UQ Science 1st year Survival Guide

Hi and welcome to science at the University of Queensland. We’re some of your UQ science mentors
and we’re here to help you get through the next few years of exciting
challenges, you’re gonna hear a lot more from us and some academics today but
before we start we thought we’d give you some of our top tips. We’ve been here for
a while and we’ve come out relatively unscathed so sit back relax and
hopefully we can give you some wisdom. UQ is your place now so the more you
know about it the more you’ll get out of your time here. You’ll need to pass most
things to stick around here at UQ and we’ve managed to last for at least a few
years. So we thought we’d share some things about the academic side of uni
with you. Sign-on can be hectic, getting in on time will help you get the class
times you want and a timetable that works for you, if you leave your prep too
late you may be facing a mission impossible Planning a great timetable can help you
survive the uni experience UQ timetable planner is published by UQ so make sure
you take some time to fiddle with it before sign-ons open. Everyone learns
differently, but for most people attending lectures in real life is a
great way to achieve your best it’s also a great opportunity to meet classmates
and to chat with academics. That being said if you do miss a lecture all UQ lectures are recorded, so if you miss one or you’re up some revision head on
to UQ blackboard. As science students you’ll also likely have pretty full time
tables and exam blocks, so it’s important you know how to access deferrals and
extensions should you need them. You’ll usually be chasing these if you’re sick, so
make sure you get a medical certificate as soon as you think you may have
problems. You can access them for other reasons but they’re less common get in
touch with the Student Center for more information. When you’re submitting an
assignment some courses will require an online copy, a hard copy or a mix of both. Check your course blackboard for instructions on where to take hardcopy
submissions if you need them. Don’t forget to load some money onto your student account if printing at uni, just Google PaperCut UQ for the login page
and use your student account details. You can wear just about anything to
University, pyjamas, a onesie, a full-on suit, a ball gown, really just about
anything will fly. If you want to avoid some strange looks though stay somewhere
between athleisure and smart casual. As a science student you should also keep in
mind your practical and field classes you won’t be let into a UQ lab without
closed-in flat-soled shoes, most first-year labs will also require
you to have a lab coat. If you’re going out on field work remember to wear hardy
sun-safe clothes, now it’s not a fashion parade unless you’re taking some
interesting electives. Textbooks can hit your wallet hard, so check out the
textbook exchange Facebook page or head on over to the secondhand bookstore for
discount prices – however it’s often worth waiting until the first week of lectures
to see whether your lecturer actually requires you to buy the textbook. You can
also access textbooks at the libraries and you can often find cheaper
electronic versions, however try not to bring too much to Uni, your shoulders
and your lecture table will thank you for it, often a notepad or a laptop is all
that is needed for a lecture. If you can bring your own food to uni it’s great practice for your own cooking and it can
save you a good buck. There are plenty of places around UQ where you can heat up
your food such as the physiology cafe, the science learning center and the
physics tea room. Microwaves. Food and drink options are everywhere on campus
Physiol, Main Course, Mr. Bean, Pizza Café, Guzman, Sushi House, kebabs, sugar, Subway.
Don’t forget to take advantage of the discount deals around UQ, make sure you
bring your own KeepCup to get cheap coffee deals at the cafe’s. Sign up for
UQU card to get discounts at a wide range of places both on and off campus. Merlo
Coffee also gives two free coffees when you become a friend of Merlo’s, sign up
online. One of the key things to figure out
early is how to get to campus and also how to get around once you’re here now
UQ’s got some great facilities for active transport, so if you live close by
walking or cycling can be an easy option. If driving, remember to allow plenty of
time for traffic and park hunting. Parking at UQ is managed by CelloPark the mobile
app, be sure to park in clearly marked spaces and start your Cellopark in the
right zones, flirting with loading zones and reserve
spaces is just asking for trouble. If you want to avoid the hassle of
driving and parking consider taking public transport, UQ is serviced by buses
and ferries and is located at these stops away from Queensland Rail trains,
head to TransLink journey planner to find your best route. Once you’re on
campus don’t reveal your first year status by pulling out a poster sized
map and a compass. UQnav is a UQ desired app that lets
you plug in your room and building and provides you with real-time
directions, however you’ll find that after a few weeks you’ll know your way around
most of the campus anyway. So there you have it a few thoughts to get things on
the way, if you have any questions that’s great
hopefully we’ll answer them over the course of the day but if not, feel
free to ask anything at the mentor Q&A session. You can always come up and talk to us
when you see us around campus we’re here to help you succeed and we’re always
down for a chat.

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