(Touched) Thank you for thinking that way… [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.12.03]

We couldn’t finish our conversation during the 3-minute Date. Right. Anyway, I admire your career as a comedian. I’ve heard someone say this somewhere… (What is he going to say?) That comedians are all going to heaven. (Heart fluttering) – Really? / – Yes. Because comedians dedicate themselves to making others laugh, they’ll go to a good place after they die. I’m touched, I’m tearing up. I’ve heard someone say that and I really agree with that. – Right. / – I really feel the same. – I really appreciate that. / – No. I’m not saying this just to be kind or anything. (I really mean it) You’re not actually crying, are you? No, I… (Tearing up) I just really appreciate that you think of us that way. – Don’t cry. / – I’m fine. I’m just really touched. – I actually just yawned. / – Is that right? – Do you need some tissue? / – No, I’m fine. (Should I not have said that?) She’s not actually crying, is she? (Tearing up with Nami) (She must’ve been so touched) – Is there tissue anywhere? / – It’s fine. Thank you. You just see us in such a good way. – No. / – I just really love… And appreciate people who appreciate comedians. – I was really touched. / – I sincerely think… – That you’re all amazing. / – How kind. Did we talk too much just about comedians? (A pleased comedian) I should say something funny. What should I say? Do you enjoy going for a drive? Going for a drive? Yes, I do. – Really? / – Yes. (It’s written on his Love Card) (Going for a drive and visit aesthetic cafes) I really like going for a drive and then visiting aesthetic cafes. Really? (Gyuha is finally realizing her intention) (Blushing) – Is that so? / – I like aesthetic cafes. – Really? / – Yes. Right. (They’re both blushing) Isn’t it so attractive when ladies take initiatives? You can’t fall out of love once you fall for a comedian. (Things are going so well) Now that we’ve talked for a bit… (What is it?) (Eyes widening) What do you think of me? (Asking a bold question) To be honest, it didn’t seem like you got here just to be on TV. – Me? / – Yes, when we talked. – Is that so? / – I felt your sincerity… Which is why I was so touched and I enjoyed our talk. Thank you. I actually chose and read… – Your Love Card. / – Really? I wanted to know more about you. – I mentioned the drives earlier. / – Right. Thank you, really. (How did the two feel about each other?) She was actually nervous, perhaps even more nervous than myself and that was so charming. If I were to have a fling with someone, I’d like her to be the one. I could really feel her sincerity. He respects and supports… My career as a comedian. I always had it in my mind that I’d like to meet someone like that. (Will they be able to become a couple?)

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