,
or should I go there, alone? Listen! Will you drive
the car, or should I? How did you assume that
I’ll let you go alone? Sonali, now, this life
isn’t yours or mine, it’s ours. Love you. Greetings, pal! The tank of the motorcycle has
been filled. What else do you need? Nothing. You just sit. Come on. Ali, call up the local
police station here, and inform.. ..that you’ve seen
an unattended jeep. But Shekhar..
– No ifs and buts, you just call up. Okay. Hello? For the past 2 days, there’s an
unattended jeep near the pond. What’s the number of the jeep? He’s asking for the number. MH 02 – 4156. Sir, it’s MH 02
– 4156. MH 02
– 415.. Who’s speaking? This is Ali Khan speaking.
My house is near the pond. Okay. Why did you have to
give them your name? Why? When I was giving
the right information.. ..then why should I hide my name? But, Shekhar, I’m not able to
understand that, what’ll you.. ..gain by informing
the police about this? Look, Pratap must’ve
informed the theft of this jeep.. ..in this police station, too. On hearing the news, he’ll come
to this place, immediately. And by the time he reaches
back to Mahabaleshwar.. ..we would’ve retrieved the
papers of the power of attorney. Very good, master! Very good, Jadhav, let
the car remain there. Now, you find out
from the local people.. ..whether they’ve seen the boy and
the girl, who had come in that car. Okay, sir. – By the way, how did
you come to know about that car? A man named Ali Khan, informed me.
– Okay. Now, do as I say.
– Okay sir. Good. We’ve found the car,
but they’re still missing. They, too, will be found. The area in which the car is,
they must be there, too. Don’t worry. Now, this
isn’t your, but my problem. You just arrange for Rs.6 lakh. Thank you. You just
take care of yourself. Don’t abuse our
friendship by thanking me. Listen, finish your job, quickly,
and come back with sister-in-law. Sister-in-law? Goodbye!
– Goodbye! Why are you taking this route? Look, dear. It’s been a long
time since we’ve left home. And this is the only
road to Mahabaleshwar. That means, we may come face
to face with uncle, anytime. Yes. And that’s why, we’ve to hide here,
and wait for Pratap to pass. Shekhar!
– Yes? Hadn’t you come into my life,
then what would’ve happened? I don’t know about that. But, I know it for sure that
God wanted me to meet you. And that’s why, he sent me from
Goa to here, in the pretext of a job. It’s all His game. What do we do now, Shekhar? Uncle didn’t come himself,
instead, he sent this fellow. So what, dear?
We’ll do as we had planned to. But, it’s risky to enter the office,
while uncle’s there. Now, we’ve to bear that risk. Peace be upon you!
Peace be upon you! Peace be upon you! Upon you be peace! Who are you? I am from the CBI. Shekhar Ambarsingh is my name. You are the one who had
given the information to.. ..the police regarding
that vehicle, right? Well, yes. I see! There were two guys in that vehicle. Do you know where they are? I am asking that there
were two guys in that vehicle. Do you know where they are? I know. Then like a good kid,
start narrating to me, fast. No, I will not. I am from CBI, also means
Criminal By Inspiration! And this is my dear one. Start speaking out fast or
else it will start to speak. What will you do to me,
if I do not speak? Will kill you! Fine, kill me! A Pathan never betrays his friend. He prefers to sacrifice himself! Fine, sacrifice, then! Allah! Inspector Samir, we have found
this in that person’s wallet. Sonali, hurry up with
whatever you wish to do. – Okay. Can’t open the safe. Do you remember the numbers properly?
– Yes. Shall I try?
– Yeah. What are the numbers?
– Right 24. Left 16. Right 9. Papers, Shekhar, Papers!
Just see if any stamp paper is there. Sonali, your uncle has arrived.
– What to do now? Got the papers?
– No. Seems they are kept elsewhere. Let us keep back all
these articles quickly. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Chair! Oh, no! Laila! Laila! What happened?
Why are you screaming? Anyone came in this room?
– No. Laila, someone had
come in this room. Just look at this chair.
Someone has disturbed my chair. When did you leave this room?
– 10 minutes ago. 10 minutes? If that is the case then
whosoever came in this room.. ..hasn’t been able to go out as yet. Good morning, sir! What brings you here? If the police comes to someone,
early in the morning.. ..the news cannot be good, no doubt. That man died without
giving any statement? No, he is alive. And I will not let him die
without recording his statement. Why? What makes you so
interested in his statement.. ..all of a sudden, Inspector? Because his statement is going to
fulfill one of my years old wish. Which wish are you
talking of, Inspector? To put you behind the bars! Inspector Samir! Don’t shout! Do not shout, Pratap Singh
alias Sushil Kumar Sharma! Who? Who Sushil Kumar? The same Sushil Kumar who
had eloped with a booty.. ..of 10 crore belonging to the
labourers of the Assam tea gardens. I will show you in a moment. Look at this. Look here.. This is you, isn’t it? And she is your darling niece. The one, whom you want to murder.. ..and grab her share
of 5 crore as well. Inspector Samir!
– Shut up! I never liked your way
of functioning. A relationship with this bar girl.. ..and you used to boss
over your juniors, isn’t it? You never looked a
police officer ever. Always looked like a criminal! A criminal in uniform. Kulkarni!
– Yes, sir? Just show him that letter too,
which I received in the morning mail. Sure, sir. The same is written on this too.. ..that you have called a killer
from Goa, to get your niece murdered. Pratap Singh. Under charges of plotting to kill
your niece Sonali alias Roshni.. ..and to swindle an amount of
Rs. 10 crores, I, hereby, arrest you! Inspector! You will really regret! It is not ours, but
your turn to regret. Minimum of 14 years, no doubt. Kulkarni! Take him. Come on.. former SP! Very glad to meet you, Ms. Roshni. So this is all a game of
this booty of 10 crores. Which doesn’t belong to your father,
but to those poor labourers.. ..whom your uncle and
you duped, together. No Shekhar, I haven’t duped anyone. Rather, I was duped. Believe me, Shekhar. I didn’t even know that
I am under the wanted list. And that the CBI is in my hunt. It was upon seeing
this newspaper cutting.. ..that I have come to realise this. Shekhar, uncle has
deceived me greatly. He has trapped me. If your uncle is the one who
is responsible for everything.. ..then has the police
published your photo as well? Perhaps because
I too was with uncle. We had gone to Assam on
a vacation, 2 years back. What did I know that under
the pretext of the vacation.. ..my uncle was
playing this filthy game. That he is defrauding the labourers. Shekhar, my father has
left me so much wealth.. ..that I can spend
my life comfortably. Then why will I do such a
thing to these poor labourers? I have even given a
Power of Attorney.. ..to my uncle, and thus made
him the owner of my property. I can’t even handle the
wealth left by my father.. ..then what will I do with
an additional 10 crores? What will happen now, Shekhar? I am also going to suffer the
punishment of my uncle’s deeds. The police will put
me behind the bars.. ..and I cannot live without you. I will die.. Shekhar.. I will die. Don’t worry, Sonali. I will not let any such thing happen. Nothing will happen to you, nothing! I love you. Shekhar? Shekhar! Come to the side, first..
– Shekhar! Shekhar! What’s this.. hey lovely lady.. This damsel looks just like you. Hey, this is you..!
What are you doing here? Look, if I finish
this guy and you off.. ..then Pratap will give me 6 lakhs.. ..but if I inform the police about
your uncle and your whereabouts.. ..the government
will give me 10 lakhs. Means a direct profit of 4 lakhs. Do this, become my
partner and I will kill Pratap. 5 crores each! Fifty-fifty! Tell me, where is the money? I do not know. Oh, babe, why are you
feeling pity for your uncle? He is a real scumbag. He wanted to kill you
because of this money. Look, you tell me about the money
and I will grant you your life. Then you leisurely spend
your life with this guy. Come on, tell me fast. I do not know.
– Hey, tell me! I do not know. Had I known then.. Then? I would have told you. You do not know? If not you, then who
would know about it? Majnu’s news must be with Laila. Laila must know where the money is. Laila, here I come! Hey lovely damsel,
I have been searching for you.. ..and you, are here igniting fire
in the water! Why don’t you also jump in this fire? Well, if you are saying so.. why not? I know! That is the reason Pratap has been.. ..picked by the police.
– Pratap, picked by the police? Yes. Well, girl, tell me one thing.. ..you must be knowing where
Pratap has hidden the money. No! Pratap has so much money.. ..became evident to me only when
the police came to arrest Pratap. But now that you have come, both of us can.. ..find out where exactly Pratap has hidden the booty. Well, he’s a very
cunning and sly fellow. Didn’t tell anyone where
exactly he has hidden the money. Rogue of the top class,
this Pratap. He intended to
finish you off, as well. Had you killed Sonali that day.. ..even your game
would have been over. ‘I hold an account
in the dark city.’ ‘I’ve so much money that
it cannot be counted!’ ‘I hold an account
in the dark city.’ ‘I’ve so much money that
it cannot be counted!’ ‘I do not know whether
it is sin or virtue.. ..but money is my conscience,
money is everything to me.’ ‘The world is cunning..
but I too am a smart guy!’ One last time, where is the money? Even if you ask a thousand times,
my answer will be the same.. ..I do not know. You were his partner,
how do you not know? She was not his partner. Wow! So love has
started to turn sides! Whether you believe her or not,
I fully believe in my love. She will not lie. So much faith?
– Yes. Feel like pumping all the
bullets of my sweetheart in you. To send even you to your friend.
– Friend? Yes, your Pathan friend, Ali. Made him writhe a lot. Asked so much about you, but
he didn’t give any answer. Salutes to his faithfulness! A real Pathan, he turned out to be. Gave up his life, but
did not open his mouth. And you! You too made me run a lot. Made me suffer a lot! I will burn the funeral pyre of both you lovers, here itself. Mahabaleshwar Police Station! Inspector, a fire
has erupted out here. Fire? Where? Kulkarni, call the fire brigade.
I am going to the spot. Sir, shall I too come with you? No, stay here. If needed,
I will call you, okay? Okay, sir. Hurry, Shekhar! Hurry! Please! Shekhar! How may I help you? Can you die? Oh, potato stuffed rolled bread.
I am eating them after so many days. Thank you, inspector. Greetings, dear uncle! Greetings! You turned out to be
a great charlatan! A multi millionaire and
didn’t let anyone know? Not good! Okay, tell me, where is the money? What use will be
these crores of rupees? You are going to spend all
your life behind the bars. And the money will get
infested by termites. You have two options, now. Either spend your entire
life in the Assam jail. Or pay me 5 crores and 6
lakhs and get yourself released! 5 crores for your release, and 6
lakhs to kill Shekhar and Sonali. Dead, dear! They are dead. I did what you asked me to do.
Tell me, is there anything else? Okay, take me out. Come, Brother! Now wear this, fast.
– Why? This is the problem.
Cops raise a lot of questions. Wearing it or not? Come on, wear it fast.. come on. Good boy! No.. no! Not there.. this way. You are going to drive,
because you know of the destination. Why hasn’t Kulkarni sent
the fire brigade as yet? Pick it up! Pick it up! Stay back here, you all!
– Yes, sir. I am going to the police station.
– Yes. Good news for you!
I finished your Laila off! No.. no, control, brother, control! She was a deceitful gal! She even told me that
you were going to kill me. Now see the game of the Almighty! I can kill you anytime. Oh, no! What is this, Pratap dear? Wrecked deserted ruins for people. But it’s a hideout for me. Hideout? You must have ruined it, yourself. When are you going to
remove the handcuffs? When I get my 5 Crore and 6 lakhs. Till I wish, you can’t even
get a glimpse of that money. What do you mean?
– Very clear. Only I know where the money has been
hidden in this entire settlement. So? – So, if you want the money,
remove these handcuffs. Oh, c’mon, let me have
a glimpse of the dingo, fast. Such a long time, I haven’t had
a chance to pay respect to money! Out! Put down your gun.
– No.. no. I cannot put my
sweetheart away from me. Then even the box will not open. My sweetheart carries 8 bullets. One will be wasted on you and the
remaining seven on opening the box! Who can stop me now? This box.
– Is it? How come? The lock system of this
box is connected to a bomb. If any incorrect number is tried,
the box will blow away. Wonderful box! Tell me,
what are your intentions now? You too talk strange! What other intentions can I hold
but to follow your instructions? Suffering a lot, Uncle, isn’t it? Stay away from me. You are my uncle, after all.
How can I stay away from you? I know you since my childhood. Wanted to kill me? Me? To tell you the truth,
Uncle, I was to start this game. But you took the initiative. My problem was that
I didn’t know where exactly.. ..you had hidden the money. But today, the money is there
in front of me, and so are you. I will give you a miser’s death.
You troubled me a lot! When I can assist you in
such a big fraud for money.. ..then I can also take your life. Come, Sonali.. Let’s deposit this wealth earned
by sinful means to the police. Not sinful means,
Shekhar, but by brains! Till fools like you
are there in this world.. ..intelligent ones like me
will continue to make merry. What do you mean? Very clear, sweetheart! Not the police, but I have
the right over this money. You?
– Yes, my right! Only mine. And thanks to you. I got back my money because of you. That means all that was true? Yes, you got it right. Both of us had indeed
made this plan. But suddenly Pratap’s
intentions turned evil. I didn’t know where he
had hidden the money. Otherwise, I would
have escaped from here.. ..after killing him,
a long time back. Then I met you and I felt that
you could prove to be useful to me. But couldn’t find a
way to win you over. Couldn’t say ‘I love you’,
in the first meeting itself. That’s why, I shed a few tears.
Paid you a lakh of rupees. But then fortune favoured me. Madan brought you back to me.
– Who Madan? The one, whom you had
taken to the hospital. That day, before your arrival,
he had come to me to blackmail me. ‘See this, this is you, isn’t it?’ ‘What do you want?’
– ‘Only 25 lakhs.’ ‘But..’ – ‘No, don’t tell me
that you don’t have the money.’ ‘I know that you have
booty of 10 Crores.’ ‘And that too in hard cash.’ ‘Okay, you will get the money.’
– ‘But when?’ ‘Meet me at the highway,
tonight at nine.’ ‘Near the third milestone.’ ‘Brought the money?’
– ‘Yes.’ ‘Good!’ ‘What the hell are you doing?’
– ‘Paying you.’ ‘In hard cash!’ ‘After finishing Madan off.. ..while I was searching
for the paper cutting.. ..that I heard a vehicle arriving.’ ‘Seeing it coming towards me,
I escaped from here.’ Your bad luck that you
were driving that car. When you came to me again,
I understood.. ..that my magic has enchanted you. That’s why I trapped you
in the net of my love.. ..in order to get this money. Shekhar, I used you. For this money?
– Yes. Don’t even touch the money, Shekhar.. ..or else I won’t let you
a chance to breathe again. You will shoot me? I would have shot you there itself.. ..had I got the
money in Pratap’s office. But a few breaths
remained in your life.. ..hence I didn’t get
the money there. Go ahead.. fire at me! Shoot me! If you wish to die, do so,
Mr. Shekhar Kapoor. You love this money a lot!
Come on, collect them! Go ahead! Shekhar, save me! You
are under oath of our love. Which love? That which
you have with this money? No, that, which I
have with you. Only you! I am telling you the truth. Believe me, Shekhar. Your game is over,
Ms. Sonali alias Roshni! Take her away. Shekhar! Thanks a lot for getting
these criminals apprehended. I couldn’t conceive
till the last as to.. ..who was the
criminal and who was not. The first day itself I had
realised that you are innocent.. ..that you cannot shoot at someone. You are free, you may go. Thank you. – And yes, don’t
forget to take your reward. Which reward? The government reward for the one
who gets these criminals apprehended. A full 10 lakhs! God bless! “Thanks to You, O Lord!” “You gave me what I asked for!” “I believe now,
that You listen to everyone’s prayers.” “I surrender myself to You!” “I surrender myself to You!” “You are my friend!
You are my Lord!” “Thanks to You, O Lord!”

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