6 thoughts on “Top Stories: 11 p.m. 12-25-19

  1. The kidnapping isn't news. But rather how many that had been kidnapped over the decade is news to really spice things up.

  2. you know giving out bottles of water and talking to people like you're somebody because you're out there is not doing anything she's not helping anyone at the end of the day she is warm inside of her hotel room in her bed with her money and her cash and all her things and those people are out there in the cold in the

  3. You know when your homeless the things that help our blankets sleeping bags tents tarps camping utensils cooking pots and panslittle small propane stoves backpacking stoves very cheap you can get them for $9 on Amazon propane canisters that cost $5 they can use them to cook in to keep warm with if they're smartyou can't just go out and walk around in the streets with the news true and think that you're somebody cuz you're talking to the homeless she's not doingand at the end of the day it's quite expensive but she's even out there if she came up to me I would listen to her for a second and I tell her to get out of my face I was homeless for 22 years I know what I'm speaking about

  4. she hands out change oh wow she's really giving wow that's unreal what an insult what an egotistical typical state employee b** absolutely unbelievable she is so full of her own ego it's not even funny there's no room for homeless people there because her ego takes up everything sorry I'm not buying it you don't go to the streets and hand out changethat's an insult you give something with real meaning you know when Jesus said where your treasure is there also will your heart be he was talking about man's love for money man's humans greed for the love of money and things this is what Jesus was when you take and you gave a $50 do a homeless

  5. as well as there is an injunction in law that is from Idaho that says that the state cannot remove you from camping anywhere you wish if they cannot offer you a bed since they cannot offer you a bed in Portland then you can freely camp anywhere you want that is the new and latest legal precedents from the injunction litigation in Idaho look it up I didso hey everyone out there in Portland get your tents get your gear and sent back up cuz they cannot do it it is illegalthe only way they can do it is to say that they have new beds for you they have a bad for you and if they do not then that is a

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