What Do Europeans Think About American Life? | NYT Opinion

[MUSIC PLAYING] “I love American optimism.” “They have a
pretty nice flag.” “Are you joking?” – [GASPS] “What?” “That is actually shocking.” “That’s nothing you would
ever see in Britain. That would cause,
you know, riots.” In the U.S., a large drink
in McDonald’s is 77% bigger than in Europe. That’s disgusting.” “Wow.” “Wah. [CHUCKLES] “It’s diabetes to go.” “Many common U.S.
food ingredients are banned in the E.U. Whoa.” “Adzo — what.” “Azodicarbon–” “Azodicar — — bonamide?” “Banned in Europe because
it may cause cancer.” “Mm, cancer brownies.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “It’s so cute.” “We have a baby.” “Yes.” “How long do you get
for parental leave in your country?” “The mother gets 410 days.” “The fathers as well. There’s a paternal
leave that is, I think, it’s about nine weeks.” “O.K., the number of
paid days of maternity leave guaranteed
by law in the U.S. Let’s see.” [NEEDLE SCRATCH] “Wow.” “It’s nothing.” “Oh, my.” “Like, I was right. It’s literally like,
you want to have a kid? Well, you’re on your own now.” “Well, you
de-incentivize people from having kids like that.” “You de-incentivize poor
people from having kids, because if you’re rich,
you can obviously — afford it.” “Yeah.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “You are graduated.” “Oh, thank you.” “These are the annual fees
at major U.S. universities.” “Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, M.I.T., $51,832.” “For a year?” “A year?” “I mean, honestly,
that is a bit disgusting from a
first-world nation.” “I mean, I pay 18
euros per semester.” “Yeah.” “In Denmark, it’s free.” [CHUCKLES] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SIREN] “A woman’s leg got stuck in
the gap between the train and the platform. She begged no one
call an ambulance. It’s $3,000, she wailed. I can’t afford that.” “Coming from the
Bulgaria, which is the poorest
E.U. member state, I’ve never heard about this.” “In 2015, medical bills
led to 1 million adults declaring bankruptcy.” – [SIGHS] “My dad is diabetic. And he gets really
good care in Belgium. And we don’t pay
a penny to it. It’s completely free.” “But what surprises me is
that people are not rioting on the streets, to be honest.” “I know.” “Oh, my god.” “That conversation.” “This is a toy AR-15.” “An AR-15-style rifle was
used in the San Bernardino shooting that
killed 14 people.” “The Orlando nightclub
shooting that killed 49 people.” “In the 2017 Las
Vegas shooting that killed 58 people. Hm.” “Mm.” “Washington, D.C.,
actually banned handguns. But the ban was
overturned in 2008 by the U.S. Supreme Court.” “Whoa, overturned. So somebody had the —” “Somebody thought, yes —” ” — common sense to ban this. And then they were
like, do you know what? No.” “No, we need guns.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “Americans are incredibly
friendly and hospitable.” “I wish we could be that
sort of happy and optimistic about the future.” “And the influence has been
huge, like, and still today.” “Whether it’s food, or music,
or fashion, or art, film.” “The younger
generation in America has definitely given
me hope about —” “Yeah.” ” — the future of America.” “And everyone secretly
has an American dream. So–” “Yeah.” “I mean, you know, we
can still all resubscribe to that.” “In Germany, we
don’t wave flags.”

100 thoughts on “What Do Europeans Think About American Life? | NYT Opinion

  1. The Sanders campaign is fighting for many of the issues made clear in this video: universal healthcare, paid maternity leave, an assault weapons ban, and tuition-free public college. Please go out, do your duty, and vote!

  2. All these Eurofags here saying America sucks lol, like they dont know the red white and blue can roll up and claim imminent domain

  3. As an european the "American Dream" only existed for me until I was about 10 years old after that I got more information about America and and the dream died. At this point and time for me America is an absolutely disgusting country, especially when I ear high status people talk about the world and it's problems, it seems like their speeches have the one important (for them) point: America is the best, and can do whatever it wants.

  4. ok i think imma just stay in the uk because i’m not eating cancer brownies and then paying thousands to cure myself like reallyyyy

  5. One thing that always shocks me when I come to the US is how many homeless people there are for such a "rich" country… in Europe this is not very common, there are a lot of measures to help unemployed people back on their feet, and people who lost their home have access to shelters

  6. Many people also forget that in Europe the taxes are around 70% and America is a lot less. So in those taxes medical care is included. Also in Europe unlike America you can’t just go to collage if you have the money.

  7. Yea USA is cool. They just boombed my country without reason and other random countries. Thank you for that uranium. Now we have more people with cancer

  8. I’ll trade my American hospitality and “spirit of optimism” for the natural human rights that the EU recognizes any day of the week.

  9. When people criticize America and the different systems we have in place as a first World nation I think the forget that we are also one of the only nations to have such a large population


    That's more than Germany, France, and the United Kingdom COMBINED.

    It's difficult to take care and keep track of that many individuals.

    Now that certainly doesn't excuse ALL of the issues we have but still I don't feel enough outsiders take this into consideration.

  10. There are a lot of serious comments under here and I totaly agree. But I have to be silly for a sec.
    Me for all the video: "that's guy is really cute…"
    Final pice with all the flags, turn out he is italian.
    Wait. I'm italian
    Oh nice 🌚

  11. Western European and north European countries are the best to live in along with new Zealand and Canada
    So called most developed country USA is worst to live in,you never know when you're gonna shoot down.

  12. What people don’t realize is that America has 100 of millions of more people than any of the European nations(except for maybe Russia) and are much much bigger than all of them (again except for Russia)

  13. I understand that all of these aspects of American culture are absolutely terrible, but they only discussed the WORST parts of living in the US. That's why everyone trashes on America so much, because that's all the media covers. We have the freedom to be individualistic, we can build our lives however we want, we are a democracy. I'm not one of those people that waves an american flag like a maniac and swears this is the greatest country in the world, but the fact that some people in the comments have the audacity to say this is the worst nation is tragic. Look at Hong Kong, look at Africa, look at the middle east. We are lucky enough to not have to literally fight for our lives every day. Please just think about what you're saying and the actual state of this ENTIRE world before you click the comment button.

  14. I think one of the most important statistics Americans aren’t aware of is that average life expectancy in the US has been declining for three consecutive years…

  15. The healthcare is not the same everywhere in Europe…in Balkan countries healthcare is not that cheap or free like in Belgium

  16. We arent that happy we have to worry about not getting killed at school then we have to pay outrageous cost to go to school and the get a. Job and make sure we can pay for a freaking ambulance and if we want children do it before we get the job or be ok with not have time to heal from a large headed 9lb baby sliding out of you vagina.

  17. I love how judgmental they are 😅 "hm that's a bit disgusting" wuahaha. I love you my fellow European folk. And you too, Americans.

  18. It’s funny how some of them say “ I’ve got free healthcare in my country”. I mean, how do you think that you’re country gets the money that is used? It’s not free, they’re just taking your money and using it the way they want to.

  19. America is the Wild West. Everyone is for themselves. Some will survive and some won’t. Some will get shot, some won’t. Some will get the opportunity to get an education, some won’t. Some will earn enough money to eat healthy and some won’t, will get sick, won’t be able to afford insurance and die. The optimism slowly is dying and slowing killing America with it. Capitalist extremism and greed are what shaped this nation from the start and is what will end it.

  20. When I was little I thought it would be cool to move to New York or California but the more i've grown up i've come to realize that I don't want to go anywhere near USA. At least not until they get their issues sorted out.

    Cool of you to include a Finn in the video btw!

  21. I’m so glad I was born in America but I’m Haitian so I have little bit of European in me I like my European and little Hispanic side and My Haitian side so I’m moving to Europe countries because America sucks and it’s bad enough if I stay

  22. The reminding of the San Bernardino shooting makes me cringe in horror. I used to live there when I was younger, but we moved a few towns. The fact it happened in my hometown, where I grew up, played, went to school, I realized how bad it was getting. Something NEEDS to be done.

  23. Was this video made entirely so people can comment about our country being horrible?
    Which to be honest America might have it problems but there's no need to continue ranting about those problems unless you yourself are gonna go out there and make a change to them.

  24. It's important to understand that nothing is free. Many of the things are payed by tax which normally are higher in european countries. Thats a political choice.

  25. And this is why America is a flawed democracy as per 2018 democracy index…can't see America keeping its status in the next 50-100 years

  26. I find it funny that when I talk about American issues with my African-American friends, they complain and complain and complain but say “the US is the best country in the world, it’s the best place to live” and I’m just like you just listed all of the reasons why it sucks??

  27. That rootless African woman isn’t fooling anybody. She’s not native to Britain which means she’s not from there. She’s either from the Carribean or a sub-Saharan African country.

  28. To be honest, I'm from Germany and the most people really think some things, there u can see in the video 😂

  29. I feel like the usa is lessons on the dangers of being to optimistic rather than pragmatically looking at problems so you can fix them.

  30. You know what?
    We were all born on this planet, we will all die on this planet. I had no idea that treating your fellow human beings like garbage was a way of life. How sad this planet is.

  31. Conclusion: Europe is better than the disgusting and horrible America. And we are not arrogant and selfish like most of them.

  32. Yeah but America is larger and more DIVERSE than most of these mostly white countries. They dont understand what it means because they've always been in good condition. Growing up poor is very common in the states man and why should college be free If i work and my kids have to pay but the some kids dont pay because they have low income but the difference is barely enough to affect their daily lives. But one thing that EU does much better is school lunch. One thing America does better subconsciously is we diverse asf. EU is sometimes a much more racist place to be than the US. Like all these youtube videos show EU is so superior but my parents always told me they judge very much on how you look and if you arent white that immediately decreases relations.

  33. I remember watching "Courage the cowardly dog" where there is a scene in a museum in france, when Eustace did something accidentaly the french guard would say "stupid americans" back then I didn't really get it but now I do.

  34. Wow no agenda to see here lol. As an AMERICAN living in Spain I can't wait to return to the land of the free and home of the brave. Can't believe this garbage is being pedaled like this. EUROPEANS if you have any brains you won't believe any of this nonsense.

  35. As an American, I appreciate when people from other nations realize the actual problems we have rather than criticizing the stigmas surround us.

    Stand by the people not by their system.

  36. Europ, scandinavia, sweden.

    We don't pay for school or school suplise. We don't pay madicul bills, untill your 18+ you have to pay for medecin but birth control is free intill your 26+. You get bayd when a baby(s) is born.

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