What to Do if You Feel lost in Life

Hi guys, it`s yet another day here for us
all to become our strength so that we can release our limitless potential. The title
of this video is “What to do if you`re lost in life.” The reason why i called it that
is because i want to talk about why we human beings at some points of our lives loose track
of everything. And by that i mean tha some of us will become strangers to ourselves.
It will almost feel like we don`t know ourselves anymore. We find ourselves in these hard and
stressful situations. In addition to this we also ask questions ourselves. Som examples
of such questions are: “why is this my job?”, “Why is this my life?” ” How did it all end
up like this?” Should i have done something different? Should i have done this instead
of that?” All these questions come down to one single question. You can sum it up in
one sentence. “Why am i not happy?” The reason why you`re not happy is because you`ve never
taken the time to really listen to yourself. When you feel all this negative energy, all
this trapped energy or emptyness and/or ask yourself these questions, you are not aligned
with yourself. You basically don`t know yourself anymore. When the human body and mind is in
a natural state, the mind and body will continiously change all the time. So it`s a continuous
prosess. It`s a natural, strong and dynamic prosess. But in our society today we`re being
teached that we need to supress some of those natural things that happens in our minds/bodys.
We need to supress some of our thoughts and feelings in order to “fit in”. Some of us
gets to the point were we live a very static life. A life with very little awareness of
ourselves. The good thing about this though, is that it`s a non-continuous prosess. Which
means that it will come to an end sometime.Some of us gets to the point of a lifecrisis. That
is basically what i`m talking about. When you`re asking yourself these questions:”Why
have my life ome to be like this?” And feel negative energy or emptyness inside you, you`ve
gained this lifecrisis. Or that`s at least what people like to call it. Personally i
don`t like to put any tags or diagnosis or something on things, but that`s what people
call it. So what you have to do in order to get out of that lifecrisis is to look at your
milestones.You need to have a look at the milestones of your life. Now i want you to
really pay attention here. Please grab a pease of paper and write some keywords about this
so that you will remember it. A milestone is created in your life when you experience
a very radical change in your emotional- and/or your thaught system. When you create this
milestone, you finally get to know who you are, and you`re kind of redefining who you`re
going to be as a person You`re going through this dynamic prosess which you`re body and
mind is meant to go through. So the reason for why you`re in this lifecrisis is because
you haven`t created enough milestones in you`re life. Or maybe you haven`t been aware enough
of your life all together. So what i want you to do is to write down and describe the
milestones you have created earlier in your life. Try to write down as many as you can
remember on a sheet of paper. We`ve all got different personalities so some people may
have changed several times through life, while other may have changed only a few times. So
try to write down as many of these milestones or major changes in your personal life as
you can remember. Also try to really look into them in order to see how you changed,
because you most likely changed into a better version of yourself. You have to get back
to that moment. Get back to the limitless amount of potential that you released during
the creation of that milestone. You need to get back into that situation. So yeah guys.
That`s the video for today. I hope this got you one step closer towards you releasing
your limitless potential. Thanks a lot for watching. Please like, share and subscribe
to become your strength today. Thank you.

28 thoughts on “What to Do if You Feel lost in Life

  1. Hey! I think you might like my video! Would love comments on my channel from an awesome person like yourself 🙂 https://youtu.be/0hfIFMgHXWs

  2. Taken by your age that  you look like, your videos are amazing. It would be good though to have your name and more information on your source of knowledge . 😉

  3. Just discovered your channel, really enjoy it 🙂 I've been reading 'Mastery' by Robert Greene, I've found his advice extremely helpful regarding your life's task/fulfillment. Have you read this book and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

  4. for the past week and a half i been lost. I don't know what i am doing and I cant think of anything. I felt like i wasn't myself and I cant even talk to anyone. You may not read this since this is an old video but..Thank you for opening up my mind.

  5. I haven't slept all night and found your video…you're very good at articulating exactly how I'm feeling. Your voice is very soothing. Think I'm definitely having a life crisis and feel very stuck and isolated, isolation doesn't make me feel safe. I'd like to find someone to work with to help me kind of start again, but with support. Thank you for your video and wisdom.

  6. Unfortunately the motherboard on my laptop died a month ago and I haven't as yet bought a new laptop. I have a phone, I'm not sure if I can get Skype on there…All these things stress me, technology! Thank you Jackie. I guess it doesn't help that I'm not sleeping and am very isolated.

  7. I'm 31 and feel lost, have no passion for anything. I feel insecure about everything I do, insecure about my skills and what I know. I never feel I am good enough and always give up everything in middle for no reason but losing interest.
    Sorry my poor english but I'm desperate, and I hope that video helps me.

  8. exactly what I feel.. good explanation. actualltly I know who I am but economic issue makes it hard to create a change

  9. Oh great video. Totally can relate I felt stuck in my job, unhappy but unfortunately not handle my work situation well and yeah negative thoughts and actions have had a terrible impact. Forgot I should have looked at things in a different light and attitude. Bit late but a lot of self learning.

  10. I don't know what's wrong with me I feel lost too for example before I was happy and I just work out play on my tablet and at school I get talked about but I ignore and this one day I started to think about it and then from there I started to be depress for 2 weeks and now I don't like doing things that I use to do my mom say that it's a change of life but I feel like it's not because this started to happen to me when I got into depression

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