UnderArmour Cold Gear Infrared Hood Product Review- Blaze Orange for Hunters

hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you like to spend time in the out of doors you might be interested in the Under Armour Cold Gear infrared hood it has a ziggity zaggity lining on the inside which is a thermo conductive coating Thermo Conductive fabric high performance fabric I don’t understand exactly
how it works but it does it is soft it is very thin and the whole thing can just roll up in your pocket and it weighs about as much as a box of jello it’s just a few ounces so one
thing you can do is know that is flexible it convertible you can roll the whole
thing up and just stick it around your neck if you want and you have it with you then if the weather turns cold you can
unroll it and wear it like a complete hood you
have long hair can be a little confusing to put on and off put your hair in a ponytail so then when you want to put it on you
make sure you have the hood part into the front and just slide it on it tucks completely down inside your shirt it’s not bulky at all and
then it will arm your neck your head and you can pull this up to warm your face I like because it has 2 layers that cover your ears which are a part that can get super cold and just achy and sting and so I like that it has that and
if you don’t need all that on you can just slide it back just keeps
you warm around your neck it’s very handy I chose mine in blaze orange because I I want it to be
available for me when I go hunting it comes in other colors as well it’s very soft it’s very handy and it’s warm plus it can
be an extra layer if you want to do outdoor sports that require helmets or big hats and it will simply fit over your head I don’t have a very big head and it is comfortable on mine and I know people who have these who have a
large head and they say it works just as well it only
comes in one size you can see it has plenty of room to be comfortable and it is warm and they can get you covered up as much or little as you like look for Under Armour Cold Gear infrared hood and
see if it doesn’t meet some of your cold weather outdoor needs please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.com

6 thoughts on “UnderArmour Cold Gear Infrared Hood Product Review- Blaze Orange for Hunters

  1. Been reading some reviews on this hood, and many have been saying that it just isn't enough for temperatures below 20F. Is this true? What is one thing you would change about it? I'm leaning more towards this one as opposed to the one from Nike and your video did play a role on that decision.

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