Will’s Wilderness

Looky here, on the one hand rugged terrain. Smells like the wild. But up there… Smells of oasis of hope of an animal’s salvation.
Look! *gestures grandly* Above and yonder, let’s go! *whispering* You can see one of the few stragglers left… on Soka, after Fridays on the Green. These are very late hours, they’re hot hours at this time dehydration begins to become a concern Let’s see if we can’t sneak up on the beast and see if we can observe its condition with more sort of, descriptive detail come on now. It’s spotted us! It’s spotted us! Move back! Move back! It has a maximum vision range of about 30 feet, so outside of that range it can’t see. Is it getting up now? Come here! *bird noise* Come here! *heavy breathing* Oh, wow! Who could this be for? But as you can see, it’s filled with *unintelligible speech* …it’s among one of the world’s most…

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