Vätsäri Wilderness 2016

It’s two a’ clock at night and I’m going to go Lapland. According my navigator I will arrive at 15:55 …tomorrow. All right, time for selfie. Now I’m in end of Surnuvuono. Time is 14:30 and now struggling will start. Tiny struggling up to the rapid behind me… This is nice place now and no mosquitos at all. I was here in last year and the place was full of mosquitos. It seems to have fairly nice about mosquitos. I just drove three hours with motor trough the Lake Inari from Nitsijärvi Nice, totally calm Lake Inari behind and all seems fairly nice and weather is good, no mosquitos. It will take about 2-3 hours and then I’m in Tupakkalopolo. All right, I’m here in situation… Water run out! Good damn! Well, pulley…the early innovation of humankind. That’s how it will rise from there. Quite hopeless stone desert here. I knew this. But fairly well so far and weather is fine. No fish because I didn’t fishing so much. Some trout has caught but both loosed. Weather so fine, damn. Soon I will be in Lake Surnujärvi and I’m not so about fishing this lower lakes. I broke my glasses…luckily I have sunglasses with corrections. Will see, nice thing to do…or maybe not so fun struggling between these stones. I still have couple ascents and then I’m in Lake Surnujärvi. Not so long way anymore…okay, let’s continue. Now I’m south end of Lake Surnujärvi and it’s just behind me. I still have one ascent trough the dry land and after that all creeps are done. Now it was a bit harder because low water level…it was a bit hard. My boat is still down there and need to pull through this line. I have pulleys and it will rise fairly painless. But, of course when using x2 pulleys then you need walks x3 distances. So, surprisingly much of walking. But anyhow, it really warm and windy now. It’s south wind and it’s so hot than here is just like somewhere in good damn Teneriffa. Unbelievable! Lets see how the Lake Surnujärvi will goes. Waves might be big and when I look this smaller lake, there are already broken waves. Lake Surnu is much bigger and outboard’s emergency switch need to be attached and life vest on. Boating with sandals seems to end now. Big waves for sure. But anyhow, I just took some coffee with sandwiches and I’m full of energy now. With these I go, great, just great. Bye. All right, I’m in Lake Surnujärvi now and tailwind is so nice that I set up the sail. No need to listening noisy outboard and place is so beautiful that this is more proper way to going on. It’s nice now. No need for struggling anymore. Some hills here. Not much but something and that one is Surnuvaara. This sail is great. Now we going 6,5km/h and quite fast walking is needed if the same speed reached. I don’t have much distance anymore. One hour or so. So, like this. Nice way to move without noise. Now I need to open a beer, bye. All right, selfie time. I slept 12 hours after the struggling and now I’m camping here in North end on Lake Surnujärvi. Here is really nice and even night the temperature is over 20*C. So here is just like somewhere in tropic. I have plenty of power here. Guaranteed by Lidl, the German’s gift for all finns. With little pack of battery as well and it kicks more than tiny willage… So fun and I just swim in lake. Water was very warm and that might harm to fishing. That shelter I build in morning. Little shadow to stay out from sun and heat. Here is really hot and because I’m in Lapland the sun is very high at 04:00 and temperature jump up to +25*C. And sun dosen’t set at all. Sun is still up at midnight this cape is so open that no shadow at all. Really nice, I just swam, washed my pans at same way and now I playing naturist. Dude looks like this and I’m feel good. Now I set up my fishing gears. Even it is so hot there is fairly good twinks in lake. I think dry flies might be the worth to trying. One twink again…might be little fish but soon it will become clear for me. Last summer I got two arctic chars just in that spot… So, here we have the first arctic char of Vätsäri. I will eat it just now. Not so big but these are quite small and dosen’t grow so big. Nice fish, lets taste. I will put it in to my pan with butter and it is enough for the lunch. Little hike here and I standing on top of stone. Must be careful that I don’t fall. End of Lake Surnujärvi, once again. Great place and nice scenery. So beautiful and “kriik” sound of hawk in behind. Need to spot the bird with binoculars. No fish so much. I went trolling without results. I got one arctic char and I eat it for lunch and it was delicious. Great, let’s continue, bye. All right, I will say it is calm. This is the Lake Surnujärvi. Beautiful and large lake. I do some trolling here with three rods. Trolling in crystal clear water is a bit odd for me and lets see… It’s so calm…like mirror…Oh my god it so nice… Hot in here and all fish might lay very deep. I have deep fishing gears with me and I will digging them. …let’s see what happen. This should be the lake of arctic chars… Tourist bus (plane) make quite much circles here and brings some hikers here. I heard four landings and somewhere here in wilderness they camping. Plenty of space here and I haven’t see anybody…or one people I saw and I think they camp in kilometer away from my camp. Okay but really this is empty place. Plenty of space for cottages and even place bigger group as well. But cottage season here is fairly short and here summer will last only a four weeks. It’s great. All right, tiny little selfie. This in the North end of Lake Surnu. There, there is my camp. Little daytime hike to find mobile network but scenery is so nice. Truly nice. A bit face as well. Okay, this kind of landscape today. More windy today and weather seem to change. High clouds come out in sky and as well the forecast is promised rainy weather. Lake Lujapuolijärvi looming far there…very far. It’s been traffic day and even two different visitors I had in my camp. It’s unusual to meet people here but today even same day two visiting groups. One was with canoe and second was the group of four fisherman. Okay, I need to continue so that I someday find the network. Great, and bye. Okay, tired man from wilderness. With this feeling the trip and struggling in wilderness is nearly end now. Third time in Vätsäri. The place is seen now and the place is really nice and it very good for fishing. This the place where time is needed… 2-3 weeks Day hikes need to be short. With friend. This is absolute too big place to be alone. I don’t know. Funny trip. First it was really hot, too hot to do anything. …and now it’s too wet and cold to do anything. …or maybe I’m too exhausted to do anything. I’m ready to go home now. Following my own style I will shoot myself back to Lake Nitsijärvi and to my car, even in this night. Time is… I don’t know. This watch run wrong time and I time is maybe something. But anyhow it still damn fun to hike and struggling alone in wilderness. I have beard again and dude is burnt…but still, nice thing. I go now, bye and let’s see in Lake Nitsijärvi.

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  1. Sattuisko sulla olemaan vielä toi reitti mielessä, että mitä järviä pitkin menit tuonne Surnujärvelle kun lähdit Surnuvuonolta ?

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