Vätsäri 2018 [ENG SUBS] | Sup fishing in the wilderness.

Adventure in the Vätsäri wilderness. Hi, we are in the Vätsäri wilderness. At the Lake Kyyneljärvi. Me and girlfriend. Hey! Did you look from there? Yes I do. The purpose of this trip is to go to Vätsäri Wilderness. We brought sup boards and we thought about paddling there for the smaller ponds. We thought about fishing there. We came to Inarijärvi yesterday and from there we drove here by inflatable boat. We stayed overnight in Inari Lake and came here today. At Lake Kyyneljärvi. It was a long journey but now we are here. The weather is hot. I tried a little fishing in the morning. The fish ate well. I got a few grayling. Fish were also caught along the way. Now we smoke them and now we rest in the hammock. Pretty nice right now. When it’s warm. Sun shines. Yesterday was a strong wind. It wasn’t fun to drive such a big load. The inflatable boat was full of stuff. But we’re on vacation so all the stuff has to be dragged along. Now we wait for the fish to be ready. Here’s the start of this trip. Maybe a little supping today or not. Tomorrow, then, we’ll move on to some of the smaller lakes. Lake Harrijärvi etc. Now evening report from Lake Kyyneljärvi. Although it’s really warm, I put on my skull hat. There are a lot of mosquitoes here. One was still alive. We had a relaxed day. They ate smoked fish and rested in hammocks. That’s where the day went. We saw one hiker. ´ Who has been here more than once. He had cought over 2 kg of grayling. Not here but last week a little farther there. There went the whole evening. Then we went fishing a bit on that river. We caught a few fish. About 40 cm grayling. Nothing special. The time is now one o’clok at night. I stop talking and go to bed. The girlfriend has already fallen asleep. Tomorrow is a new day. Now a little smile. This should be really nice. Here I am on the lake Hetakajärvi. I go with the wind and the little lure comes after. At the same time, I’m throwing a little leech. I’m trying to fish a little deeper. The day has been relaxed. A moment ago it was completely calm. The surface of the lake was filled with some bugs. Still, no fish were visible. That’s why I came fishing here in deeper waters. If I could get even one fish. I have a jacket because I don’t want to burn my hands. The face may burn but I can’t stop it anymore. Nice looking lake. Deep and rocky beaches. I like the scenery. This is the first time in Lapland that I can fish in the middle of the lake. Lets see if this is any help. Let’s try to get something here. There was a small problem. Two fish caught at the same time. This is small. Or then not. Big perch. Today we eat perch. It took the little Senior. Another came by jig. These should also be tried with a fly. Pike! I have to get away. I am at Lake Harrijärvi. It’s morning and I’m trying to fish something here. Looks silent. There’s a cabin. So that kind of wilderness. There are some fish here but so sensitive fish that you can’t get close enough. So I wait that they come to me. Yesterday was really warm. Good holiday weather. There are fish. Almost within range. It’s hard to throw when you have to watch out for the camera. It is easily caught by a fishing line. There might be whitefish in there. They passed by. I kissed the opportunity when I talk too much. Should be a floating line. But I can’t switch. I have an intermediate line here. But yesterday was a good day. I didn’t fish much. There was more sunbathing. I fished for maybe 30 minutes. That’s when I get a couple of big perch. It wasn’t a record but pretty close. This sup board fishing is pretty fun. It’s nice to paddle here. You can see the bottom and sometimes you see big rocks. Now I have to change my tactics. Maybe I need to change that floating line here. Or invent something else. The report continues. I didn’t have energy to change line. I would have dropped the reel into the lake. The first completely calm weather on this trip. I paddle around this lake. I put the lure behind the sup board. A little trolling for this moment. I have a 5cm long wobbler there. It might be too big but you never know what happens. If I dare so, I’ll bring up the drone. Really nice place. Nice morning moment. I came to the tent to hide the heat. Thre is Lake Kyyneljärvi. We came to this same campsite. It’s really hot. I’m quite tired. I can’t really do anything. It’s too hot. Yesterday we ate a couple of perch. We were on those smaller lakes. It was fun. It is nice to rest in the hammock. I went fishing in the morning. I didn’t catch any fish. The most interesting thing was that I saw a cabin. Then I play with the drone. Then I saw a moose. It was swimming in the lake. The drone was about to run out of battery. However, I tried to take a picture of it. I tried to fly near a moose. I don’t know if I got a picture of it. At home you can see it. I’ll put that picture over here. If I can. But Lake Harrijrvi was a really nice and rocky place. I paddled around the lake carrying stuff back to camp. We are here tonight and tomorrow the journey will continue to Lake suolijärvi. I’ll try fishing later. As long as I get some energy. It’s really warm. I have no meter but probably near 30 celsius. There are a lot of flies and mosquitoes here. They are eating right now. Now the trip is halfway through. Nice feeling. Best weather ever. Now let’s try summer fishing. I came to this rapids. This is a rapids between Lake Inari and Lake Kyyneljärvi. A fun place. I thought about fishing with a dry fly. I’ve got my old number one cannon that I haven’t used in a long time. #2 sage. I have Crocs on my feet. Shoes for summer fisherman. Lifejackets are because you get the camera on it. But now I’m fishing with a dry fly and smaller sinking flies. and smaller flies. Let’s try something. Here are small trout and grayling. Did not work out. I don’t waste any more battery. Let’s go to fishing. Can I use motor? Let’s start paddling. The summer holiday in the wätsäri wilderness continues. Yesterday I couldn’t make updates anymore. It was too hot. There are lots of flys and mosquitoes. Yesterday we tried to troll at Lake Kyyneljärvi. Nothing wonderful Except it was hot. Except it was hot. In the middle of the night it was possible to be in shorts. The fly bites again. In the morning we woke up and left. We started driving towards the Lake Suolisjärvi. Now that bastard bites again. It is impossible to make art here. We were trolling almost the entire distance. It was quiet. we got one grayling. There was a rapids between Lake Kyyneljärvi ja lake Suolisjärvi. Autch. It wants to suck all the blood out of me. Those rapids went surprisingly well. Didn’t have to carry stuff. And we got a boat here. Quite easily. Now we are at Lake Suolisjärvi. We are once again in the hammocs and wonders about life. There’s another one over there. I enjoy life. Shake your hand. It’s alive. It has been really hot all the time. Except for the first day there has been a heat. And it’s getting warmer all the time There are a lot of flies. And then when the evening comes, then comes mosquitoes. We rest here for a while and then try find a tent place. Then, in the evening, we make a smoked grayling again. There are still a couple of days left. Yes. I got a bit of a note about this update. It should be mentioned that we got two grayling. Another came from that rapids. or the creek or the river or whatever it is. Kyyneljoki Yes. It’s the river Kyyneljoki. That’s where the truth came from. The weather looks cool but it’s really windy here. We’re hiding behind this island. This looks cool but it is breezy there. Morning coffee moment. Don’t take a picture of me. I don’t even have a cap on. You can say something interesting here. To get content for this video We’re not getting content here. Over there is our boat. Morning update. Since the last update. Nothing happened. The intention was to go to the northern end of Suolisjärvi. But there was such a strong wind that didn’t bother to go there. There were no good tent places where we were. That’s why we came here to the cabin. From here we go towards Lake Inari. 29 degrees Celsius is promised for this day. It doesn’t look so hot right now but it might change. Then what? The purpose of this trip was to test the sup board. How far it can be carried in the forest. So far the best part of this trip has been the hammock. And then this heat has been nice. But now the goods are piled up and then we head towards Lake Inari. Then this is over. This is such a nice little wilderness trip to the Vätsäri wilderness. It is about 24 o’clock Very hot. I paddle along Lake Inari. Now the final report for this trip. Weather has been very hot. As you can see. Hot has made me feel tired. Sometimes you feel so tired that you can’t do anything. We have a lot of rest but that is the real vacation. In my opinion, the weather has been very good. The fish have come in well. Small trout and grayling. A few big perch. Fish has always come when I fished. Only trolling failed. We only got one grayling from the Lake Kyyneljärvi. That’s not much, as we were trolling for about 3-4 hours. Otherwise the fishing went well. I almost always got something. I don’t know how to say it. This was such a mini wilderness trip. When you were there in the rapids Sometimes I felt like I was too old for this job. Sometimes it felt quite heavy even though the rapids were quite small. That was it. I paddle here for a while and if something wonderful happens, I restart the camera. At least I try to fly a drone at some point. It’s exciting. I hope I have time to make another trip this year. Something different. I’ll say thank you. Let’s shut the camera down.

21 thoughts on “Vätsäri 2018 [ENG SUBS] | Sup fishing in the wilderness.

  1. Nopeasti meni vajaa 37 minuuttia. Omasta mielestä tämä on ehdottomasti sun paras video. Oliko Mavic Air vai Sparkki ilmassa?

  2. Todella hyvälaatuinen ja jouheva pätkä, jaksoi alusta loppuun katsoa ja pidempäänkin olisi mennyt. Mielenkiintoinen tuo suppilauta erämaassa idea, eipä ole tullut vielä vastaan.

  3. Hieno reissu ja loistava toteutus videossa! Mielenkiintoinen tuo sup-lauta kalastuksessa, pitääpä tutkia aihetta lisää. Kiitos videosta, toivottavasti jatko-osia pukkaa! 🙂

  4. Suppilaudoista sais hyvän ja tukevan katamaarin kun yhdistäis toisiinsa parilla suorahkolla oksalla. Ei muuten kaatuis vaikka iskis 20 kg fisu. Hyvä video, KIITOS!!

  5. Mistä saa tollasia vapatelineitä sup lautaan? ku iteltä löytyy sup lauta joka ois kiva ottaa lappiin mukaan

  6. Voi kun olis vielä nuori niin painusin vätsäriin heti. Inaria olen kulkenut vuodesta 1978 siinä sivussa rahajärvet,nitsit mutta vätsäri taitaa jäädä käymättä valitettavasti… Hyvä video,kiitos!

  7. Sulla on hyvät äänet näissä videoissa. Ei pahemmin tuulet rätise mikissä. Loistavaa katsottavaa. Kiitos videoistasi.

  8. Erittäin hyvä juttu. Viihdyttävä video ja tuli itsellekin selväksi, että vesitse pääsee Vätsäriin! (Tosin soutaminen on enempi minun juttuni)

  9. Too bad my finish isn't as good as it should be since my mother is from Inari, and I have been to Finland many times. Therefore I have to write my comment in english. I actually made the trip this summer and went to Suolisjärvi from Nitsijärvi via Inarijärvi. Used a canoe. Was a really great trip and I plan to back next summer. I really loved this video, and the sequences filmed from a drone are spectacular. There really is no place more beautiful on this earth! Really great work capturing the beauty of the wilderness.

  10. Johan tässä kinkkua sulatellessa mukava palata kesän helteisiin..musat jäi harmiksi vähän vähiin mutta hieno ja mielenkiintoinen kooste kiitoooos.

  11. Hienoja maisemia ja noissa maisemissa mökkielämää on saanut vuosia viettää. T: Armeijakaverisi Riihimäki AUK 🙂

  12. Suppi kalastus on kyllä jotain ihan erilaista. Se on hieno tunne kun iso ahven nappaa jigi vapaan ja alkaa liikuttelemaan koko lauta minne haluaa.

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