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I’m CJ Siebler. I’m the Regional Manager for the Wilderness
Systems Fishing Team on the West Coast. Being from San Diego I’m very excited to show
you the new Thresher 155 from Wilderness Systems. This boat will be available in the both 155
in 15 feet and the 140 at 14 feet. This boat is very much meant as an overall
great fishing kayak but it does heavily weigh in for offshore fishing and inshore fishing
that we do in the Southern California region especially. Starting at the bow of this boat, we have
a large bow hood. This is a scuppered tankwell style hood. It is going to be good for storing safety
gear, fish, that type of thing. We do have an optional hatch up in the bow
to do access for anchor trolleys and other accessories. Moving on back, the Flexpod OS is the new
oversized Flexpod, much like what we saw on the RideX. The pod is bigger; it does accept a larger
battery. The transducer hole is also much larger; it
accepts the bigger transistors like the RayMarine Dragonfly and the Lowrance HDI, the much larger
transistors. We see especially a lot of those with guys
fishing deeper water and yo-yo jigging fish and that kind of thing so it’s really nice
to have that larger transducer pod. Moving back the center hatch, the new center
hatch is a very well-sealed hatch. Coming standard with two latches this hatch
has zero leaking issues inside dunk tanks. There are optional two more if you really
want to be compulsive about how dry your boat is. This hatch opens up. It’s quite the large hatch. It does have an optional drop in tray but
we’re able to fit rods up to eight and a half feet on heavy 30-40 pound rods into this boat
with no problem. If you need more clearance you can always
pull out this pod and this hatch does open a little bit further. Optional accessory inside the hatch is a foam
block to help keep the rods organized when going through the surf so they don’t slide
on you and break tips. The boat is featuring the Phase 3 AirPro seat,
a very popular seat. We see it a lot on the Tarpon line especially
that it’s proven. It’s a lower profile back, adjustable height,
leg lifters. The lower profile back makes it really easy
to brace in the surf and to be able to reach around to bait tanks and other accessories
behind your boat. In the tank well for the bait tanks, we have
a lot of room. It has stair cutouts for milk crates, obviously
the YakAttack BlackPaks fit real well. All the bait tanks that we’ve played with
during the prototyping have worked incredibly well. Two optional small day hatches in the back
here, these threaded hatches will be good access for installing trolleys and other accessories. In the back we have plenty of room to do flush
mount rod holders, or ram, or what have you but the flush mounts, we are able to fit six
back here. We went with four standard for this. The rod holders are all going to be optional
because the need to have different fisheries, everybody likes different rod holders. The tracks are standard on this boat, just
like all the other fishing [inaudible 00:02:55] Wilderness Systems, you can do ram tubes,
and VISICarbons and all that good stuff on it. New handles on these boats are a two piece
injection mold handle. A little bit smaller, little more rigid, they
work really well, really comfortable. All new rudders from Wilderness Systems this
year, they’re going to change to a gas pedal style rudder. It will be a toe control rudder as opposed
to a sliding brace and it tends to be a lot more comfortable when you’re doing a lot of
ruddering in rough conditions. This boat is all new for 2015. It will be viewable on WildernessSystems.com.

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