Will Bruneians survive Maharaja Lawak Mega 2019?

Do you say Soto or Sutu? Soto Me too It’s Sutu I’m Team Soto The spelling is SOTO Says who? What language are we speaking for this episode? Brunei Language What’s up? Long time no see I’m very busy right now Oh my God! So what have I been up to? Shooting with Najib? Yes, the one where you called him on set So it looked like an emergency You’re crazy So, this Maharaja Lawak news was all of a sudden This is huge Is it really huge? I don’t know, man. It’s unnecessary pressure. We had a Standup Comedy Show last July We have a Malay show Somebody who has a connection with Maharaja Lawak Who works in a Broadcasting Industry in Brunei Came to see the show The person contacted me after the show Requesting videos of all Malay performers After about 2 months, the person got back to me The person told me that Astro wants you in Maharaja Lawak Mega I told them I don’t want to go alone I want to bring someone with me I contacted performers here and there Nobody said yes Then, I called Tony If you want it You need to let me know Cause I need to inform Astro I’m not used to sketch show Or you can take a U-Turn here You can go through here and take a U-Turn “You’re going to Maharaja Lawak, right?” I said Yes We as a nation are hopeful I think he meant it as a motivation? I was sitting at a food court Literally, next to my table There were a couple eating I overheard them, “This is the guy that went viral on Whatsapp” Let’s hope he is funny cause he looks gloomy How are you? I’m fine Zikir=Rememberance I’m telling you the truth Fajar Prayer=Subuh Prayer Almost 2 years of standup comedy How was the food? Delicious What did we eat? I was supposed to be on a diet Nasi Lemak Dim Sum Coca Light doesn’t count Cause it’s zero calorie It’s ok, you don’t need to eat at night Oh no Are you sad now? What’s up? Tonight, Terminator is out The new Terminator I think, you love Terminator, right? Yes, very Terminator 2, right? Your favorite? You remember! Terminator 5 was supposed to be a reboot, but it flopped The movie is rubbish, don’t waster your time If you insist on watching it, better just go to Sungai Akar (Garbage Dump area) It’s a shame, despite Emilia Clarke being in there Do you like Emilia Clarke? Yes I don’t really like her. I never watched Game Of Thrones That’s why you don’t like her Speaking of GOT I never watched it See, only you watched it But, there were some parts that I watched Which part? The DRAGON! I didn’t have Astro growing up I only watch RTB (Free TV) I don’t even have Astro now! I will be watching MLM2019 somewhere on Nov 1st Right. Don’t waste your money. Don’t waste your money Babu Sinur, whom I believe his real name is Kai Japar right? The funny part is, His full name is Khairul Anwar (like me) He once gave an interview But the IG that was tagged was me, not him So I told them, that’s not me When the poster for the movie “Hari Minggu Ke 4” came out There was his name, right People came up to me and said, “Is that you?” I said “No, no” People think I’m him, and he’s me For me as a performer You could say I’m lazy because I don’t have an identity I go on stage and just do my thing Do you say Soto or Sutu? Soto Me too I watch the episode, so I’m sorry Babu Sinur It’s sutu No, because the spelling is soto I will slap whoever said Soto! You’re Bruneian, so you should say Sutu Says who? Urang (Orang in Standard Malay) Told you! You guys said “Urang” Also if it’s squid, we say Sutung (Sotong in Standard Malay) Yes, it’s Sutung We are still Team Soto So Babu Sinur will slap you guys? Yeah, what to do So, during the Press Conference I had to go alone There were a lot of people First, I met Dato AC Mizal I took a selfie straight away Guess who showed up last? Azli from Senario? So I approached him I went to shake his hand I’m a competitor from Brunei Oh, how are you?! So I shook and kissed his hand (Like how we do it in Brunei as a sign of respect) Like how we do it here? His hand smelled like Chicken (from Fast Food) He’s just like all of us Why didn’t he bring the chicken though Bruneians like to park everywhere It’s the worst during Jumaat Prayer They park in the middle of the road What’s wrong with that?! What’s difference between O and U in Brunei language? O is for Ohh U in my heart For those who don’t understand the joke

52 thoughts on “Will Bruneians survive Maharaja Lawak Mega 2019?

  1. I have never been to one of their shows and this is the first time I see them joking around. Cali banar durg ani rupanya ๐Ÿ˜‚ but my only concern is how Malaysians would accept our type of jokes, whether they'd understand and laugh along or bangang terlantar duduk pasal inda faham our types of jokes. I hope they do their homework well and WILL DELIVER! Good luck Cali!

  2. Good luck Ca Li… no pressure… andang yg awal-awal mbari watir, tapi mun balik-balik, pandai jua lunti n lancar tu..

  3. Bros Team Cali Gluck Dgn apa jua cabaran di MLM 2k19 soon
    n @fastingbro gud title & content since ku curious banakn urang dalam Team Cali #hehexd

  4. Wow this is a surprising news that they will be appearing in one of malaysian's biggest tv show! I'll for sure have to pressure these guys to do their best! I will support them for sure!!!

  5. Comfirm cali will survive.Go..go..go brunei..hopefully it not David Teo who judge ur team for the 1st week..dont wory just insert what is trending from now day confirm u can go far..

  6. Good luck Cali, our nation's pride depends on u guys.Make us proud.The whole Brunei will recognize u after this, for better or worse. I hope i didn't add more pressure to u guys. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Interesting how Khai is now different to when he was in your first few episodes, he was angry and negative back then

  8. sebelum liat durg di mlm…ada video durg kah stand up comedy or any video psl durg becali…salnya mau jua ku taukn siapa durg ani…gila wakil brunei bh ne.

  9. all the best Cali… no matter what happens… its a great step for the Brunei Entertainment industry. i dont really watch maharaja lawak but i;m interested to see what our county man has to offer. God speed.

  10. Doesn't matter if kamu keluar awal kah, yang penting kamu show other country yang brunei juga mempunyai pelawak2/standupcomedy. If durang tak tersingkir dan mara ke next stage, atu adalah rezeki kamu "CALI" ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ณ

  11. Pasti kan kumpulan cali ani ada very good comedy script writer to back them up.

    Jangan inda tau, team lain di maharaja lawak atu pun pakai script writer….nganya durang inda tunjuk kan.

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