Why Chia for Endurance Running? Benefits of Chia Seeds for Runners

hi everyone its Bretta Riches from RunForefoot.coom okay i’m going to be talking to you about how incorporating chia seeds into your diet may improve your endurance capacity as a long-distance runner and may prevent you from buckling under the energetic challenges of endurance running i recently finished a book called the Aztec diet the power of Chi by Dr. Bob Arnot, who closely examined the health benefits of chia seeds in relevant terms, and the book does a great job at detailing the mechanisms of action behind how Chia seeds work to help block hunger and overall aid in weight loss management and how chia seeds sufficiently aids and energy security and sustained energy for running as an endurance runner, the book really gives a good support base as to why incorporating chia seeds into your runners diet can certainly help you go the distance as distance running calls for sustained energy in chia seeds may provide robust doses of energy through many mechanisms of action and there has been generated a big body of evidence in support of chia seeds involvement with delivering quality sustainable energy for running which is why chia seeds is often the gold standard for sustainable fuel for many endurance runners and is gradually being picked up more and more by runners. As a deterrent that counters low-energy, Chia applies its power in many ways, For one Dr. Arnot make the case that chia seeds gives you more control over Hunger by the simple fact that Chia seeds has an unmatched ability to extend the feeling or sensation of fullness, staving off hunger for prolonged periods of time and more importantly reduces sugar cravings and the evidence regarding the capacity of chia seeds in crushing hunger is overwhelming and that a study out of the University of Toronto found that dieters who ate 2 heaping tablespoons of chia seeds daily lost 533% more weight than the group who were given oat bran instead the researchers also discovered that the chia seed eaters had a spike in adiponectin, which is a hormone that helps the body breakdown fat particularly fat around the midsection in the same study the chia seed eaters have lost 218 % more ab fat, in that regard adiponectin is correlated with low levels of belly fat storage so there’s a lot about chia seeds that is practical that can make a big difference in weight loss efforts another related study British researchers found that in pudding form chia seeds had an extra hunger killing power so the chia pudding strategy provides physiological sensations and responses that blocked hunger and cravings and of course when you are not on complete empty and when you’re not craving sugar you are in a better position to deliver real results during running from a weight-loss perspective if you choose to use chia pudding as a meal replacement for better results you’re better off substituting sugar with a plant-based protein powder and thats a handy tip that i got from another book that I read called the slim down now diet by Cynthia Sass a registered dietitian you of course can add Chia seeds to smoothies, salads, oatmeal yogurt, casseroles and still get its tummy-filling benefits. In getting back to exactly how chia seeds effectively counters hunger so that you potentially avoid hitting that exhaustion level during endurance running according to Cynthia Sass, just 1 ounce of Chia seeds packs 10 grams of fiber, 9 grams of healthy fats and almost 5 grams of protein collectively these metrics are especially appropriate for curbing hunger and controlling blood sugar spikes as well another fresh look at how chia halts hunger and sugar cravings thereby providing lasting energy for running is that according to dr. Arnot, one of the hallmarks of chia seeds that they absorb fluid in great amounts which is why and how they can expand in your stomach to roughly seven times their original size and then they remain in your gut making you full four hours so you end up getting a measurable up-tick in energy because the expansion of chia seeds spreads the feeling of fullness so it’s harder for you to get hungry faster another appropriate way to rationalize how chia provides more transformative long lasting energy for running is that chia seeds do not have a negative impact on blood sugar according to Dr. Arnot, chia helps prevent fatigue-inducing blood sugar spikes and dips that can draw you down during running and also Chia pumps the brakes on triggering intense hunger and cravings therefore chia creates more favorable physiological and bodily conditions for healthy blood sugar balance which is going to help fund your energy levels so this is a really fair descriptor and assessment of how fullness and good clean energy is propagated by chia seeds and how chia acts as a healthy Hunger suppressor to enable you to uphold energy in the long run by repressing or eliminating a potential energy crisis another way Chia helps a runner to develop the capacity to run with more energy in that according to Trotter researchers chia seeds dramatically reduce cellular irritation and inflammation and as a result the cells were more freely engaged in managing energy and burning calories so in this new alignment of reduce inflammation and individual cells you can be more effective at harnessing more energy for running another way hese that’s your energy of motion is according to dr. are not chia seeds were used like coffee or Red Bull in ancient times the best thing about she is that the heightens energy it provides does not come with jittery or irritable side effects according to dr. are not again he strongly emphasizes that spiking and falling rollercoaster blood sugar levels can cause extreme fatigue and exhaustion but she eliminates that while providing a slow release of energy and that’s exactly the kind of energy a long-distance runner needs and she also delivers good brain energy by acting of the mood enhancer confidence motivation booster and overall happiness and cancer and that the right posture to be and when it comes to running under pressure and really pushing the boundaries for any situation being in a positive frame of mind is one of the central elements in performance games so we are constantly reminded in the affirming evidence that is piling up in the academic community of the health and performance benefits of chia seeds and it would be a very wise and effective investment to establish the habit of eating chia seeds on a regular basis to improve your approaches on a weight loss front or on the front of endurance running to prevent unnecessary dips and energy in most cases the best change in health really comes from what you eat and chia seeds seems to be the real backbone that is a powerhouse for giving you more vitality and typically promotes good health i will link the two books that I reference in this video i will link them below in the description box if you’re interested if you want to check them out for more health tips on running please visit my blog run forefoot calm and subscribe to my youtube channel that the updated and all the latest research on the health and performance benefits of barefoot running thank you so much for listening and watching have fun out there on the road bye for now

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