Will Cops Form Marauder Gangs after SHTF? (An Insider’s Answer)

Will cops form Marauder gangs after
shtf so that they can forcibly take food and other supplies from you and other
innocent people? Today you will learn the answer to that question from an insider.
And the answer may surprise you. Right after the channel intro: Welcome to this channel. This channel is
all about learning how to prepare for when the dark times come and the grocery stores are stripped bare. So subscribe to this channel to learn more about
prepping for those coming dark days, while still retaining our integrity and
our honor. So a common concern that I hear in the prepping community is that
there is a fear that after shtf that cops will actually form gangs (or
Marauder gangs) so that they can start raiding houses in order to seize
people’s food and prepping supplies. So today I’m going to give some answers and my thoughts on that subject (again in insiders answers) so that you can be
better prepared for this. Now some of you may be thinking: “hey ethical preparedness is a cop, so therefore he’s automatically gonna try to paint the cops is all being
good guys and that you have nothing to worry about.”
But you will see as you continue watching this video, that that’s not
going to be the case here. Now when I very first got into law enforcement: if
somebody would have asked me the question if cops would form gangs after shtf, I would have said “absolutely not,” but I
have seen a disturbing trend in the hiring practices of law enforcement over
the past several years that makes it so I can no longer give that definitive NO
answer to that question. But first let me say this: I don’t think that the amount
of police forming gangs after shtf will happen to the extent that a lot of
Preppers think. But I think this also could happen frequently too, depending on where you live at (especially in the larger more liberal cities). What I have
been noticing over the past several years is that (and this is mainly in the
larger more liberal cities) but some of these cities have been lowering
their hiring standards so that they can have a more diversified Police
Department. Now don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against a diversified
Police Department. In fact, I believe that if a if an area is 80 percent of a
certain race, then its Police Department that serves that area needs to be 80
percent of that same race. Also let’s face reality: different races generally
have their own cultures, and it really helps to have police officers that
have intimate knowledge of that culture to interact with that community. So while
I do completely support having a diversified Police Department so it
mirrors the community that it serves, I do not support the lowering of hiring
standards just so they can have a more diversified Police Department. Police
departments that lower their hiring standards just end up with police
officers that don’t have as high of a moral compass and also don’t always have the best decision-making skills. Now as a longtime police officer, I have gotten to
know hundreds (if not thousands) of cops throughout my career. And what I found is
that the majority of these cops are pretty stand-up guys that would never
steal, that don’t want to use excessive force, don’t want to ever shoot somebody
in their career, they generally care about their community, and they just love
catching the bad guys that commit crimes against good people. But I have also seen
some horror stories (usually out of the larger cities) of what some of these evil
things that some of these cops have done. And this makes me angry, because as a
fellow police officer, their actions reflect on me and also all other police
officers. Now I live in a pretty conservative state. But just like every
other state, we have a couple of larger cities that have a tendency to lean
towards the liberal side. And I’m really not trying to make this this video
political, I really am NOT. What I’m doing is I am just simply stating fact. Anyways
I have known of some pretty good guys that have applied to these larger more
liberal police departments, and these were really good standing up guys, guys
that had perfect criminal backgrounds, just really good stand-up guys. But I
have seen where they have actually been passed over and not hired so that that
department could hire somebody to make their department more diversified. And
I’ve actually seen it where these people that they did hire (to make their
department more diversified) actually had criminal backgrounds, etc. Now, granted the prior arrest records of these more diversified police officers that they
hired: these arrests weren’t like drug-dealing are really huge
arrests like that, but still: when I very first got into law enforcement a
previous arrest of ANY kind was an automatic disqualification. Like I
said earlier: I am all for a diversified Police Department, but I don’t support
the lowering of hiring standards. Do anything else to attract more
diversified police officers, but don’t lower the hiring standards. When I very
first started applying to become a police officer: I had to pass a
background check, I had to have a psych evaluation with a psychologist or a
psychiatrist or whatever, they did a credit check on me, they spoke to my
neighbors, they even did a surprise visit to my house so that they could see how I actually lived, and didn’t give me a chance
to clean up the house or anything like that before they before they showed up at my house. Simply put: they did a complete thorough background check on me and I had to have a spotless record. Anyways, by doing all of that: police
departments ensured that they had upright and responsible people serving
on their police department. And I just don’t see larger more liberal cities
doing that anymore. So in these larger cities where they
have lowered the hiring standards, I could definitely see some of the cops
actually forming gangs after shtf. I mean, let’s think about it: they might be able to commandeer some of those heavy-duty SWAT trucks, they’ll
have access to good weapons, they will have worked together where they raided
houses during search warrants and stuff like that in the past,
they’ll have communications, etc. They’ll just simply have access to all of the good stuff that any gang would absolutely love to have. Now don’t get me
wrong: I have known plenty of cops that do work in the more larger and more
liberal cities, and the majority of those guys are good guys that would never
dream of going rogue or doing anything wrong against another person. Cops have a tendency to be conservative and patriotic people that just don’t like
criminal wrongdoing. But I do think that there is a real possibility that any
Police Department that has a lot of quota hires will have a risk of those
type of cops forming gangs after shtf. Now luckily most cops don’t work for
agencies like the LAPD or the New York Police Department. Fortunately most cops both live and work in small towns across the USA,
which means they’re going to have a much larger investment in their community after shtf. Your small-town cop is probably married
to a local schoolteacher or a local nurse in a hospital (cops always seem to
get married to teachers and nurse). And that small-town cop was probably married by the local pastor, and probably also knows the local grocer there, and he
probably also has friends and family that live in that small town also. So
personally, I believe that small-town cops will NOT generally make a practice
of forming gangs after shtf. I think that most small town cops will want to
protect their community, because they will be protecting their neighbors, their
pastor, their wives, and their family members. Everybody knows that you don’t
want to fight an enemy at the end of your driveway; you want to fight your
enemy before he reaches your driveway. Because that helps to ensure that that
enemy doesn’t reach your home and your family. So small town cops will have a
vested interest in his town. He’ll want to keep the bad guys out of his town, and
by doing that he’ll also protect his neighbors and his family. So hey I want
you to comment below: Do you live in a larger city where they have lowered the
hiring standards for the police officers? Or do you live in a smaller mid-sized
town? And does the local Police Department where you live at, do they
still have a pretty stringent hiring process? And after shtf, would you be more
concerned about criminal gangs or the cops in your area? And after shtf we will
probably have a shortage of fuel for you to cook your food with. And sometimes
smoke from a fire may draw unwanted people to your location. So to see a way
that Preppers can cook food without liquid fuel or having to use a fire: then
click on the link that should be appearing at the top of the screen (just
about now) to learn more about that. And to see a video where I take green and
dirty lake water and I purify it into crystal clear water and I drink it in order to
show a proven method that Preppers can use to purify water after shtf:
then click on the video that should be appearing on the right side of the
screen just about now. Anyways folks if you made it this far, hey THANK YOU very
much for watching, and I pray that you have a good night.

100 thoughts on “Will Cops Form Marauder Gangs after SHTF? (An Insider’s Answer)

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  2. This topic never, ever crossed my mind, never thought about it actually. But I'm in the rural "BURBS" an the only police presence we have is our local SO, an some of them live around us to, so as I've stated before I would help them to if they needed it because most of them are good peeps themselves, an have family's also, I've met an talked to a handful of them an there straight up guys an gals to. Now maybe in your bigger metropolitan city's this mite be a problem, but I don't see that here.

  3. well..from what I understand living in Portland, OR they can't fill their 120 vacant spots because no one wants to work for that dept so I'm sure they lowered their standards. And from the lack of protection the citizens from Antifa thugs….well..I wouldn't trust them. Luckily my part of Portland is patrolled by county Sheriff. Those guys are pretty descent.

  4. I live in St Petersburg, pretty liberal good sized city. In this size of a city, its cop to cop, some cool, some just dont care, unfortunately.

    From what I've noticed, I dont think it's the diversity in cultures as much as the diversity in age. The older ones seem more understanding and down to earth. The younger ones seem to be wanna be SpecOps or take the approach of, "not my duty", gets. Lawyer.

    If SHTF, I've already heard from some of the older guys that the younger ones are fairly trigger happy, some look forward to red flag knocks, etc. Shows of things to come if things go bad, IMHO.

  5. You best beleave the royyan cops will form in yo groups for self gain. Under they cover of the blue shiel.lie of common good / MARTIAL law.

  6. Luckily ……….. I'm a pretty good shot ………..even at long distances ! Besides that ……the police are already gangs !

  7. I hadn't thought about this much , but on the walking dead one group in the hospital were police . I am former corrections and private security , I know if shtf I wouldn't want to get locked down along with the inmates in prisons.

  8. Your police hiring process was the same as my correctional facility , background check , psych test , talk to neighbors , stop by my apartment, FBI style background check , etc .

  9. Seriously, LE are majority decent ppl, i have some in my family..
    As far as gangs, of course some will connect to terrorize. But so will non LE as well, 6 of one half dozen of the other..
    We all shy from lead the same..

  10. they already consider anyone who isn't one of their own to be "the enemy"; they are evil thugs. god will burn them all.
    they already proudly consider themselves to be the biggest gang there is.
    need modern proof because you don't believe this? remember how they went out stealing people's guns during katrina?
    they think they are doing good because they are evil.
    all cops. evil. yes; because they all lie to protect their own. evil tattooed thugs, pure and simple.

  11. Thugs will rise to the highest level that the restraints of society will allow. The worse the SHTF is, the more scum will rise to the top. Bad cops, criminals, government thugs it won't matter which one it is, we will have to watch for it all.

  12. If I see any of the cops that violated me, or hurt me after SHTF…I'm putting a bullet in the back of their heads.

  13. this remains to be seen whether the leos use the excuse just following orders to disregard their sworn oaths if the dems manage to pass confiscation gun control.

  14. This kind of sounds like you’re working backwards from a conclusion. If it’s the diversity hires that would be the troublemakers, then how come when cops are caught abusing their power or breaking laws it’s a white cop like 99% of the time?

    I do agree though with having high screening, even higher screening then what you say is the non-diversity standard. It’s a huge responsibility to carry a gun, a license to use force, to handle stressful situations, not abuse power, and to actually know all the laws.

  15. Lowering the hiring standards opens the door to unqualified officers, breeding corruption and then solidifying that police can’t be trusted by civilians.

  16. In Georgia it's affirmative action and who you party with! Trust them at your own risk, but I very much want to be pro Law Enforcement!! It's a challenge these days not asking for perfect just not with threats at my home when I've done nothing and always act with respect. Guess we know don't brag or have loose lips to set yourself up as target of bad actors!

  17. Yes some Cops have during Katrina and continue to operate as predatory gangs today as activist gangs.  You will be targeted by road blocks,  traffic stops, and surveillance.  Hide your preps in multiple hidden caches in a route to your BOL.

  18. I am curious as to your opinion on police dealing with a respectful citizen who will not comply with any more unconstitutional laws. This is a nightmare scenario for me personally. I respect the law enforcers, and do not wish any harm upon them. But I am fed up with unconstitutional laws at every level. Unfortunately, these good LE personnel are at the tip of the spear.

  19. When they confiscated guns during Katrina, they kept the good ones for themselves. It's the us against them mentality.

  20. I love when a retired cop become one of us
    We the prepper are the good civilian and the real Patriots who protect us

  21. At that point the police are just a normal person and will die like a "normal thief " they need to keep that in mind.

  22. Oath keepers have retired & active police & military. They are banded together to protect 🇺🇸 from foreign & domestic threats.

  23. Hey Ethical Preparedness do you get hate at work for your beliefs? Also the military is making sure to diversified army so they can disarm citizens..if you were not born in this country or hate the flag and what you think it represents you will be more likely not to care about the constitution. And struggle to make America free..they will shoot Americans that do not comply.

  24. I dont see that that will happen. When the shtf or wrol happen, I can see where certain people will be looking for them.


  26. In dallas tx they get hired on and after tax payers put them through the police academy they quit and go to another city before their first day of work.

  27. Several cops in Albuquerque are known gang members. And you wonder why that city is one of the most dangerous cities in the us.

  28. God is great beer is good people are crazy, and yes i believe cops will take care of thier own if that means forming gangs i could see that happening

  29. The lower of standards also occurs in the federal government where minorities are hired to catastrophic effect. And we wonder why all are technology is being stolen. Look at the hiring.

  30. My in-law is a cop- blatantly said in apocalypse scenario he would immediately kill neighbors to get whatever he needed. Also Bragg’s about stealing from crime scenes and his perks- driving drunk without getting pulled over because of his FOP license plate, riding the railroad free, on and on, oh yea and his golden pension that we the sucker taxpayers will pay for. He is a real gem. There’s good and bad, respect the good, despise the bad.

  31. I’m a retired cop from CA. I worked for 30 years and have seen that in my old department. They now have 35 lawsuits pending. You have ppl being hired that have no ppl skills or life experience and I’ve seen and worked with some in my last years that were afraid. As an FTO I got to see these ppl up close and if they weren’t able to overcome that fear I sent them packing to work in the jail.

  32. This guy thinks Cops Became Bad because of the diversity. Like Al Capone never had bad Cops in his pay Roll. Cops will always have corrupt people.

  33. No more chance of it then military doing the same thing. Yes some will most won't, they all die. Read years ago about having to have a IQ BELOW a certain level to be hired. Watch Johny five O to see what thugs some police have become

  34. I have made friends with several of the officers from the small town about 6 miles from our rural farm. ( Prior law enforcement myself) Cops have wives and children that they want fed and protected just like everyone else. But in my area, there would be ample work for former police. One of my neighbors has 90+ cattle, one has bee hives, we have laying hens and goats. We also raise one hog every year and have it processed for our deep freezer. So, the officers know that if they move their wives and children here, their providing security for the livestock against thieves, would ensure a steady food supply. We have talked about a SHTF scenario. They are not blind to how fragile our "just in time" supply system is. Let us pray that it never happens.

  35. Cops already are a gang…the biggest organized criminal gang in America. They're paid thug policy enforcer welfare whores. Paid with your money to steal your money. They don't even enforce real law but rather made up codes and policies. They drag you into a completely corrupted court where they steal your money and property under the threat of being thrown in a cage. It's all about generating revenue for the tyrannical state. Cops violate the oaths they took swearing to uphold the Constitution every single day they put on that badge and costume. According to the Constitution, there must be a victim for a crime to have been committed…a victim being an injured party or property. So what do you call this victimless crime BS today… It's called tyranny and the cops are the ones carrying out that tyranny…they're modern day red coats. Oh and it won't be the left or the right coming for your guns…it will be a paid thug order following thin blue line little bitch that comes for them. Cops are literally the standing armies and domestic enemies the founders warned us about.. Domestic terrorists and We The People are the victims. This dummy wears a We The People shirt and is one of the thin blue line infringers lol… I doubt he knows anything about the Constitution, bill of rights, and declaration or he's just a big hypocrite. Freedom or tyranny dude…pick one!

  36. Its hilarious that this guy wears a We The People shirt and is in "law"/policy enforcement. Freedom or tyranny…Pick one!

  37. It would be behoove people to get to know their local LEO's. They are people just like the civilians in your city or town. They have needs and fear's. If you get to know them, your odds of being protected by them are greater than if you avoid them, or are a but head to them in normal situations.
    If SHTF occurs, we will all be in it together. Respect is earned. If you give respect, you will normally get respect .
    Good job officer. And thank you for all you do.

  38. Small township here, had a sheriff as a neighbor for a few years. I suspect around here I would be more worried about actual criminals – the local police are decent people (the ones I have met anyways). Bigger cities here – yeah, don't want to be anywhere near that when things go bad.

  39. Quit whining about how the Police State in the USA has gone bad. The only relevant thing about your post is you're finally admitting that their are a lot of "bad cops" out there. But I've got news for you, some of the worst cops have the "best criminal records" prior to their hiring.

  40. Nicely done. Made some good points. My question is, these cops that are the good guys, are they still going to be the good guys when it's their families that are starting or in need of medical care? My bet is not so much.

  41. On another note. And related to the video.
    Where I live. I don't think local law enforcement is a problem. If anything they may ask for assistance which I will give.
    But I have lived in a small town that the sheriff department was very corrupt, and some of the police was a bit shady. Needless to say I moved far away. That wasn't the only reason I moved, but it was one of them.

  42. I really think that any cop, who hasn't prepared, will be very vulnerable and likely to resort to violence to survive ASHTF. Especially when he or she is watching their own children starve.
    The only difference between good cops and bad, if they are both unprepared, is that a good cop might feel guilty when he kills to survive.

  43. I dont think police gangs will be a common problem. They will happen, but will be rare. I'm guessing the ones that would form gangs are obvious to many officers now in a department.

  44. That was a good video on a difficult topic. I've not looked at the police hiring practices or standard in my area, my logic would tell me that the likelihood of officers forming rogue gangs would be relatively low compared to the general population.

  45. I’ve been hired by SC highway patrol and leave for academy in three weeks. While a state agency, their hiring process is very stringent. They’re also not very diverse, google them on Wikipedia for the demographics. I endured a PT test, a polygraph, a psych exam, and a physical exam as well as a check of at least a dozen references and a popcorn home visit.

  46. Sadly, this is something to think about. However, if you are prepper or just like to be prepared, you touch base with your neighbors, and you get the know them, and ensure every house has a task and learn other tasks in case one of those houses fall. Cross views and overwatch assignments is very important for not just "gangs". If you are lucky enough to know tactics, have retired or previous military, police (local or federal) you have a better edge. If you live out in the middle of know where by yourself, it's not so easy.

  47. I was a police officer for 16 in the Atlanta metro area. The hiring standards have dropped because of the low pay for most officers and no shortage of jobs. The standards are going down because the applicant pool is too small and some departments cant afford to pay what others can. The average wage to start in Georgia for corrections is right about 32k a year, and for police officers 37k. Some go way up if you have experience, but the south dont pay a lot for police officers. I have since left law enforcement for the private sector because the pay is much better and so are the hours.

    I think some officers will form a more violent gang if given the chance, but others wont. Cops are a cross section of the area they are in. I personally know of a few groups which have a lot of LEO's and military in them. The further into SHTF the world goes, the more supplies run out the more desperate people will be for supplies. I dont think there is a greater chance for any one person to turn bad just because of the line of work they were in. Some cops are not even that well trained and will most likely get their dumb asses killed quickly because of their lack of physical fitness, marksmanship training, and know even less about survival on the streets or in the woods. Very few cops are highly trained because of the dedication it takes to do the training and to keep up with the training. I am not that worried about cops turning into marauder gangs.

  48. Before I say this let me say I know some very good cops. But I also know some bad cops and some bad people who became cops. The biggest problem is people who wear badges are so far above the law all right now they don't even realize what it's done to their mentality. If I go on I'll go on a rant so I'll stop there.

  49. I am so tired off people you can’t trust them they Don’t car what they say to you treat you like crap I work as a security guard in a big food store the only one I can trust is Jesus Christ father god .

  50. You never want to stack a door of a guy waiting for you with a big gun. You may get him but the first 3 guys are gonna get fuuuukd up.

  51. Thank you for putting up with us instant experts on all you show us. Truth is there is some good tips in the comments. But it is you on youtube showing us.
    You couldn't be more right.
    If we expect police officers to uphold the law they have to be upstanding themselves. Raise salaries,don't lower standards. I live in a small town but have provincial police.(think state)
    I have talked with one or two and they seem friendly and upright. There does seem to be a well established civilian criminal element. I don't know why but some seem to like to brag to me.
    They then get upset with me because they revealed crimes to me. 🙄

  52. I think we'll see it going to different directions you'll have gangs of Rogue cops and you'll have gangs of cops that will form helpful groups to help the community thank you very much have a great day

  53. In the small town (populationnof about 20,000) our police force has a sex ring. It only came out because one cop was bragging about sex with a fellow female,officer on a desk in the captain' office. Aboutmtnnheads rolled after the investigation. Could we trust them? Nope.

  54. Insightful! This was a great post! If it happens in my current location, the problem will be local criminals and unprepared panic filled folks. I expect many LEOs in my area will simply clock out and head for their home communities. You have provided quite a meal on the food for thought menu…

  55. I found out the har way that cops are crooks to they lie just to make them selves look good . But there are just a few that are good but it's hard to tell which is which

  56. Hello Brother, I'm in a large west coast liberal city and our police department has greatly increased the standards. The vetting process is lengthy and puts you through the ringer. We've had a a lot of reform and it was needed. The problem here is that there are a lot of unqualified applicants. The city council approved a new contract with salary increases into six figures and our recruiters have hiring events around the country. There is also a push to get good lateral applicants. Unfortunately people aren't interested in policing and would rather work at Starbucks and play video games.
    Policing is negatively impacted by any bad apples and negative past actions. We both know there is nothing wrong with being well policed by good, honest men and women.

  57. If SHTF cops will become totally ineffective, soon has the stick there heads out of their station their heads will just disappear

  58. I think everyone's true colors will come out after SHTF, whether it's cops, garbage men, lawyers, etc. I don't think there will be an overwhelming amount of crooked cop marauders, but I'm sure there will be some.

  59. I like what you said, "their actions reflect on me" is hardly ever recognized nor followed in action vs words.

    I believe that both groups will happen when shtf happens. Most of my buddies in NYC know that and have been looking at flint Michigan, and Newark New Jersey issue that they cannot drink the water. So that is going to be a hefty concern…

  60. I am a retired Police officer . Now having said that , I have seen the hiring standards dropped significantly over the year's . I have seen Officer's fired for silly stuff that anyone would know not to do . And I saw one of our Sargeants go to Prison for having relations with a 14 year old girl . In a large city next to us which was largely black , the black Officer's formed a " Motorcycle club ' . Let's just say it became difficult to tell who was the bad guy's from the good guys sometimes . In a SHTF situation , Yes! Absolutely there will be bad cops abusing power ! You can take that to the bank !

  61. Consider how “law enforcement” behaved during Katrina in New Orleans. Particularly on the Lake Pontchartrain Bridge. I think you’ll have an answer as to how Law Enforcement will treat anyone not in their “gang”.
    Excellent point on small town cops. This is where I plan to wind up during a SHTF event. The group provides the dynamics for self defense and division of duties necessary for survival.
    Let’s face it, trying to go it alone is likely a death sentence.

  62. I am worried about the increase in militarization of police forces. Standards have been lowered in Southern California. Evenso, there is a shortage pf police officers.

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