Why Does Nephi Go Down To The Wilderness And Up To Jerusalem? (Knowhy #6)

If you pay close attention while reading 1st
Nephi, you can see that Nephi wrote about going up to Jerusalem and going down into
the wilderness. This is a tiny detail, seemingly unremarkable,
but that’s what makes it so significant. It’s the kind of tiny detail that someone
writing fiction would likely miss, especially those unfamiliar with the geography of Jerusalem. This little fact shows that the author was
very familiar with the area, something Joseph Smith was not, and Nephi clearly was. This is another literary evidence of the Book
of Mormon. And now you know why.

2 thoughts on “Why Does Nephi Go Down To The Wilderness And Up To Jerusalem? (Knowhy #6)

  1. Hmmm. Let's try applying a very small amount of thought to this issue. Jerusalem is very well known in the New Testament as a "city set on a hill," and yet here we have you all claiming that someone had to have "intimate knowledge" of the geography of the area to know that one would go "up to Jerusalem." Pretty clear that you're trying really hard to make an awful lot of very little here.

    It's also entirely possible that Joseph wasn't even referring to "elevation" at all in these instances. Rather, he may have simply imagined the Lehites traveling South to get to the ocean, and thus spoke of going "up" (North) to Jerusalem, and "down" (South) to the wilderness just like one might speak of going "up" (North) to Salt Lake and "down" (South) to Provo.

    People can always find these weak parallelisms to support whatever they want to support. A perfect example of this fact is found by looking at how supporters of both the Heartland and the Mesoamerican theories of the Book of Mormon geography both point to all sorts of seemingly compelling parallels just like this one. Meanwhile, mountains of far more significant evidence against the book's historicity is not spoken to.

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