Why We Need The Wilderness More Than Ever

As a person who makes
a living in the outdoors and spends a lot of
time in the natural world I was recently asked
what my opinion was on how spending time in
the outdoors can help people’s mental health It seemed like the most
obvious thing really Spending time outside,
is good for the brain But the question itself
also displayed how detached we’ve become from
the natural world as a species We are adapted to live in
close proximity with the wild So it’s no wonder birdsong
makes us feel relaxed or the sound of a burn
helps us sleep, or the sense of belonging you get
when you sit in a forest Living a life which is more
relative to the natural world is a healthy thing As complicated and diverse
as the natural world is There’s also a
simplicity to it Whenever I’m out
and about, be it paddling down a river, walking up
a hill or whatever I like the simplicity of it You either reach
the top, or you don’t You either get down
the river, or you don’t Or even better,
you just explore aimlessly without any real clue
of what you’re actually up to But no matter what I’m up to, I only
really think about what I’m doing
there and then An escape from the inside I think that’s something
that we crave as a species As our lives become more
complicated with stuff and bills and more stuff Simple things become
more precious But as much as the
natural world gives us I worry what it will
be like in the future That might sound pretentious It might sound
like another hippie cliché but it’s something we
all need to think about a lot more The natural world
provides us with food, water, air,
good vibes… It gives us everything And we treat it like shit We just take more and more.
Consuming more and more stuff and now our planet and our home is
in a proper state And we are
in a state with it If I’m totally honest,
I actually feel pretty guilty when I’m
outdoors a lot of the time now I feel guilty for
being part of a race which is addicted
to pointless stuff and eating too much,
and having 40 pairs of shoes, abolishing forests,
releasing chemicals into rivers disposable clothing,
covering hedge rows with nets It goes on forever And look at Scotland
for example It’s recently been voted
one of the prettiest countries in the world, but it’s
also one of the most nature depleted We’re all going to
die one day and wouldn’t it be nice
to think that when it happens you’ll be
leaving behind a healthy home A playground,
a place to work a place to live, food
to eat, water to drink for the people you
leave behind But maybe, there
will be an app for all that kind of stuff We need to get a
grip, rapidly…

5 thoughts on “Why We Need The Wilderness More Than Ever

  1. When we think about our environment we hardly ever realize that we're doin so much harm tae it we just buy intae that corporate crap that they're finding good alternatives tae change how bad we treat the planet and while some do most just make the ecosystem much worse.If i were tae tell you that that plastic you threw intae the ocean killed a precious bird and or sea turtle how would you feel…or that the pollution from chemicals and plastics and rubbish we dump intae the ocean is making it hard tae find healthy eatable fish and that you are killing whales and mother nature herself how would you feel?Probably sad maybe guilty even but i'm not saying this tae hurt anyone i am just saying lets look out for the place we all call home

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