The Wilderness is a Spiritual Battleground

shabbat shalom so today I have a message called the wilderness is a spiritual battle ground and like I said before I have a series of messages to give not in any particular order most of them I’m going to give it to coat but I’m giving these now as preparation because we are in a new time in history here where yahweh is taking his remnant to the wilderness and like they always say the wilderness is first a mentality before it will become a physical place and to some that have already embraced the mindset it is already a place in our communities or kyboot seen thank God Lee has provided to others who don’t have the ability yet to get to one of these cities of refuge it is a mental place daily staying separated from the world so again it’s got to become a mental reality a mental reality before it will become a physical reality the wilderness is a solitary place like a military boot camp to sanctify the people and build their faith in preparation to enter the promised land so as we begin today rule 1 this is rule 1 the wilderness is not the promise Lee so praise Yahweh that most of his people have been embracing the wilderness I know myself I am I know I’ve taught on it for quite a few years and here we are now where we’re actually really starting to move in the direction of being there and I’m embracing it as much as anybody but most of you always people are but we have to realize the wilderness is not the promised land this is not the end result it may be a solitary place to seek Yahweh and grow in faith but it is a means and not the end even Israel Jerusalem today is a means and not an end it’s a shadow of Yahweh’s promises and what is to come but it is not the kingdom of Yahweh yet the wilderness is a road to bring us to the New Jerusalem so we got to remember that that the this is not the promised land that the wilderness is a road to bring us to New Jerusalem being set apart in itself doesn’t change you you must work at it so the fact of just being separated from the world or being in a wilderness environment that alone is we’re going to see from the Israelites is not gonna change you you have to work on it you have to submit yourself to it so let’s start Ezekiel 20 verse 33 through 38 and then re first forty zekiel 2033 says as I live says that an i Yahweh surely with a mighty hand with outstretched arm and with fury poured out I will reign over you and I will bring you out from the peoples and gather you from the lands in which you are scattered among them with a mighty hand with an outstretched arm and what fury pulled out and I will bring you into the wilderness of the people and I will be judging with you there face to face just as I was judging your fathers in the wilderness and the land of Egypt so I will be judging you too clear that in Iowa so this is not the first wilderness this is the second wilderness now and I will cost you to pass under the rod and I will bring you into the bond of the Covenant was he mean every go every sheep was counted the shepherd would have his rod and as they would come he would pass under the rod and they’d be counting and that’s what he’s saying each of us are being counted into the Covenant and I will purge from among you the rebels and the transgressors against me and I will bring them out of the land where they reside and they shall not enter into the land of Israel and you will know that I am Yahweh so we will have some rebels in the wilderness but they won’t make it to the promised land and then verse 44 in my holy mountain and the mountain heights of Israel declares at nayaa way all the house of Israel shall serve me there all of them in the land there I will accept them and there I will seek your team offerings in the firstfruits of your offerings with all your holy things so very clearly this is end time because this has not happened yet okay the greater we gathering happens when you show up returns and that’s where all the people will be there but first we have to go through the wilderness we must pass through the wilderness to get to the promised land there’s no shortcuts the only route and I’ve said this before that over the years you know almost 20 years we were blessed to be hosting the feast in Jerusalem and many times people from Western society in particular Babylon would come and they would talk to me but not only Babylon also parts of Europe in different places but Western society and they would say when we’re talking about fleeing Babylon and being at Babylon oh well if I could come directly to Israel then I would leave Babylon tomorrow but I’d only leave if I could come directly to istrico and I would always say to them Israel is like a mini Babylon Israel is as worldly as the United States is the last few years it’s gotten much more worldly but that is not going to change you you know going from America Babylon you know to Israel that lot is not going to change you you have to go to the wilderness the wilderness is the place where you’re going to change that guy we say environment is 90 percent of your back battle and later the Saints don’t want to go through change purification of the wilderness as many changes need to be made and is not an easy road compared to the pleasures of Babylon so I really think in Babylon for many life became very easy with the pleasures of Babylon and the facade of Babylon and people don’t think about it you know even many times through the years going out in the mission field you know people would say oh it’s too dangerous don’t go here and don’t go there and I’d say if danger was the only parameter and going out and doing mission work there’d never be one missionary they’ve never been one Bible that would go out so we can’t only look at things from a perspective if something is dangerous or if something is uncomfortable in our life and that’s why this is called the wilderness is a spiritual battle ground because the wilderness is not just there to give you a nice place away from society to relax it’s a spiritual battle ground it’s a place to change it’s a place to get rid of the things you have to get rid of and all of us have to get rid of something so it’s not a place to just go and just to be alone in a solid please like I said the purification and the trials were going to go through and we are going through some already they’re not easy but they they’re needed so Song of Solomon 1 verse 5 and 6 when the bride first goes into the wilderness this is what she says I am blackbuck homely o daughters of Jerusalem like the tents of Kedar like the curtains of Solomon do not look at me that I have lacked that the son has looked upon me my mother’s sons were angry with me they made me the keeper of the vineyards but my own vineyard I have not kept so this is the bride on her way into the wilderness what is she saying she’s saying that she’s you know do not look at me that she’s blacks konely that she has not kept her vineyard she’s not producing the fruit she knows she soon be and that’s why we need the wilderness the wilderness is a place to finish the work that Yahweh has beginning us and in the end time that’s the reason why the mark of the beast comes the mark of the beast comes because many people will not go to the wilderness unless they’re forced and when the mark of the beast comes you’re going to be forced and that’s where many lado de sands will probably take the mark of the beast and just join saintly society completely but the people of Yahweh that may have been on the fence will see that this is the less torn oh I can’t do this and finally go to the wilderness but there’s no other road you have to go to the wilderness to get to the promised land Deuteronomy 8 let’s see what Yahweh did because the wilderness like I said it’s a great solitary place but it’s also not an easy place but it is a place where you always there to protect his people so Deuteronomy 8 Deuteronomy the eighth chapter and then starting in verse 1 through the runn we ate and start a new verse 1 I’ll go down to verse 6 and then I’ll drop down to verse 14 he says you shall be watchful to do every commandment which I am commanding you today so that you may live and may multiply and may go and possess the land which shall we have sworn to your father so again that’s that that’s that’s the end goal the end goal is the New Jerusalem the end goal is the Promised Land and like I said the wilderness is the road to get there and you shall remember all the way which Yahweh your Elohim has caused you to go these forty years in the wilderness in order to Humble you to try you to know that which is in your heart whether you will keep his Commandments or them so the wilderness is a test let go we say life is a test right but the wilderness is the ultimate test it’s not just it’s not just a place you’re going to be protected but it’s a place you’re going to be tested and that’s why there will be trials and you have to mentally get ready for that and why like it says in order to Humble you to try you to know which is in your heart whether you will keep your risk administer them and he has humbled you and caused you to hunger and caused you to eat matter which you have not known and your father’s had not known in order to cause you to know that man shall not live by bread alone but mentally by every word that proceeds from the mouth of Yahweh and that’s why even though Yahweh did give trials in the wilderness like I said they thirst it there were times they were hungry there were times of different plagues that came out Yahweh was always there with them and that’s the point it’s about building faith in Him that man will not live by bread alone but by every word out of the mouth of Yahweh your clothing did not wear out on you and your foot did not swell these 40 years so we see also that you’re not going to have to worry about clothing and you’re not going to have to worry about sandals and all these other things that the miracles that Yahweh does I’ve said this many times in our life the miracles that we’ve seen from guests Hank’s not running fo to clothing and shoes not wearing out and face it will you buy your clothes as we have for the last 20-something years in Salvation Army’s you know in goodwill their second payment and even those clothes that are secondhand we still have most of them that they’re not wearing enough and you have known with your heart that is a man disciplines his son Yahweh your Elohim disciplines you so remember don’t be surprised when trials start to come that’s what the wilderness is about the wilderness is there to try us and for every one of us it’s going to be something different so this is why we can’t look at each other as we’re going through trials and start saying oh why is he going through this trial leg like with joel of his friends maybe he’s doing something wrong no all of us are gonna go through various trials in different ways and some of them are going to be very very serious trials maybe even life-threatening trials and death because that’s what the wilderness is about for yahweh your elohim brings you into a good land a land of streams of water of fountains and depths that Springs out of valleys and hills a land of wheat and barley and vines and fig trees and pomegranates a land of olive oil and honey those are the seven harvest fruits we have Sukkot coming up very very shortly now and here’s the harvest fruits of that and that’s what Yahweh’s doing but spiritually also these harvest fruits all represent something you know they represents Yahweh’s fullness right each harvest fruit is it has a different representation of Yahweh’s fullness in the kingdom like the message I’ve given it to coat the oil the grain and the wine we dropped down the verse 14 it says then it rises up in your heart and you forget Yahweh your Elohim who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of slaves who led you through the Great and dreadful wilderness with burning serpent and Scorpion and thirsty ground where no water is who brought you water out of the flinty Rock so I’ve been to the wilderness many times haven’t been there 40 years but I’ve been to the wilderness where we’re gonna be at Sukkot where the children of Israel actually were you know and being in their same footsteps we’ll see it and it is dusty and there is rocky and there are scorpions that are there you know and snakes that are there and different things that are in the wilderness but that’s where Yahweh is our protector and that’s where we learn faith and yeah so it is a dreadful wilderness as much as it is a great wilderness who made you eat manna in the wilderness which your fathers did not know that he might humble you and that he might prove you to do good at the latter end and here we are the letterhead that you’re not saying your heart my power and the might of my hand and made me this wealth but you shall remember Yahweh all he for it is he who gives to you power to make wealth that he may establish his covenant which he swore to your father’s as it is to this day and it shall be if you shall forget Yahweh your Elohim and walk after other gods and serve them and worship them I testify against you today that you shall utterly perish as the nations that Yahweh makes to perish before you so you shall perish because you did not listen to the voice of Yahweh your Elohim so this is the first wilderness this is the second wilderness this is the wilderness is to learn obedience without distractions but it’s still a choice like we see the children of Israel were there 40 years and they didn’t change just going to a solitary place didn’t help them because it’s a choice you have to choose every day of your life whether you want to live in a wilderness mindset and you’re gonna have faith in Yahweh or you’re gonna live for this world and this world is a facade and these two worlds they’re like two contrary worlds and living side-by-side it really is is uh I don’t even know the word more than even just shocking it’s it’s almost hard to grasp when you’re living in a kingdom mindset in your mind and spiritually and yet you’re physically living in this evil world of Satan that we have around us but what it shows me is it can’t go on much longer that the kingdom of Yahweh it has to be just around the corner Hebrews 12 and verse 5 Hebrews 12 in verse 5 because we need to embrace the trials that we’re going to have as well as the blessings we need to embrace the trials as well as the blessings and remember every one is for our good I’d like to call them challenges you know their challenges Yahweh doesn’t tempt us he’s not punishing us we’re going through the different things brethren self brethren getting sick even cancer different things that are going on even death and family and all of it is to make us stronger and to prepare us for the kingdom so Hebrew 12 in verse 5 says and you were forgotten the exhortation which he Yahweh speaks to you as with sons my sons do not despise the chastising of Yahweh nor faint while being corrected by them for whom Yahweh loves he chastens and disciplines every son with whom he is pleased right so think about that if you’re going through trials that means he’s pleased with you that means he’s purifying you in a way because he has a special job for you from Yahweh he loves he chastens and disciplines every sons with whom he is pleased if you endure discipline Yahweh is dealing with you as with sons for who is the son of my father does not discipline but if you are without discipline of which all have become sharers then you are strangers and not sons furthermore indeed we have had fathers of our flesh as correctors and we respected them shall we not much more be subject to the father of spirits and we shall live for they truly disciplined us for a few days according to the things seeming good to them but he for a profit in order for us to partake of his holiness for all discipline for the present indeed does not seem to be joyous but Grievous but afterwards it gives back peaceable fruit of righteousness to the ones having been exercised by it because of this straight in the hands hanging alongside ending feeble knees and make straight tracks for your feet that the member which is lame may not suffer but rather be healed eagerly pursue peace and holiness with all without which no one will see Yahweh watching diligently then not any lack from the grace of Yahweh that no root of bitterness growing up may crowd in on you and through this many become defiled so we see here that Yahweh corrects those he loves and we must embrace the and not get bitter so it’s very easy like when you read the book of Job right Joe who has faith in Yahweh he’s a strong believer right he’s trying his best he has one problem self-righteousness and Yahweh allows Satan to tempt him and to try him he goes through horrific trials I mean death of his children death of his family losing all he has boils all over his body and at first he’s real strong with it right but then he starts to feel sorry for himself he starts to feel like he’s heaven injustice do to him he starts to feel like hey I’ve been doing everything right why am I going through these trials and that’s where the self righteousness comes in so we have to see here we have to embrace the challenges that Yahweh’s giving us in the wilderness and we can’t allow a root of bitterness to come in and believe me they will get they will get severe because we are at the cusp of the kingdom of Yahweh right we’re at the top of that mountain where the kingdom is right on the other side and too much is given much is required to mores given the more will be required beauty and in the end time for what’s given to the endtime remnant the endtime firstfruits I mean is unbelievable you know to be firstfruits in the kingdom of Yahweh to be the bride of Messiah will be with him forever is really a lot that’s being given to us and that means there’s a lot that will be required which means we really have to get out every spine wrinkle so there will be severe trials and we have to embrace it and face it we’re human beings it doesn’t mean that Yahweh expects us to be happy and giddy as things are happening you know we have to face the reality of our feelings but we can’t let our feelings control us and we have to make sure that we’re praying every day we’re fasting every day no I’m not fasting every day but praying every day Bible study and every day fasting often and meditating and keeping our perspective whatever you focus on becomes most real to you I always say that keeping your perspective of why we’re going through these things because his big trials come then can they can overwhelm your life and then everything else seems to become secondary because of that trial that you’re going through and we can’t let any trial come between our relationship with the yellow Yeshua that cannot suffer at all that’s why now’s the time you have to build that relationship we have the strength in that relationship and I feel so blessed to be able to a little while ago have gone over the Bible study on the Song of Solomon that has helped my spiritual life so much because by that study I never in my life really really realized the love that you schewe has for his bride until really doing that study you know you know it but these words you say the word love what does it really mean but that that book brings it out in a way that no other book in the Bible does and that’s helping me to be stronger so as these trials come before us we have to make sure that we’re putting Yahweh first because facing a root of bitterness that’s what happened in ancient Israel they got bitter they lost focus and then not only were they blaming Moses and Aaron they actually started blaming the conflict that he wasn’t bringing them to this good land that he was bringing them to an evil live and they actually were so worked and perverted in their mind that they were saying Egypt where they were slaves was a better land than the promised land that yeah we was bringing them to let’s go to Exodus 16 because let’s see where root of bitterness can lead to let’s see where root of bitterness can beat him Exodus 16 starting at verse 1 I’m going to read most of this chapter read up to verse 29 then drop down to verse 35 and they pulled up stakes from Elim now interesting enough remember chapter 14 is the the parting of the Red Sea so the Red Sea is 900 feet in the middle and Yahweh put two bowls of water on both sides and they pass through this you know this this sea of glass like you know what waters on both sides they saw maybe the greatest miracle that man has ever seen physically in the Bible of Yahweh’s protection and then Yahweh pouring the water and even today some of those chariot wheels was still in the Red Sea down there in each other and chapter 15 they’re singing the song of Moses where they’re praising Yahweh for this so this is right after them the last verse of chapter 15 and they came to heal him and there were twelve Springs of water and seventy palm trees and they can’t buy the waters and then chapter 16 and they pulled up stakes from Elim and the congregation of the sons of Israel came into the wilderness of sin which is between Elim and Sinai on the fifteenth day of the second month after going out from the land of Egypt so it’s one month after leaving Egypt only one month they saw the ten miracles that Yahweh did in Egypt including the death of the firstborn they saw the parting of the Red Sea and walking through the water on dry ground and Yahweh destroying Pharaoh’s army and now look what happens just a month later what shows you they did not have a kingdom mentality and all the congregation verse two of the sons of Israel murmured against Moses as against Aaron in the wilderness right the root of bitterness creeping in because physically they were going through trials and the sons of Israel said to them would that we have died by the hand of Yahweh in the land of Egypt and are sitting by the fleshpots and are eating bread to satisfaction for you have brought us out wilderness to kill all this assembly with hunger Wow you imagine they’re saying that they actually brought them there to kill them and you know we just saw they weren’t even where there was water there only a month out they brought their animals with them I can’t imagine they could be too hungry after one month it just doesn’t seem like it could be like that almost like I say with Esau and Jacob you know I don’t doubt that when Esau came in from hunting he was tired and I don’t thought he was hungry but I doubt he was near death that he would sell his birthright for one you know one bowl of lentil stew but here abuser likes the same thing and that’s why I say everything is mentality every situation we’re in we could look at it positively or negatively we could look at it with the spirit of Yahweh or we could look at it with the spirit of the world we could look at it with with the holy spirit guiding and leading us and having a humble attitude or we could look at it from you know pride and lack of humility so he they say they brought them out to kill them with hunger and cowboy said to Moses behold I am will rain bread from the heavens for you and the people shall go out and gather the matter of a day in its day so that I may test them whether they will walk in might or not right life is a test so now he’s testing that may Yahweh is gonna give the manna from heaven you imagine food it from Yahweh it’s got to be the most perfect food you can ever imagine but there’s got to be that heart of obedience and that heart of surrender and it shall be on the sixth day they shall prepare for they what they bring in and it will be double what they gather day by day and most of the merit said to all the sons of Israel even and you shall know that you have way has brought you from the land of Egypt and in the morning you shall see the glory of Yahweh and is hearing your murmurings against Yahweh and we what are we that you murmur against us so you know what just like we’re we’ve been going over the list X amount of weeks in the Book of Daniel in the Bible study now you know we’re pretty far into it but going back remember in Chapter four when the whole point was that nobody gets into power without Yahweh allowing them right Yahweh is in charge of everything in the world so when you have leaders and you’re complaining about the leaders you’re not complaining about the leader you’re complaining about Yahweh because anything that he allowed he allowed it for her good and face it they’ll be good leaders will be bad leaders both in the congregation and in the world and the key to us is not to complain but it’s to draw faith in Yahweh during those hard times and to trust in Him to get through it and this is what’s happening here so he says in the morning you will see the glory of Yahweh in the hearing of your murmurings against Yahweh and we wonder whether you murmur against us and Moses said when countway gives you flesh to eat in the evening and bread in the morning to satisfaction when Yahweh hears your murmurings which are a murmured against him you will see in what are we your murmurings are not against us but against Yahweh and let’s remember that you know because whether it’s it’s going to be burning hot in the wilderness and there’s going to be times where it’s rainy and it’s going to be times where there’s no water and there’s going to be times where we’re hungry we’re sick and every single thing we go through is being allowed by Yahweh he’s the one we have to pray to and we have to thank them for our trials as well as our blessings because the travels are blessings just like like the the blessings are blessings and when we don’t and when we complain and we murmur we’re doing it against him one of the biggest problems that the Israelites had you know at the feast I plan on giving the message from Corinthians 10 on all the problems that kept the Israelites out of the promised land going by one by one but murmuring was above about the worst problem that they had because when you have a murmuring spirit you will never ever ever be appreciative you will always be playing the victim you will be self-righteous and your mind really gets perverted when you get into that spirit and sometimes that’s where the root of bitterness comes in you’ll never come out of it it just becomes worse and worse until there’s you know it’s like a reprobate spirit that becomes from you and Moses spoke to Aaron say to the congregation the sons of Israel come near before he got way free he has heard your murmurings and it happened as Aaron was speaking to all the congregation of the sons of Israel they turned toward the wilderness and behold the glory of Yahweh appeared in the cloud and Yahweh spoke to Moses saying I have heard the murmurings of the sons of Israel speak to them saying between the evenings you will leave flesh and in the morning you will be satisfied with bread and you shall know that I am God well your Elohim and it happened in the evenings the quail came up and covered the camp and in the morning a layer due was found in the camp and the layer of Doom went up and behold something small was like the face of the wilderness scale life small like the hoarfrost on the earth and the sense of visitor looked and they said each one to his brother what is it that’s what mana means for they did not know what it was and Moses said to him this is the bread with Yahweh has given to you for food this is the thing which a plane commanded to gather it each one according to the mouth of his eating and Omer for a head by the number of your souls you shall take for each man who is in your tent and so the sons of Israel did and they gathered and the one gathering much and the one gathering little and they measured with an Omer okay no more is a measurement it’s about a quart and the one gathering much did not have too much in the one guy little did not have any need each one gathered according to the mouth of his eating and Moses said to them do not let anyone leave from it until morning and they did not listen to Moses and some left it until morning and it became rotten with maggots and stunk and Moses was angry against them so again and the wilderness this is why Yahweh puts leadership their leadership is there because Yahweh gives the leaders a spirit of discernment a spirit of wisdom not for themselves but to help the people and I know there’s many times even being out with groups where I’ll make recommendations to some you know you’re really it’s a 120 degrees you really should wear a head you really need to drink water you really need to do this and people know I’ve done this I’ve done this my whole life buh-buh-buh-buh-buh and before you know it they’re getting heatstroke or they’re getting sick or something else so we have to learn to put our pride to the side and we have to learn to listen to our leaders but they did not listen to Moses and some left it into the morning and it became rotten with maggots and stunk and Moses was angry against them and they gathered in the morning in each one in the morning according to the mouth of his evening and it melted in the heat of the Sun and it came about on the sixth day they gathered double bread two overs for one and all the leaves the congregation came and reported to Moses that’s we said right the sixth thing you got it for two days but it’s not going to go bad on the Sabbath a miracle if you think about it forty years in the wilderness times by 52 weeks in the year think about how many miracles are there just with the Amanar and he said to them that is what Yahweh said tomorrow is arrest a holy Sabbath to Yahweh what you will bake baked and boil what you will boil and lay out for yourselves all that is left over to keep it into the morning this is why we do our preparation Anyang sushi Friday the preparation day because it’s not wrong to heat food and on Shabbat that’s already cooked but any kind of baking any kind of boiling any kind of frying you know cooking should all be done on Friday and they laid it up until the morning as Moses commandment and it did not stake and no Magna was in it and Moses said eat it today for today is a Sabbath to Yahweh today you will not find it in the field you shall gather it six days and on the seventh day is a Sabbath in it none shall be found and it happened on the seventh day some of the people went out to gather and they did not find it he and he always said to Moses until when do you refuse to keep my Commandments and my laws at what point are they going to listen now I’m just gonna read our note here on this on the note on this verse it says this is only one month after leaving Egypt and disobedience and rebellion is more of a character trait to Israel than simply an action and will prove to be their downfall so face it Yahweh is full of mercy and grace right he’s forgiving spirit above everything so he doesn’t expect us to be perfect and he’ll forgive our mistakes he’ll forgive our sins but this was a character trait this was a character trait of people that simply didn’t want to listen that were selfish self-centered self-righteous could not follow judicial order in any form didn’t want to be under any form of governing governance like we see in number 16 when they even came against Moses and tried to overtake him there and what does he always says how until when will they refuse to keep my Commandments and my laws behold because Yahweh is given the Sabbath to you therefore he has given to you two days of bread on the sixth day each one of you remain this place do not let anyone go out from his place on the seventh day now if you read this in context he’s talking about for gathering manna and the context of the story is these people were not to go on the seventh day together matter some people have perverted the scripture and tried to say that you’re not allowed to leave your house on Shabbat which is totally inaccurate because we even see your schewe going out and walking in the grain fields and going the synagogue so if you weren’t allowed to leave your house on Shabbat you would have to break the commandment of keeping a holy convocation so clearly when we look at this in context he’s saying as far as the gathering of the manner you don’t go out in the Senate on the sixth day you gather for two days on the seventh day you don’t go out of your house together of the matter then we goes down to verse 35 and was he saying the sons of Israel ate them out of 40 years until their coming into the inhabited man and they ain’t the man until their coming to the border of the land of Canaan so Wow can you imagine 40 years every single day except for Sabbath’s let’s say six days of every week the manna was there I mean just a miracle Yahweh took care of them now we give them food and it was to show faith in Him because again repetition is the mother of skill and through time even if you don’t have faith if you’re doing something over and over that’s the way that our mind gets to do it and that’s why in the wilderness you could break old patterns and you can create new patterns but if you have a spirit of rebellion if you simply are just self-righteous and you you’re not going to change you can’t take correction you’re just going to be trying to justify yourself and be looking at what everybody else is doing wrong you’re not gonna make it through the wilderness and this is the less wilderness we waited 3500 years to get to this point and we don’t have 40 years to go so this is the thing that is to complete us to get us into the Promised Land but we have to get rid of that pride and we have to get rid of that rebellion faithless evil people lay out the Saints the mixed multitude will not change and that’s what we come I give it a message on that if anybody hasn’t listened to it on the mixed multitude please do you cannot survive would it mix multitude you can’t have people in your camp that are faithless selfish self-centered and just don’t care about nothing but themselves because not only are they going to destroy themselves they’re gonna destroy the other people that are there because face it many people that are trying to do the right thing may not have that much faith and when you get these kind of people they are the mixed multitude that a faithless the lay of the Saints they will affect the other people unfortunately that’s the way it happens and we have to protect our camps from it let’s continue just a few more verses in chapter 17 because we see the same thing once again and all the congregation of the sons of Israel pulled up stakes from the wilderness of sin according to their journeys by the mouth of Yahweh and they can’t then redeem and there was no water for the drinking of the people and the people fought with Moses and said give us water that we may drink and Moses said then why do you fight with me why do you tempt that way and the people thirsted there from quarter and the people murmured against Moses and said why then have you cause us to go up from Egypt to kill up to kill me and my sons my livestock with thirst and Moses cried to Yahweh saying what should I do to this people yet a little and they will stone me a jug with pastor Moses piss out in front of the people and take me you some of the elders of Israel and taking your hand your stamp in which you smoke the Nile and go behold I stand before you there on the rock and Horeb and you shall smite the rock and water will come out of it and the people will drink and Moses did so before the eyes of the elders of Israel and one called the name of the place masa and Meribah because of the contention of the sons of Israel and because of their testing of Yahweh saying this Yahweh in our midst or not Wow amazingly enough this rock is still there today in Saudi Arabia where Mount Sinai amount more of is and you can see it’s 75 feet tall what a big split in the middle of it where the water came out from but can you imagine even after all this even after the manner now the very next chapter once again who are they blaming you but you see in our midst do you bring us out to kill us and it’s a reprobate spirit and you’re not going to change it that’s what the wilderness is about it’s about separating for that reprobate spirit not bringing it with you and trying to change it so we really each and every one of us there’s not a person in the congregation not a human being there today that doesn’t need to humble himself and repent before Yahweh there’s things we all have to change and there’s things we all have to do and that’s why like I said we have to embrace the wilderness as a spiritual battleground we have to look at ourselves and look at the things we could try and overcome and haven’t been able to to now and say now’s the time to do it now is the time to overcome it and we have to have a spirit of loving correction right it’s the wise man who loves correction it’s the fool doesn’t want it so his correction is coming in the wilderness and challenges are coming in the wilderness no matter what they are we have to embrace them because they’re gonna make us the person who were trying to be the bride who’s getting herself ready and you wanna know something if we go to Matthew 4 Matthew 4 even Yeshua went through a spiritual battleground in the wilderness so he was our example in all things like it talked about the ogre Peter Matthew 4 in verse 1 says then Yeshua was led up into the wilderness by the spirit to be tempted by the devil so even though the wilderness is a solitary place even though you always there with his people don’t forget Satan is there too in the wilderness Satan will still tempt you in the wilderness that’s part of it but Yahweh will only allow him to go so far just like with job Yahweh will only allow them to go so far and the more we overcome the less he can do anything to us the more obedient we are the less power he has over any of us right so he sure was led to the wilderness by the Spirit to be tempted by the devil and having fasted 40 days and 40 nights after what he hungered and coming near to him the accuser said if you are the son of Elohim speak to these stones that they may become loaves but answering he said it has been written man shall not live by bread alone but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Yahweh then the accuser takes him to the holy city and he set him on the pinnacle of the sanctuary and he said to him if you are the son of Elohim throw yourself down for it is written he shall give his cherubs charge concerning you and they shall bear you on their hand unless you strike your foot against a stone Yeshua said to him again it has been written you shall not test Yahweh your Elohim again the devil takes him to a very high mountain and he shows him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory and he says to him I will give all these things to you a falling down you will worship me then Yeshua said to him go Satan for it has been written you shall worship Yahweh your Elohim and him only shall you serve so Wow Yeshua went to the wilderness 2000 years ago and he set us the example how is to be done he was tempted in the wilderness and how did he overcome by fully surrendering to the word of Yahweh you know st. is much smarter and wiser and stronger than we are and you can’t you can’t fight him you know one-on-one you can’t do it the only way you could beat him is by surrendering to the will of Yahweh Jacob four and verse six book of Jacob verse four chapter four and verse six says but he gives greater grace because of this it says Yahweh sets himself against problems but he gives grace to humble ones then submit to the outweigh resist the devil and he will flee from you draw near to Elohim and he will draw near to you cleanse your hand sinners and purify your hearts double minded ones be distressed in mourn and weep let your left to be turned to mourning in your joint ashame be humbled before Yahweh and He will exalt you so very clearly you can’t put the cart before the horse you can’t try to resist the devil before you submit to Yahweh that’s the key to it the key is submitting to Yahweh first and letting him fight our battles right isn’t that what happened at the parting of the Red Sea stand back and see the salvation of Yahweh you know these Egyptians you see today you will see no more and you be still so the wilderness is teaching us that and you know what it’s a matter of faith just to go to the wilderness mentally it’s a matter of faith because every day of your life even if you haven’t gotten to a physical sanctuary yet you have to mentally be making those decisions as if you’re there you have to mentally be separating and sometimes it’s a lot harder if you’re only mentally in the wilderness than if you’re physically there because if you’re physically there you know you have sanctification already so you you it’s much easier because your environment is 90 percent of your battle but whether it’s a mental thing or a physical thing you have to put Yahweh first you have to submit to Yahweh or you will never overcome the devil and that’s why we need to go to the wilderness because we need that environment sooner or later everyone’s got to get to the wilderness because like I said at the beginning of the message it’s the road to the Promised Land there’s no other road there’s one road to the promised land and like I said the wilderness is not the Promised Land you know it’s a means to the end it’s not the end but you have to go through it every single believer has to go through wilderness the time we’re living in or you will not get to the promised land so this scripture pier and Jacob is really a great Scripture because it shows us we need to surrender to Yahweh we can’t keep thinking we can do it on our own we have to let our pride go and like I said each and every one of us has things we need to repent up and things we need to change on first Kings 19 11 and 12 remember the story from Eliyahu remember when he goes to Mount Horeb and he’s going and he’s standing before the mouth of Yahweh first Kings 19 11 and behold Yahweh passed by and a great strong wind tearing the mountain and breaking the rocks and bits before Yahweh and Yahweh was not in the wind and after the wind was an earthquake but Yahweh was not in the earthquake and after the earthquake was a fire but Yahweh was not in the fire and after the fire came a voice which was a small whisper and I’ve said this before that we need the wilderness because the world of Saint is filled with clutter there’s clutter everywhere and especially internet in social media and that’s all it’s there for is clutter there’s really really in practicality there’s really no practical purpose why anybody needs social media it’s just a place of gossip it’s a place of maligning it’s a place of of putting people down and it’s a place of finding things out about other people right just finding out what other people are doing and it’s all of facade but it’s clutter it’s clutter when like I said right on a bus or right on a subway alright on an air but be going an airport and everywhere you look it doesn’t matter whether it’s third world of first world there’s people with those little devices and ding-ding-ding-ding always going off another message coming in another message going on something me and said something me into always there’s clutter but where was y’all way he was in the small still voice the wilderness is for that the wilderness is to get that small stuff lest you have to be able to hear that small stuff voice and that’s the way he always speaks to us so although the wilderness is not an easy place although yes it’s fill with sand and dust and rocks it is the most awesome place in the world to hear the voice of Yahweh in the night you could almost touch the star as there are millions over there like never before you could see in the wilderness it’s such a special place if you’re coming there with the right attitude or coming there to see it that way so we need the wilderness to hear the small still voice of Yahweh to resist the devil’s temptations and again it takes surrender it’s not going to happen automatically it takes a ranger Luke 17 in verse 24 Luke 17 in verse 24 Luke 17 and verse 24 as for fleshes lightning from heaven and as all that is under heaven is lit such will be the minute such will be the Son of man in his day okay so he’s talking about Yeshua when he goes back to the earth but first it is necessary that he suffer many things can be rejected by the generation and I don’t hear many people ever talk about this scripture because they talk about a great revival in the end time you never see anything in scripture about a great revival in the end time you see a great falling away and the scripture clearly says that Yeshua will suffer many things and be rejected by the generation women as it was in the days of Noah so will be in the days of the Son of Man they were eating drinking marrying given in marriage until the day know what the Ark and the flood came and destroyed all and likewise in the days of lot they were eating drinking buying selling planting building but on the day lot went out from Sodom Yahweh rain down fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all according to those things that will be in the day the Son of Man is revealed so again what is he saying he’s saying that everything is gonna look normal everything is going along as normal they’re eating drinking marrying giving them and boom and this is what I said when the fall of Babylon comes it will come like a thief in the night it will just come suddenly one our Babylon is destroyed and the whole world has changed and this is what he said here in that day he will be on the housetop let him not come down to take his goods from the house and likewise he in the field let him not return to the things behind remember lots of life so big lesson lesson number two in the wilderness don’t look behind that’s we’re reading here the children of Israel instead of being happy that they weren’t being whipped by their slave masters instead of being happy that they weren’t working 14 hours anymore you know and in the mud pits making bricks what were they doing they were looking behind they were actually saying that life was better in Egypt than in the wilderness so we have to make sure we remembers life that’s why we can’t look back now it’s the time we got to look ahead and like I said there’s gonna be many trials and ain’t going to be easy who knows within the next couple of years what’s going to happen but all we know is we have to look ahead we can depend on whoever seeks to save his life will lose in whoever will lose it he will preserve it so there’s going to be more tourism there’s going to be people in prison there’s going to be people that are better dying you know from sickness there’s going to be all kinds of things that are happening right as the beasts power takes over and we have to not seek to save our life but to lose our physical life and to seek our spiritual life whoever will lose it he will preserve it I say to you what that night too will be in the bed one will be taken the other left two will be grinding and I’m gonna I think we’re gonna stop there yes two would be grinding one taken the other left two will be in the field the one will be taken and the other will be left so we see we see that in this time it’s a very very serious time and once you get to the wilderness you can’t look back we can’t be looking back once you get there and we’re told that the time to go to the wilderness is the time that the society rejects Yeshua and it’s very interesting because when we look at the society today right the Bible’s not allowed to be read in school there’s no public prayer you can’t mention the name of Yahweh or Yeshua the Bible is even called hate speech and world religious leaders world religious leaders say there’s many roads to salvation that Yeshua is not the only Road well he’s not the only road to salvation then why on earth do we need to accept him why do we need to accept his sacrifice if there’s other roads to salvation and even this past year the Jews started for the first time since the destruction of the temple killing a Passover lamb again and rejecting Yeshua’s sacrifice and believe it or not there’s actually some Messianics and so-called believers that are doing the same thing killing the lamb for Passover you imagine I bet so called believers in Yeshua trying to tell me that Yeshua is not the Passover lamb but first it is necessary that he you sure must suffer many things and be rejected by that generation so we’re seeing it worried seeing him being rejected and that’s why I say it’s the time this is the time to leave the society if there will dead season the Alba Jett sees and the coalition’s and all of our forefathers thought they needed to leave society you know a thousand years ago because of how bad Commerce was at that time Wow how on earth can we stay in the society today when commercial Babylon and and the Commerce of Mammon is all over the world it’s everywhere and we are so close to the mark of the beast it isn’t even funny you know that already now India and lately Australia and I’m trying to remember the other country that China that already are doing away with paper money and going toward only be able to do with electronical transfers and it’s coming real fast well it’s going to take is one major big economic problem like Babylon falling and it will come almost overnight so we need to be preparing for this and the time is now revelation 19:7 through nine revelation 19:7 through nine says let us rejoice in exalted we will give glory to him because the marriage of the Lamb came in his wife prepared herself and it was given her that she be clothed in fine linen and pure and bright for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints and he said to me write blessed are the ones having been called to the marriage supper of the lamb and he said these words of Yahweh are true so although the wilderness is a spiritual battle ground it’s also a place of overcoming and that’s what we need to embrace that the end of the road of these challenges that we’re going to go through is overcoming and being ready for the kingdom of God revelation 3 verse 5 and 12 because we have to be overcomers to make the kingdom revelation 3:5 the one overcoming this one shall be clothed in white garments and I will not at all blot his name out of the book of life and I will acknowledge his name before my father and before his cherubs verse 12 of Revelation 3 the one overcoming I will make him a pillar in the sanctuary of my Alamein and he shall not go out anymore and I will write the name of my elohim on him and the name of the city of my elohim the new jerusalem which comes down out of heaven from an Elohim and my new name Wow you imagine having Yahweh’s name and your shoe is new name written on you that you have it that’s why I say how important is the name of Yahweh and Yahshua the family name extremely important because it’s the only name in heaven and earth that brings salvation so on the of Solomon let’s go to Song of Solomon 7 Song of Solomon 7 star DD this one and this is Yeshua remember well I read Song of Solomon at the beginning of the message and right she was being attacked because she wasn’t bearing fruit she’s black and calmly she hasn’t taken care of her garden you know so she’s coming in not ready but now as she’s getting ready to leave the wilderness look how you shouid describes his bride how beautiful are your feet and sandals so princess daughter right Romans 10:15 the feet how beautiful the feet that bring good news the good news of Yeshua how beautiful your feet and sandals of princess daughter the curves of your thighs are like jewels the work of your hands of an artisan your navel is like a round goblet it never lacks mix wine your belly is like a heap of wheat set about with lilies right she’s overabundance in everything your two breasts are like two fawns twins of a gazelle right she’s feeding the flock she’s feeding the the flock of Yeshua your neck is like an ivory tower right it moves strong like a watchtower and not compromising not wavering but strong like a watchtower your eyes are like fish pools in heshbon by the gate of that ravine and we’re actually going to see these and Jordan will be there your nose is like a tower of Lebanon peering toward the face of Damascus your head is like Carmel in the hair of your head like purple cloth the king has held captive in its tresses how beautiful how pleasant you are in the light soul of your stature can fool palm tree and your breasts two clusters of grapes right so she’s big she’s strong like it says in someone that the the person of Elohim he will be like a tree planted by a Riverside meaning is strong and powerful and with the Holy Spirit coming in so this is the way the bride is coming out these are your shoes words to his bride coming out of the wilderness so I’m gonna Salomon 8 in verse 5 who is this that comes up from the wilderness leaning on her beloved I awakened you under the apple tree there your mother tremenda there she to real sheep for you set me as a seal on your heart as a seal on your arm for love is strong as death jealousy is cruel a shield its flames are flames a fire a flame of yah many waters cannot quench love nor will the rivers overflow and if a man would give all the wealth of his help for love they surely would despise him so while here we see that like the note says the bride will go unprepared and not ready in chapter 1 now comes out of the wilderness ready for the bridegroom and the wedding supper so this is why we need to embrace the wilderness is a spiritual battle ground because the bride has fully surrendered to Yeshua as the bridegroom in the wilderness and then the wilderness has become one with him so can you imagine this is the time now and I don’t know how long it’ll be it might be three years it might be seven years it might be 10 years I have no idea but it’s a short time it’s not 40 years I can tell you that and in this time now in the wilderness this is the time that his bride becomes one with him so like I said we got to overlook any trial that comes and we have to embrace this John 17 and verse 6 John 17 and verse 6 [Music] says I revealed her name to the man whom you gave to me the CSUSB into the father out of the world they were yours and you gave them to me and they have kept your word now they have known that everything that you have given to me I have given to them and they received them and they know that I have truly preceded from your presence and they believe that you have sent me I pray concerning them I do not pray concerning the world but concerning the ones whom you gave to me because they are yours and all my things are yours and yours are mine and I have been glorified in them drop down to verse 13 and now I come to you and I speak these things in the world that they may have my joy being fulfilled in them I have given them your word and the world hated them because they are not in the world as I am NOT of the world dropped down the verse 20 and I do not pray concerning these only but also concerning those who will believe in me through their word and here we are the end that all may be Akkad for one United as you are in me father and I in you that they also may be Akkad United in us that the world may believe that you sent me and I have given them the glory which you have given me that they may be God as we are in con United and I say there is no greater example of the Holy Spirit being poured out on us in this pond as the communities that we are doing the fact that we have communities some of them as small as 10 and 20 people and some of them as big as 704 but are living in unity are happy or working together surrendering to each other giving whatever is needed there not having anything that that people are saying no this is mine I won’t share it and all of it working together is fulfilling this chapter in John the one is that he’s saying he’s saying the world will know that you’re my disciples by this and here we are and to me and you know it’s amazing because it shows the times that we’re living this verse 22 and I have given them the glory which you have given me that they may be cod as we are a cod United I am them and you and me that they may be perfected in one and that the world may know that you sent me a love them even as you love me Father those whom you have given to me I decided that where I am they may also be with me that they might see my glory that you have given to me because you have loved me from before the foundations of the world righteous father indeed the world did not know you but I know you and these have known that you sent me and I made known your name to them and will make it known that the love which you have loved me may be in them and I them wow what a chapter what a chapter and I think only the people of Yahweh would his spirit can understand it you know like he says in verse 24 that you loved me before the foundations of the world the Yeshua preexist of course he did there’s hundreds of scriptures and yet there’s people today claiming to be believers that will not even admit that he pre-existed strange like you said and I make them known your name and made it known that the love which you love me may be in them and I in them and that’s why we have to cherish the name of Yahweh and Yahshua we have to embrace it we have to cherish it and no matter what anyone says or believes or doesn’t use it that’s okay because the other way hasn’t opened up their mind to his truth one last scripture one that scripture but the wilderness is the place we become one with yushua the wilderness and here we are how exciting is it this is the place we become one with yushua Colossians 1 in verse 9 because the only way to understand being one with him is understanding the supremacy that he should have over all things Colossians 1 and verse 9 for this cause also from the day in which we heard we do not cease praying on your behalf and asking that you may be filled with the full knowledge of the will of Elohim and all wisdom and spiritual understanding that you may live a righteous life freezing to Elohim and bearing fruit in every good work and growing into the full knowledge of Elohim this is what the wilderness is for being empowered with all power according to the might of his glory to all patience and long-suffering with joy so that you may joyfully give thanks to Ellen even the father who is enlightened and made us a worthy and hair of the Saints and that’s one of the keys always given thanks to Yahweh the father for everything even or trials and he has delivered us out of the authority of Darkness right and brought us into the kingdom of his beloved son so right now the the system of the world the system of Babylon commercial Babylon is the authority of Satan the authority of darkness but he’s taking us out of that to bring us to the wilderness and whom we have obtained salvation and the forgiveness of our sins who is the image of the invisible Elohim talking about yoshua the right of the firstborn of all creation he is the only begotten firstborn son he will always have that fraternity for all things were created through him issue ax the things in the heaven the things in the earth the visible and invisible whether comparable Thrones or dominions or angelic orders or authorities all things were in his hand and have been created by him praise Yahweh and he is before all things and by him all things are sustained and he is the head of the body the congregation who is the beginning the first born of the resurrection of the Dead that he might be preeminent in all things right and since he rose from the dead we will rise from the dead that’s why the most important day of the year for us his resurrection dead the feast of firstfruits if you’re not a first fruit it doesn’t mean nothing to you but if you’re a first fruit that day proves that since you’re sure rose from the dead we will also rise from the dead be with him because the police don’t need to complete all things in him and through him Yeshua making peace by the blood of his crucifixion to reconcile all things to himself through him whether the things on the earth of the things in the heavens and you then being alienated Hospital in your mind but evil works but now peace has been given through the sacrifice of his body and by his death so that he may raise you from before him holy and without blemish and blameless that’s again with the wilderness is for if indeed you continue with the faith grounded and settled and not being moved away from the hope of the good news which you have heard and which has been preached and all creation under heaven which I Paul became a minister and that’s what I said you can’t let the challenges in the wilderness detail us from the faith of Yeshua and now rejoice in myself on your behalf and fill up in my flesh the things lacking of the afflictions of the Messiah on behalf of his body which is the congregation right this is what we’re going to do we will finish whatever we need to do and as a body as a whole in the trials and the sufferings of which I became a minister according to the stewardship of elohim given to me to preach the word of Elohim everywhere even the mystery haven’t been hidden from the ages and from the generations but now is revealed to his Saints to whom al-amin will to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the nations which is Messiah in you the hope of glory so now the Israelites lacked one thing when they went to the wilderness they did not have the Spirit of Yahweh in them they refused it like it talks about in the book of Acts we’re going to the wilderness with the very spirit of Yeshua the mind of Messiah in us so that we can overcome we just can’t let our human nature that still there overtake that spirit of Yahweh and I’m going to give a message on that that’s a code about the preparation of the bride that will help with that but here it is we look and while the mystery among the nations which is Messiah in you the hope of glory people deny issue is pre-existence that he’s a team and yet the fulfillment of the wilderness change is understanding issue is great supremacy giving all glory to him growing in our love to him eternally so if you do not accept him as the co-creator eternally with Yahweh you’ll never make it through the wilderness because to embrace the relationship with him we have to give him the glory for who he is as co-creator of the universe and here we are the first day of our eternity has just begun let’s embrace every trial every challenge as well as every blessing and let’s look at every challenge as a blessing let us overcome and get out every spotting wrinkle of our wedding garment as every day.the passes in the wilderness is one day closer to when the bridegroom returns Yahweh bless shabbat shalom

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