Wilderness Warriors – Grand Canyon 2015

(wind whistling) (upbeat music) – With any combat injury, one of the additional aspects of that is usually a measure of lost confidence, and I hope the vets that are out here participating in this program kind of use this as an opportunity to build some of that back up. – I’m here to challenge myself, to become a social person again, and experience new things again. – This trip is going to provide both physical and emotional challenges for everyone who’s out
here participating in it. And they’re going to be in the raft, they’re going to be rowing, they’re going to be hiking up mountains, and so they’re going to be facing a measure of physical challenge that they may not be used to. (sweeping string music) – Here that’s focused on not what you’ve done, but
where you’re going to go. Remove the technology, remove the clock, or remove the phone, and think about where you want to be and not where you’ve been. – [Voiceover] Just
floating down the river, and watching the guides explain all the history that goes back millions of years, makes me think about going through life and just
watching things happen, and being open to new
experiences and opportunities. (cheering) – Coming out, and doing things like this, you face the unknowns. You get more comfortable with them, and you get better. A good wake up call at
seven In the morning, to be hit by ice water. – I’m more motivated, more focused, and I’m ready to go back home and make a difference in my home. – I think what I’ll take home is more of an appreciation for that kind of brotherly bond between veterans. – One of the things I want to take away from this experience is learning to move forward,
and not live in the past. (upbeat choir music) – [John] My hope for all the men and women on this program is that they leave here with a greater
sense of confidence and more faith in their
personal abilities. At the end of this program they will have one more significant accomplishment
under their belts. So, when faced with future
struggles or challenges, whatever they may be, I hope that they can look back and say, “I can raft the Grand Canyon, “I can handle whatever I’m facing today.” (cheering)

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