The Vast Wilderness and Vibrant Cities of Quebec | Presented by Destination Canada

There’s something
that just brings me back to nature all the time.
But at the same time I need the city to bring me
new tastes, new experiences. I need just that right balance between the city
and the wilderness. Hey, come over here.
I’ve got an idea. My ambition is to
craft canoes and kayaks. I want people in the city
to experience nature, and I wanna
bring them back to nature. There’s not many places
in the world where you can drive an hour and then spend
the entire weekend in a place where you don’t
encounter any humans. The canoe itself has a
very special meaning, but also is very, very useful. It’s part of our heritage.
It was invented here. There’s two million lakes
or so in Canada, 200,000, about, in Quebec, and they’re all there to explore. We don’t touch that much
when we’re in the city. Then you realize that
the feeling of a trunk, the feeling of a leaf,
the feeling of the ground, building a fire, it just
lit up something inside. You catch something and then
you prepare it and cook it. Eating what you catch
is actually having a bigger respect
for what you eat. A lot of nature does something
that is way more powerful than any
explanation or description. There’s a shift in
our relation to time. When I go back to
Montreal, I feel proud. It’s like: “Wow.
This city is beautiful.” By spending a
couple of days in the wood, I realize how unique and
how great the city is. Montreal nailed the balance of the perfect city
next to wilderness.

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