Vidoe Tour to the Monastery of Saint John in the Wilderness – Saint John in the Desert

Hi. I am Eran Frenkel the founder of Jerusalem and today I am taking you to visit a Franciscan monastery name St. John
the baptist in the Wilderness and it is located outside Jerusalem on the Judea mountains So let’s enjoy this Video Welcome to Jerusalem, the place where you can watch videos from
Jerusalem and its holy sites from your computer at home. The Monastery of St. John in the wilderness
is a Franciscan monastery built next to a spring, on a wooded slope just south of Jerusalem
and not too far from Ein kerem, the village where John the Baptist was born.
It is believed that here in this grotto was the home of St. John as he was experiencing
Scripture study out in the wilderness. Right next to this cave, there is a ritual
bath for purification –
the crystal spring water flows from an ancient channel and then down to a pool. Luke tells us, that John “grew and became
strong in spirit and he lived in the desert until he appeared publicly to Israel” (Luke
1:80). The word “desert” often refers to uncultivated land, but here it actually means pastureland
– like this area. The monastery includes a small chapel as we
see here and a beautiful dining room decorated with
painted icons. Every year on Jun 23rd, a day before celebrating
the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, the Franciscan conducts an evening prayer service
to commemorate John the Baptist as grown by spirit here in the Wilderness.

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