Want To Get RID Of Acid Reflux? Restore Your Gut Bacteria And It Will Go Away

Dr. Eric Bakker here. Thanks for coming back. How do you get rid of GERD. How do you get rid of the esophageal reflex? You know, all this acid coming up. Is it really just related to diet? If you’ve had this problem a long time, I
hope you’ve watched my videos, in particular, this one here, the real cause of acid reflux
and how to get rid of it. I’d like you to go and watch that video. All right? It goes for a good 10, 15 minutes, but it
will not be 14 minutes off your lifespan. It’ll probably be five years on your life
span, so please watch that video if you’ve got GERD, okay, or reflux. Particularly if you’re taking a drug long
term, you need to watch that video. There’s lots of little tips and hints in there. Watch it once or twice, particularly about
the cement mixer. I want you to understand that content very
carefully. So how could restoring the gut bacteria really
be conducive towards eliminating, you know, or at the very least improving GERD. Well as I’ve mentioned in previous videos
on acid reflux, you’re going to get really, really good result if you understand where
the noise is coming from. So the noise, meaning there’s a cause. Now, it could be hiatal hernia, okay? It could be some spicy food you’re eating. Watch that video. All right? But suffice to say, once you’ve made some
changes, all right, you’ll really want to start improving and restoring your bacteria
down here. Once you start cleaning them up, getting rid
of the bad guys, you know, trying to move out yeasts and overgrowths of bacteria, once
you’ve solved that problem, you start putting good bacteria back in there, you watch what
happens. This treatment can be done at the same time
as you’re working on the reflux disease. So as I mentioned, look at the noise, turn
off the signal as much as you can, start working on restoring your gut function. Probiotics, antifungals, antibacterials, antimicrobials,
hopefully you’re going to go for natural stuff and not antibiotics. It can make a significant difference in your
life. I’ve worked with many patients over years
who really got rid of their reflux disease entirely by again, identifying some key triggers,
making some slight diet changes, meal reductions, walking more, sitting up more, you know, in
terms of like after meals, not eating in bed and you know, crazy things like that. And then particularly started to work on the
prebiotic foods. So working on eating good foods that help
to build good bacterial health. Also, eating foods that help to counter or
curb microbial growth that you don’t really want. And this is the thing excite me about my new
kitchen when it’s finally done. The guys coming in on Thursday to start putting
the kitchen down. It’s going to be awesome because I want to
show you guys how you can take different things from the garden that really help to counter
a lot of microbes in the gut. So it’s going to work well. But you can work on this and this at the same
time. Some people prefer to work with an antimicrobial
approach. When they’ve gotten good, they’ll slowly improve. But I feel the best is when you tackle these
problems simultaneously and work on them. You’ll get a much, much better take and mitigation
of these upper GI symptoms by also working on the lower GI symptoms if you can. All right? It’s definitely worth a try, particularly
if you’ve been suffering for a long time. And I’m pretty sure that if you’ve had reflux
disease many years and you’ve been taking PPI drugs or any other medication to calm
that, that you’re going to have a gut problem. So it makes sense that you’re going to have
a real mess down here of bacteria and stuff. So if you work on this, you’re going to get
also a way better result on improving what’s up here in the stomach function. All right? Common sense. Thanks for watching the video. I appreciate it. Don’t forget the link below if you’re want
my free candida report, and as always, thanks for tuning in.

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  2. I've had acid reflux issues for many years. However or the past ten days or so I got an infection in the throat it seems which doesn't seem to be going away. What concerns me is that I am not getting high temperature or getting sick in order to get rid of the virus. My skin gets insanely itchy, throat feels like having a hoarse voice after smoking. But I can't seem to get rid of this damn thing. I'm fasting most of the day and eating chicken and veges… The itching gets so bad… I tried doing salt flushes and at home enemas.. to get rid of it.. but nothing yet.. not sure what to do

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