Wilderness Calling: Point Reyes

birds and wind beeping traffic rushing and many footsteps birds chirping traffic, honking horns birds, babbling brook distant ocean roar rustling grass birds crashing waves

5 thoughts on “Wilderness Calling: Point Reyes

  1. Glad you enjoyed it – we hope you enjoy the other Point Reyes NS videos and other wilderness videos to come on this channel!

  2. Was out there last year, saw a fox digging holes, he didn't know I was there, wind direction was right. Used a YouTube recording of a dying rabbit from my cell phone… Imagine his surprise when he ran to investigate the sound and I was sitting there, didn't know they could jump that high or run so fast. Tried the same thing with a recording of a bull elk down wind of a herd of cow elk… 15 minutes later they were standing 50 yards away as I lay hidden in the grass

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