100 thoughts on “WILL HE SURVIVE? Chris Heria Workout | 2018

  1. After seen this big guys doing a muscle up I know I got to keep on going and never give up! That was challenging right there man!

  2. this was awesome sauce! love love the push from Chris and the confidence from Shawn! way to motivate!

  3. Ik I'm late to this video but good for him I love his confidence I got dumbed today because I couldn't make it to the park to walk around and talk

  4. Good for the big guy I'm glad he is getting in good shape. Chris is a good coach. I'd like to come down to Miami . I want to learn

  5. This dude is big and im just 20 points below him but cant even do what he does! Respect for this dude! 👊💪 Made me even more motivated! Lets go Shawn!🙌👊

  6. After seeing Shawne do that muscle up and work out with you just put a huge smile on my face. Props to both you, thanks for these videos as well.

  7. I always respect the editors, a lot of the times they don't get the attention they deserve but nice you get him in a video and give him some props👍

  8. Your Workouts are the best Workouts!! It really helps! Can u do one arm push ups? Or on Fingers? One arm 5 Finger push up 😀 i am serious! I Train this!

  9. Yoo shawn is a beast no excuses he did a whole handstand and was close to doing handstand pushups. Im 124 and i still am working on my handstand

  10. Awesome Video guys, congratulations for both of you. It gives inspiration for everyone, no matter how big or strong you are . Hello from France 🙂

  11. When Sean did the muscle ups he had such a happy face It made me go back to the time when I got my first muscle up

  12. I would like to be feature for one of these. Would love to check out a workout exp in person I'm reside in JAX FL

  13. Awesome! Love your Videos bro. I have been doing alot of your Ab Workouts and man do they help alot. I was 315lbs and am now 182lbs. Always push yourself and never give up. Anything is possible!!

  14. If you swing enough, you don’t need using your arms. More interesting, don’t make a c and swing with the whole body, it is a feeling when your feet are higher than your shoulders and ask if it was a good idea.

  15. Chris talking

  16. COULD you tell me how did he progress on a pull up and some muscle up in that weight? Im lighter than him but I still can`t progress to a pull up
    Its been already 3 weeks since I train my pull up progressions but i still can`t see results or lift my body halfway through the pull up.

  17. Lol… Even i cant do 1 muscle up… "Inspiration right there!! "…i love the way Chris keep him motivated… Huge respect there!! ❤❤

  18. Yo I'm around this guy's weight and I really thought these exercises are a long way ahead of me. Thanks for expanding my mind on the possibilities. You're an inspiration bruh f'real

  19. Genuine strong happy guy, wish him all the best! Thank you Chris, for helping him achieve a healthy lifestyle.. you're literally changing his life out there (and many more 🙂 props to you man…

    And you should definitely make this into a series, the guys got heart!

  20. yo chris what is the music starting at 7:06 to 7:55? it makes me wanna pump more so cool!!!!!! my body is the same as that guy and I've been watching some of your vids for beginners thank you bro! 💪💪💪

  21. Hey chris heria…..i am a big fun of yours
    I have seen what you can do…if you are thinking of expanding your project and continous motivation please try your tours in kenya

  22. I'm so much impressed! I just started one month ago with the same training but still far from your friends level. Anyway this video gave me even more motivation, please don't stop your so motivating , greetings from Belgium.

  23. Im starting calisthenics myself too because of this channel and mostly cuz chris 🙂 This looks so cool, fun and motivating Keep up the good work man!

    Btw i am challenging you to try do 1 one arm 90 degree handstand pushup 😀

  24. At 3:15 you're using your biceps too much witch isnt wrong but this technic wont let you load a lot of weight. U shoud create momentum with your hips.

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