Volvo Trucks – Trekking deep into the Canadian wilderness – Drivers’ World (E09)

I would hate to think what would happen if we even just so much as had
a flat tyre out here in the dark. And it’s just so much easier
to be able to see what you’re doing than fighting
with something that’s broke down in the middle of the night
with a flashlight. My name’s Rod Stanley. I’ve been working for Mammoet
in the heavy haul industry for the last 18 years. Before that, I was always a truck driver
in the northern part of Canada and I really enjoy that. I’m on my way back to Stewart now to pick up another one of the modules
to go to the Redwater plant. Every heavy load that I’ve ever hauled
has always been a pretty big challenge. All the logistics that have to
go into it and the planning. – I guess we’re good to go here.
– Ten four. If we have to do that 8.5… There is a lot of teamwork
to do this job safely, and the bigger the job, the more people
and the more we work together. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. The load is 69,000 kilograms, 5.2 metres high and 57 metres long. The bigger the load, the more demanding
it is on a truck, so… This is the first time
I’ve been driving this Volvo. I’m really starting to like it. It’s got enough power to do these
big loads that we’re doing right now. It’s very comfortable to drive, roomy, and the transmission shift’s
really nice. So we have to travel at night
to stay in accordance with the law. The biggest challenges
driving these loads at night are fatigue, meeting traffic
and the bridges here, because we do have to know
where they are and slow down. We have a lot of pilot cars
and people out in front of us warning when things are coming up. Driving in the North Country, there’s
always been a concern with wildlife, and I had one actually jump out
in front of me this winter. A cow moose ran out of the bush and
hit me right behind my driver’s door. It got killed. If she had been a few seconds faster, then she would have been right here
in my windshield. As you travel through the Rocky
Mountains, it’s always a sight to see. Trees are changing colours. All the crystal blue water. To me it’s just really rewarding
to be able to drive through here. I think I will drive until retirement, and hopefully I’ll have
the next few years to enjoy more good times
with my teammates here and, yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Definitely spend more time
with my grandchildren. I was gone a lot when my kids were
growing, I missed a good part of that, so watching the grandchildren grow
will be special.

33 thoughts on “Volvo Trucks – Trekking deep into the Canadian wilderness – Drivers’ World (E09)

  1. Volvo VNX 630 really enjoyed seeing this truck for the first time. its a beauty, especially when its pulling an oversized load.

  2. Nice to see Volvo trucks built for North America (i.e., engine in front of driver rather than cab over engine). Not sure why North American trucks have that different configuration but there must be a reason. Maybe because moose are bigger than reindeer so if you drive in the north country you want a little extra sheet metal between you and the moose.

  3. 2015 and up volvo 540 horses and up comes with dual clutch trans, which will endeed change gears very fast to not loose torque up the hill

  4. A Volvo truck is a drivers truck. Comfortable, powerful, quiet, reliable and efficient. It's just a shame so many companies choose the cheaper less reliable trucks to "cut costs" then sell the rigs off just before the warranty runs out.

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