Welcome To The Wilderness | Season 1 Ep. 1 | AMERICAN GRIT

Welcome to the wilderness. Oh my god. It’s John Cena. Welcome to the toughest
challenge of your life. Ooh! Every single one
of you has said the exact same thing– when
faced with a challenge, you won’t give up. I dig that, but this competition
will put that to the test. But if you want
to win this thing, you will have to
share the same traits of the brave men and women
who defend the freedoms of this great nation. Courage, perseverance,
and most importantly, teamwork, because
in this competition, you’ll be broken
into teams of four. In the end, each surviving
member of the winning team will win $250,000. And if you can set
aside your differences and fight alongside one another,
the winning team will walk away with up to $1 million. Each team will be
given one leader. To lead the best,
you need the best. These individuals
are the best, each a decorated US military
hero in their own right. They survived their
own military training, and are now excited to take on
the challenge of training you, civilians. They’re about to decide who
they want on their team. Rest assured, they will stop at
nothing to make sure the winner comes from their ranks. Am I right?
-Yeah. Right. See, these individuals
were watching you today. Move it out! Let’s go! We’ve been putting these
civilians through hell today. We’re going to be
rapelling over this bridge. Forced marches,
rapelling off a bridge. We’re doing this so we can
see what they’re made of. Hold on. I’m trying. I’ve seen some people hesitant,
I’ve seen some people crying. We’re going down together. OK. Go in a moment. 75% to 80% of the people
that show up to SEAL training don’t make it. This is very simple. All I need to do is find four. Yeah, buddy! I don’t need the others. I need four that
can be on my team. On top of watching
you today, the cadre have done their homework. They know who you
are– your setbacks and your accomplishments. I’m gonna give you a few
minutes to go inside, fight amongst
yourselves, and decide which competitors go where.

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