Vaellusta ja kalastusta Norjan tuntureilla [Eng Subs] | Hiking and fishing in mountain lakes.

Hello. Here we are again at Finnmark. I have already walked for a while and come over to the first pond. It is here. I know nothing about this. Such a small rotten creek. Let’s see there. There I go fishing soon. But first a little about this trip. This time I thought about hiking a little easier. I got in there. You see it there. A 45 liter backpack with all the supplies I need. With it I’ll try to survive a week here. At some point I’ll blow it up. Let’s see what I have put there. But Week means six or nine days. It depends on how this work. And how much power is left in the camera. And so on. But now I put the camera on a tripod and find out if there is anything alive. This is a really shallow creek, but at least I can make the opening casts if nothing else. Then at work. Hiking and fishing in the Norwegian mountains. There in the middle of the pool. The first full day has started. I climbed over the fell and I try to stay out of the wind. I’m trying to get decent sound on the camera. Something else than just the noise of the wind. This is an exploration and I am going towards the lake Jiesjavri. I have no previous experience with these ponds. I thought about exploring small ponds and streams and seeing if I found anything interesting. There is actually a good example there. I was there for the night. I’ll put a picture of it over here. And there are the following ponds. Yesterday I moved here and the weather was really nice. I was there among the trees so I couldn’t shoot much. I also tried a little fishing. There was also drama. I got a pike. It was so nicely hooked that I thought I could get it off without pliers. Now the hand is taped. Three wounds came from the teeth of the pike. Beginner error. But now I’m going to walk in that direction. I don’t know if it will show up there. There are fells. Another day goes still here among the trees. But then the intention is to get on the fells. It’s my plan. Then let’s see how this trip goes. There you will see one destination lake. I have walked all day. Let’s hope there are fish there. I have already reached the fells. Trees are starting to disappear, and that is a good thing. Let’s go there and set up the tent. And take some heat and then start fishing. The weather is quite cold. When I left Helsinki it was 33 degrees warm. The night temperature is promised to be three degrees. And then during the day it’s like 10 degree. It’s a bit rainy now and the wind is cool. But now I set up a tent. And Then I eat something and go fishing. When I walked in there was a creek There were trout. That creek leaves this lake and this is the main lake. There were trout in it and I hope this one would be a trout lake. Or better if it was a char lake. I was so impatient that I went to see what the target fish is. And at least there are grayling. It is now tested. Three cast and one grayling. Soon I’ll start fishing. But before that, little information about hiking gear. I have a 45 liter small backpack where I put all my stuff. This is Ortlieb’s waterproof backpack. I thought I’d blow it up and let’s see what this backpack has eaten. I have never traveled with such a small amount of goods. This is a really fun small backpack. This opens here from the back. Here’s the sleeping pad. I could first tell you what this weighs. All these stuff inside weighed 9.5 kg. It comes with that backpack weight. After that, I forgot to measure the weight of those Crocs. It adds a little weight. Then I went to the store and bought 200 grams of butter and 200 grams of bread. They are also there. So it’s about the weight of a backpack. I don’t remember measuring a tent for this. The tent weighs 1.5kg on this trip. On the last trip it weighed 2kg. That’s how much weight I got out of it. Then, in addition to these, there are hiking goods. I mean hobby goods. The camera is pretty heavy. The camera equipment weighs three kilograms. It has a camera and a tripod and a microphone etc. Fishing equipment weights 1,5kg. Camping gear weighs a little over 11kg. And then, when you put it all in one pile, the weight is about 14-15 kg. But here’s the self-inflating sleeping pad. Sleeping bag. It’s getting cold here. About 3 degrees. Here is 500 grams of down. I don’t know if this is too cold here. I went to buy a silk inliner here too. It’s there too. Then here’s my breakfast. I have a total of three and a half kilos of food. It’s a bit too little for a trip like this, but if that’s not enough, we’ll eat fish There are porridges and breakfast supplies, desset creams, energy bars, coffee etc. This is my entire kitchen. It has a titanium boiler with a little gas inside I usually make my food with a ultralight stove. Then there are the main dishes. They are here. Most of these are no cook meals. All you need to do is boil the water and throw it in the bag. I have a few food left over from other trips so now I have them all with me. Then there are a couple of noodle dishes that I eat at some point. Then there is one bag of clothes. Here are down jackets and long leggings. Beanie and stuff. Toilet roll. Packlite, beanie. Then there is bread and butter. That’s about them. Pretty compact package. I think that by changing the packages it is possible to get some weight out of this. Here are the fishing tackle. Two fly boxes and a small lure box. That’s the stuff on this trip Now I take a little rest. Or first, I’ll put the stuff in the tent. Then let’s see what the weather looks like. Can I fish? Or is it too rainy to shoot video. Let’s see how this goes. Then, a little tent report. I walked around the lake and got a lot of grayling There were fish everywhere. I probably got about a dozen grayling but all were really small. Unfortunately. I found a spot there with lots of fish. I caught fish on almost every cast. The fish caught the lure as soon as it dropped into the water. But the size of the fish was a bit small. But Today I caught a lot of fish. I could have caught a lot of trout from that little pond that was a short distance away. And if I had wanted to, I would have gotten a lot of grayling from this lake. Next to this is the bigger lake. And I wondered if I should have gone there. But then I came here. Now I was left wondering if I should have gone there anyway. This exploration is always a little game of luck. Sometimes you find the right places and sometimes you don’t. There are a lot of lakes like this that are full of fish but they are small. But you should find a lake that is small but has big fish. Sometimes you need a little luck to hit the right place. I was a bit misdirected as I walked through the woods. And I didn’t go to the ponds where I was trying to go. And the ones I found were not very good. No can do. Now forward. Tomorrow I’ll go to the better lakes. For those I had planned to go. First you have to practice a little. Usually, these first-day destinations are nothing special. Let’s hope everything changes and I get some fish. It would be nice if I could get a decent video as well. Small trout fishing session. Hopefully the sound will be clear. When the wind is so loud. I already got a couple of trout. Let’s see if I can get more of them. I use a small red spoon. Solvkroken Lillauren. It’s my favorite spoon. This is a pretty good size. Over 40 cm. I’m going there and I’m trying to point the camera there. These little ponds are nice. Those fish are sometimes easy to catch. Now stop that ranting. Let’s take another fish. As a model. This is a place where you can catch fish with every cast. Except now, of course not. Shouldn’t be too sure. Well, every other cast. The sunglasses were off. It was because of that. Allrigt. Every other Cast. This fish is pretty angry. It is easy to get a lot of trout from this pond. If you just bother fishing. The fish are so far from the bank that fly fishing is impossible in this wind. Now the rod bends quite well. Yeah this is a good fish. It wants to go there for some reason. No can do. I’ll release this fish and try if there’s any bigger fish. Nice fish. Pretty good sized trout. Little report from the fell. Here I was just fishing. There is a trout pond. I always try to find the ponds like this. This is a classic example of a good fell lake or pond. There flows a creek into the river. A moment ago I fished there. Then when you look there. There’s a creek where I just fished. The fish were in the middle of the lake. There will be a willow and a creek to another pond. And there are also fish for sure. And then if you look in that direction. That creek also forks and goes there. So there’s a place where there are propably fish as well. This place is so small that I won’t bother to stay tonight. That’s the kind of places I’m trying to find here. And now I will continue my journey. It’s been a long day. I have walked a long distance. I walked all day. I didn’t shoot very much but the landscape has been great. Most of the walk was uphill. When I went hiking I found the perfect trout pool. It was a tiny creek with a pool and I was fishing in it. It was a difficult place to fish. There were willows that went a meter under and over the water. I was going through some tough moments with one trout when it took the lure. The fish swam there far under the willows and stayed there. I got a line in a knot and so on. Then I tried to rewind it. And I succeeded when I tried enough. Then another fish took from the creek. Or the rapids. I cast the fly in the rapids and caught the trout there. It also swam under the willows. And I thought I had to go over the creek to the other side and then I fell there. I did the so-called controlled bottom wash when I was fighting with trout. I went over to the other side of the creek. I thought I could get that fish out of the willow. But it stayed there. The line was tangled with willows. And I put the fly rod on the ground and went to turn off the camera. And thought I’d take that fly out of there somehow. And I got it off. I don’t know how it got out of there, but it still came out. I put the camera on again and tired of the fish. It was exciting. I’ve never experienced anything before. A fine place. I probably would have caught more fish if I had been able to fish more. Then on that trip. I ran into a few ponds, or actually one pond with lots of fish There I got almost ten fish. It was perhaps the finest fishing experience today. It was a small and shallow place. But all the fish wanted to be in the same place. That’s how it often goes. The lakes are shallow, but then there’s that deep spot that is good for fish. There you can get those fish. But now I came to a small river. This is such a small creek or river. There is no proper flow here. If you look closely, you can see that the water is moving a little. Nice looking place and I’ll start exploring this tomorrow. Let’s hope there is a deeper point where you can fish. That’s all. Then I go to bed and tomorrow is a new day. It’s morning again. Here you can see the good side of the tipi tent. I removed the mosquito net and there is room. I also shoot this with gopro. This camera does not have a wide-angle lens. But you don’t have to crawl here. An old man like me keeps his knees fit. This one is really light. This currently weighs about 1.5 kg. I have a handmade pole that weighs 52 grams I made it from an old rod. More on that later. Even if it rained a little. It would be nice to put stuff on here before you go hiking. Here we go along the scenic route. I thought I’d gasp a little for the camera. I go over the hill to look at the views. The clock is something like 5 in the morning. Or it’s not 5 anymore. I woke up shortly before five. The Clock is probably 6 or something. There are lots of small pools over this river. Looks pretty shallow. I saw a couple of fish but when I make a fuss over here. Then they disappear. Let’s go over the higher hill to see what it looks like. This is like a prairie. It is easy to walk along this. There’s a lot of backwater here. And if you look at the river up there. Somewhere out there I’m trying to find some fish. Let’s see if I can. Hopefully, at some point, it will start to deepen. And now the journey continues. I may have to wait for this to calm down and try again. Or maybe I have a too big fly. I just caught one fish on the Klinkhammer. But the hook had gone straight. And the fish did not catch up and got away. It was a pretty good fish. The fish disappeared somewhere. A moment ago there were a lot of them. I’ll take the spin rod and try to catch some fish. Sometimes those fish disappear further. There it went. This lure is Kuusamon Kumma. Dark and red Kumma. Don’t you catch a fish, either? Maybe I’m making too much noise. Is the lure too big? There was fish. It was not far away. I would have got it with a fly. It got away. But there was one bite for the video. There are lots of ponds here. Now those fish disappeared. I was just praising that every place has a lot of fish. I’ve been fishing for grayling. This is not actually the river. These are the ponds that are along this river. You can see that there is really shallow. The fish is in the middle of the lake With spin rod you can throw just and just there. If you were fishing with a fly you should have waders. Or sacrifice a your legs. The weather is extremely beautiful. The sun is warming and there has been a blistering cold. And cold wind. Nice that it has become warmer. This is a wonderful campground. Someone has been camping there. Even this year. All kinds of little junk have been left here. Now those fish didn’t come there. I probably skip this one. All grayling have been approximately the same length. About 40 cm. Maybe a little over. Mosquitoes came back as the wind disappeared. The fish have been very shy. Immediately when you come to this bank the fish disappear somewhere. Like now. I walked over here and saw a lot of fish but now nothing. I walk a little forward from here and take one… Well there is fish. I’ll do a couple of test casts. Let’s see what kind of fish there is. There’s a grayling. It was right there. Here is a deeper spot. That’s why I came here. I replaced the lure. This time I fish with Räsänen.. Indeed, with these throws, I will abandon this place. I’ll keep going. There was fish again. Like a basic forties like myself. Will it come after it again. Yes, it does. Let’s try a little different winding. Fish dare not take. Too big lure or fish is too small. Let’s rewind a little faster so maybe the fish will take it. Now the fish didn’t even follow. Now the final cast and then the journey continues. Next campsite. That’s the place I ended up. There are a lot of fish there. Fish eat from the surface. I sunbathe here and digest food. I should take a couple of test cast and see what fish there is. I bet there is a grayling. But first I’ll have a quick sleep. It’s been such a heavy walk. I shoot from that side of the sun so it looks better. Such terrain has been all day. Suddenly a heat wave came. It would be a nice end to this trip if the weather stayed warm. I sit a little bit on this rock. There’s a lot of grayling. There. I tried fishing with Räsänen. It was too big and too light for the fish. It doesn’t fly far enough. I put an orange spoon. I don’t know what brand it is but hopefully it will fly far enough. I’ll talk a little bit here and see if I could get a grayling. Today was indeed a long and hot day. Those grayling are quite far away. Very far from the bank. They are also quite shy. As soon as you walk on that bank they immediately swim away. From there he snapped straight away. This is not a giant. I need to watch out for those rocks. Rod bends a bit. The tip of the rod was broken. I went over the reindeer fence and threw the rod over it. Apparently too careless and the tip of the rod was broken. This isn’t big. Otherwise, they would be easy to release, but they rage a lot. I will fish one more fish. Then that’s enough. This is a good lure. It flies far. Fishing is not always difficult. If you wanted to fish with a fly, it would require waders. However, it may be so deep that they may be useless. I don’t have a goprota so I only take one shot. This is 40 also centimeters. There were a couple of bigger ones. I’ll release this and then do something else. I have barbless hooks on all lures. It probably won’t show up there but it’s easy to release the fish. Sometimes they get a little too tight. But this fish was easy to release. Then the evening report. I’m gonna do it inside the tent even though it’s a great sunset over there. But I’m going to take a picture of it and put it over here. Nobody loses anything. I already put on a nightgown. There’s a cold breeze so you can’t go out. Something about today. I woke up quite early and started walking down the river. At first, it wasn’t quite what I had imagined. The river looked pretty shallow and some small fish were spinning there. I couldn’t fish in it. The scenery was wonderful and along it and It was really nice to walk down that prairie. There were a lot of small ponds next to the river. I went fishing there. There were a lot of Grayling. The fish were small but there were plenty of them. Got a good fishing. I caught a few fish from this lake. And it made me feel like I couldn’t bother them anymore. I fished a couple of fish. So I got something for the video. Then I went to cast a fly over there. I went to see those lakes that were nearby. Some were so shallow that there was no life. Or at least I can’t cast that far. But there were some fish there. A little smaller than this main lake. But I did catch a couple of fish with a fly. In fact, I could say something about those fly fishing equipments. I fished with these class 5 sinking lines and these lakes are really shallow. I fished with these. micro-streamers that float. The body of the fly is made of foam. The idea behind this is that that class 5 sinking line is too sinking in shallow water. The idea behind this is that the fishing line can sink in the bottom. And then the fly comes over the bottom. Here is a similar but a bit bigger one. So you can see it a little better here. There’s a foam body and this one floats or is a suspends. That’s my tactic. I can’t carry too much stuff with me so you have to make choices. If you want to fish with streamers on such a shallow bank then an intermediate line would be better. I have sometimes used the intermediate lines. But for me, class 5 sinking lines are better. I try to find places so deep that I can fish with it. But there’s something about fishing gear. The idea behind those flies has come from EV Trutta spoon, which is a lightened spoon. And here is a lightened streamer. This time it worked just fine. I’m talking too much now. Quite an insane amount of everything useless but now I go to bed. And tomorrow is a new day. Time to go. I was aiming for char lake but got grayling. It doesenn’t matter. You could have caught as much grayling there as you could ever catch. But now is the time to make choices. This is a small lake here on the fell. When looking upwards. There is a gorge where I have visited about 15 years ago. And there are trout. And actually, I was there during this trip. If you go 20 km there. Another option would be to go there. There is a chain of small ponds and streams that flows there. And it turns into big rivers and lakes. There are big lakes and rivers with big fish. They would be sensible alternatives. Because I’m not rational. And the purpose of this trip was to explore new waters. so I’ll go there. So the direction is this, 10 km walk and I go with little risk. Let’s jump in there. Now I have appeared here. For perfect mountain lakes. There is a lake. And another lake behind it. A creek falls on it. Then there’s a small creek that heads down to the lake. Then there is the creek again and there is a lake. In theory, there is enough water for fish here. Let’s see what’s in there. Today, I have been able to fulfill my great mountain fisherman dream. I have walked a long distance to the lake which is here on the fells. And got fishing for pike. A small correction. I’ve had fish for a small pike. It has been a great experience. I tried fishing there. I toured the lake. I put the heaviest spoon I ever found. I was wondering if I could get a grayling somewhere deeper there. But I couldn’t. But I made such a fishing story that I fished the same pike about three times. Then it once stayed on that shoreline and I thought I’d jig it off. Then I decided to try to shoot a small pike took a video. I put GoPro in the water. I don’t know if anything caught the camera. But if it did, I’ll put it here. Then we see the fell pike took in slow motion. I’m here in a tent. I’m trying to be in the windshield. This time a little camping gear info. What would it be? Something about the backpack. For the first time I had a 45-liter backpack. I must say it has been a wonderful experience. A long time ago, when I was making these trips, I had an 85 liter backpack. The bag weighs more than 30 kg. With it I have I have walked more than 100 kilometers. I don’t know how I have been able to bear such a thing. But the light backpack was really comfortable to carry. And it was actually super good on the back. Although this backpack is probably not really designed for hiking. Then a few words about the kitchen. This was my only cookware I brought with me. And then I had a little gas. I included it for safety. And a little wood stove. It has worked quite well Maybe sometimes it feels like it would have been nice if you had had a cup too. but you can drink coffee from here too. What else. From shoes. Shoes are shit. I have those Viking hunting boots They have been really bad. I’ve used inliners for the first time in my life. I bought one to get a little less damage on my feet. Plus, I have a pad on my foot. Those shoes have such a bad tendency to drill a hole in the skin if you don’t protect it. I can’t tie those shoes properly with the ankles. But I didn’t bother buying new ones either. I knew they were like that. But I decided to suffer this trip with these shoes. What else. This is the third trip on this tent. I still don’t know if this holds water or not. I haven’t hit a real rain yet. Here is this 50g pole I made myself. Now the wind is so strong that it bends. But it doesn’t hurt anything. Then there is this kind of light mosquito net. That too has worked just fine. Annoying this wind. But I don’t know if I have anything else to say about these. This trip has made me a lover of ultralight hiking gear. If I ever go hiking again I will try to lighten this up even more. Yes and I could say something about food. I always talk about these no cook foods. I started to like them. In fact, these are pretty good. Easy to do. And I ate one without water. I was just trying to test what it tastes like. It was a bit like eating chips. At the end, the mouth began to dry slightly. But it tasted pretty good. Good to know if you can’t boil water. But I think these are good and useful foods. The selection is big. There is good and bad food. But when you cook yourself, it’s not always good either. Now I need to rest a little and think about what to do next. I decided to come on a little evening walk and make a final report of this trip. The wind is pretty hard. Hope the voice is clear. I decided this trip was here. I’m going to walk away tomorrow. 20 km and then I’m in the car. But to sum it up, how did this trip go? First a few words about hiking. This was a really good hike. The weather was really good for walking The wind was cool and didn’t get too hot as I walked. And no need to drink water all the time. It was awesome to walk. That forest section was what it was. But it has been really nice walking along the fell. The terrain has been what you see here. Very easy walk. Almost when you walked down the road. As far as the equipment goes, that 45 liter backpack has been just fine for this hike. It had just the right amount of stuff and was light to carry. There were enough clothes. All clothes have been worn. That’s a good sign. If it had rained. Then it could have been more difficult. Then it could have become cold. The sleeping bag was mostly warm enough. A little breeze cools the tent a bit. A couple of nights I woke up in the cold. Anything else about hiking. I guess nothing at all. I recommend such trips and places to everyone. But then fishing. So this was an exploration trip. I was in waters I had no previous experience with I have made such trips before. I’ve just started to explore the places. This is pretty normal. I’ve had fish normally. Maybe a little more than normal. On the other hand, I haven’t caught any big fish Usually I get at least one big fish. Usually it is grayling. About 47-49cm. Fish over 50 centimeters are quite rare in such small ponds But there are some fine trout and grayling lakes. But this was such a trip. Extremely wonderful experience again. See if this was the last one. I’ve done quite a few of these already. Maybe this has already been seen. Next year you will see it. However, I’m here again to talk about the same things. Thanks for watching. You should come here sometime. There are unbelievably beautiful scenery and fishing places. Hello and see you again! I’m in the car. I am very tired. I didn’t get the fanfare and I didn’t get the applause. Returning from the fell is hard. There is no one to thank for this hard work. Then to the car and 1000 km of driving. And then straight to work. Why do I make these trips. Well. This was one of the finest hikes ever. I walked 20 km and was so busy that I ate only one protein bar. That’s what it feels like now. I am pretty tired. But I was thinking about making a little update when it was such an interesting day. During the trip I fished small ponds. The ones I missed the first day. Now I finally got a big grayling. Now this is a fishing story. Then something wonderful happened. A super big grayling took in the lure. It was my own record fish It was a battle between two kings. One has to give up. I fought with the fish and the rod bent quite well. But this was a fell classic. I didn’t get a big grayling. I got a pike. I didn’t get a record fish this time. Then I got big perch. From all the places I fished I got fish. Fishing was pretty easy. A few casts and fish always came. Now I should get something to drink. Next I drive to Finland. And stop at the first place to get coffee. And on top I eat donut. Then I drive home. I already stopped this thing once. Thanks for watching again. See you again!

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