okay so I don’t even know what this is
but what I do know is one thing in that this video is going to be extremely
wacky what is going on Dragon Ball fans welcome back to another episode of
dragon ball z budokai tank I ate you three months introducing the strongest
fusion and this is go G go go G go from Dragonball AF and even though I haven’t
really tested these mods out in quite some time
I’m excited it’s the end of the year it’s the end of it’s the last month of
the year before going into 2020 so with that being said let’s not waste any more
time and choose the strongest I highly encourage you guys to watch through the
entire video look at this Super Saiyan 4 go Cheetos Super Saiyan 5 go Gino and
then Master to ultra instinct go Gino okay so I’m gonna start from the
beginning here so let’s see what these mods have to offer again guys I do want
to welcome you all for those that are new if you are new to this channel be
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that good stuff happy vacation time whatever the case may be Jesus we have
so many different like we have vegeto veggie goat cheese what what do you what
even is this this is the Gino and goji this fusion but like I I have no idea
what this is so I’m gonna go ahead and choose their base woman as we progress
so we have multiple fusions including Broly and I think the final person I
want to choose yes this is Col wheel I listen this is the fusion between kale
and cauliflower in the formula of the finger fusion so I want to go ahead and
choose them they obviously do have perfected ultra instant as well so let’s
go ahead and choose their base and the stage is set now this is the incarnation
of the two broglie’s the non-canon Broly and the Dragon Ball super Rolly which I
which I find it incredibly interesting so we’re also gonna choose kefla Super
Saiyan 3 kefla just cuz I think she’s awesome it will still be half
here super Namek God piccolo okay it’s the end of 2019 so why the hell not
again guys follow me on twitter at Unruh and gaming and you guys can also cop
some dope merch down below be sure to go ahead and tweet at me if you do guys if
you guys end up do getting some really cool merch down below always appreciate
it always means a lot to me veggie trunks yes I’m going ahead and choose
super Sam for veggie trunks okay so I think we have our characters which I’m a
little curious to see how they play but what I also want to know down below is
what are some of your goals for next year if you guys have any goals if you
guys have anything that you are looking forward to any movies any games anything
that you have planned as a person let me know in the comments because quite
frankly I told you guys on Twitter what’s some of my plans and intentions
were look at this man doesn’t he look so badass just rising from the ground like
this and for me I definitely want to get this channel up – at least I’m gonna try
to at least get to two million subscribers I I think that’ll be a
stretch but with the content that I have plans for the future I told you guys
this publicly before I do plan on having various different horror crossovers
comic mangas and stuff like DC Marvel stuff like that so we’re gonna be doing
a lot going forward yo this dude is just insane how the hell and then on top of
that he runs away the minute I chase him get out of here burly Budo D what what I
want to know from all of you are what are some plans that you guys have what
are some goals that you guys have what does that be graduating getting a job
getting married having kids whatever the case may be I want to know in the
comment section below as I transform into Super Saiyan 4 okay so now you are
gonna be on the receiving end of a just very bad beatdown oh my god this dude
and his freakin attacks bro a hundred freaking attack right there a
hundred percent potency right there oh you son of a scale you see what is this
a genki-dama of souls did you see that that’s like a massive stardust breaker
in the form of like a spirit bomb oh it’s done what is this
what even what fusion is this that this dude would be as strong as like the die
shank on like what in the hell and on top of that I’m only using Super Saiyan
4 I’m not even using the maximum power so you know you can only imagine
alright so Broly thinks he’s tough all right Stella me I mean first of all how
strong do you guys think the fusion of both bullies would be if it was actually
real that’s something I want to know from you guys because I’m fairly certain
he would be really strong but but the thing to look forward to next year I
told you guys this before on so many different videos is I do plan on doing
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot we have started two other Dragon Ball games on the
channel two so in case you guys are here for fan mangas that’s not going anywhere
that’s never going to go anywhere so we are gonna be doing fan mangas Dragon
Ball super reviews the movies breakdown super Dragon Ball Heroes all that kind
of stuff but I do want to introduce other concepts other ideas on this
channel so if you guys care about me as a person you would support that if not
that I really what to say other than bullies pissing
me off because but also what I’ve noticed is the fact that my health have
regenerated so this is Super Saiyan 5 go G Doh Vinci Toa Gogeta whatever the hell
of a mixture of Gogeta and Vegeta fusion so I’m like I’m like super LP right oh
oh ok ok battle struggle am I gonna win no I am NOT all right fair play to him
though fair play to bro leaders time for us to hit max power time for us to leap
up in the sky what is this super genki-dama times 1000 dude I don’t know
how this individual is alive but he should be reduced to head like Adams
right now but also in terms of Rikon cuz a lot of you guys have been asking me yo
man are you gonna do more i canta guess I am I have so many ideas pitch to my
whole scene next year like I said before it the merch link down below does have
some cool rikon merch so oh wait a minute
oh that sucks I can’t go I can’t go master do I that that’s that’s pretty
much crap alright well I guess I’m gonna stay in my super saiyan 5 form for now
until I can just completely and utterly decimating to oblivion but what is this
there we go alright so yeah this is this is a no-brainer
I mean but personally if the two bullies combine your power can you imagine the
this seemingly limitless potential these two have I mean let’s be honest you know
let’s talk about this from an objective stance that would be insane but Broly
right now has no chance I’m sorry there’s no chance awadhi dot oh my uh
moistu in doo doo it’s it’s finished yeah he’s he’s done who’s next
oh we have we have kefla super saiyan 3 alright we’re gonna swap out for my boy
vegeto this is supposed to be Dragonball ax
jido so yes I think we can all agree that if such a concept learn to exist I
think he would be stronger than Super Saiyan 3 kefla probably even in base 2
who knows whoa what was that okay all right I see uh I see kefla wants smoke
all right let’s go ahead and just uh sure and just unleash another attack
is she down okay well partially all right time for us to go I believe Super
Saiyan okay that’s super saiyan 1 all right Super Saiyan one vegeto from
Dragonball AF guys vs. kefla Super Saiyan 3 from super let me know in the
comments section below who you guys stand for and why very curious to know
your thoughts as I am trying to see oh that’s nice all right we just teleported
in front of her just to give her those hands can I transform again yes I can
introducing vegeto Super Saiyan 4 from Dragonball AF and now we’re doing what’s
of ultimate impact now honestly with Dragonball AF because we’ve covered it
on the channel before with Dragonball AF I think that the concept does work but
it’s just so wacky in terms of like power stances stuff like that because
it’s all over the place it doesn’t really give you a definitive answer to
what you’re looking for I would say what is this Super Saiyan 5 oh my god yes
look at him he looks like the conqueror of worlds man Super Saiyan 5 the G note
from Dragonball AF this guy would shake the entire multiverse bro nah I mean not
to mention the fact that uh just regular Super Saiyan 5 Goku and he was about to
what when he’s about to battle he’s off his sons iCore and in many other
incarnations of the GG and stuff she was saying v was extremely powerful so you
can only imagine this which I have covered various different explained
videos in the channel too so check those out all right kefla
listen kefla has no chance kefla has no chance it’s the end of 2019 guys you can
expect like I said before at the end of the month and you guys can expect a vlog
you know and various other things but again I do encourage you guys to
subscribe to unreal energy Network – unreal vlogs and unreal oh yeah because
we’ve been covering some dope stuff on there – and I greatly appreciate the
support on all those channels so if you guys want to subscribe to those channels
you guys can find those links down in the description box below
super genki-dama in the form of an attack that’s very similar to the final
kamehameha that did nothing tuff was fighting back
she’s doing more damage than I am what is this oh why did I go back to base no
no no no no that that was that was a mistake that was definitely a mistake I
don’t know maybe maybe I ran out of power is that the gimmick that we’re
running with here yeah Jeff was too strong man on the last
video we actually battled against the evil die shank on so here I mean this is
uh this is fairly interesting but this is Super Saiyan 5 you know go cheeto or
vegeto Gogeta whatever go veto there we go go Vita the combined powers of like
two of the strongest ever but I think going forward right now listen carefully
yo Kefka think she’s tough right now kefla fails to realize look at how did
you see how how easy I just swerve that kick yeah she’s done and the thing is I
liked F like you know I’m saying so even if she didn’t she no power beyond like
you know Super Saiyan – whether that be three old trends think the one at home I
got is supposed to be like the Super God piccolo which is
PSB you know what let’s can we swap out I don’t think you can look at I just
stood in front of him that’s all I did that’s all I did was just like stand
right in front of them and and that attack did nothing
look at these attacks aren’t doing anything to me even though I’m not as
strong as the evil dice shouldn’t Khan don’t he barely moved
okay okay cuz evil guy Sheng Khan was like really strong that dude if you guys
saw the last video that dude was just insanely powerful and for me to survive
that like we barely even survived that so for this I’m actually fortunate that
uh you know we’re not battling against them yo get cocked instant oblivion bro
this guy’s gonna be just pounced on who is this okay so another mega fusion
which I have Oh is this goal Vita the other version of go Vita probably not
let’s see let’s see what the chips hold for our boys because this is uh this is
quite embarrassing oh okay all right can I transform all
right can I transform it to something Wow okay immediately right off the cuff
super Sam five very very very important development here very crucial
development going on here yo-yo god piccolo okay I mean even
though this is not the real God piccolo it’s like what it is what it is what is
this tonight Oh what that the hyper smash what was that that’s a that’s a
very that’s a very exclusive attack right there burst smash okay I’m
guessing that uh I’m guessing that piccolo or this version of pickle is
about to get just cocked into oblivion Final Four it was a rush finish okay
after this we do at Warwick nice what a way to close off the year and the thing
is to guys like it’s just incredible to see it how quickly it is a year just
went by like you like you know what I’m saying
you guys can’t deny that like the year went by so quick and it’s just insane we
went through the whole Shueisha issue before we went through so many different
things that again I’m very happy that and I’m very proud that you guys you
know stuck with me throughout all of this because it was a crazy time during
like the month of like June and stuff like that but you know also with the
growth of the channel like we’ve grown the channel so much that I really do
appreciate every little thing so thank you all as we Cox as a monitor movie
whoa okay this dude he just stood there he just took the attack all right
all right Zama see let’s see is there any way for me to transform can I
transform you even higher oh wait can we yes we can
ultra instinct ladies and gentlemen yep zoo mas is finished this is supposed to
be Kavita ultra instinct bir like what but you guys also have to give lots of
credit to the modders in the Dragon Ball community because they’ve been creating
some really really dope stuff like you know like these guys that have been
creating some of these things for like tech ihe and stuff it’s been nuts like
it’s I am literally shaking the entire world right now with this with this
transformation listen samasta you have no chance
brother you have no chance just accept accept that you’re about to get cooked
instant oblivion and that’s bad brother there there’s no conceivable way he can
win this like there’s nothing but yeah I mean he’s definitely not as strong as
the eagle died shank on blood but also in terms of fan manga like what is it
that you guys want to see her going into the year 2020 like what kind of fan
manga would you guys like to see it please let me know because if there’s if
there is anything that you guys really do want to see in terms of crossovers in
terms of you know anything let me know because I have a few guys that I’m
working with that we can all get stuff done together so that that would be a
pretty cool thing zammis ooh oh okay oh okay I might do a
uh I don’t know I might do a fan manga involving Zuma soo and Hamas who just
gets socked into no Libyan as he always does
let’s finish him off let’s finish this deal off we still have the other fusion
haven’t really look at this what is this ultimate what is this ultimate Big Bang
Kamehameha final what I don’t even know what that was what is this Laurita oh my
god he’s copying the Broly that was crazy
that was legit insane okay so now we have this dude time for us to swap out
with the kale and cauliflower Mehta Murray’s fusion okay she’s already
getting cooked at all alone yo my health what happened what the hell happened to
her help dude what happened to her health just now you guys just saw that
Yoshi Yoshi flopped just now what the heck was that dude okay so let’s see cuz
I’m gonna I want to give her some room to grow if I could transform here please
okay I’m gonna transform yo they’re gonna kill me these dudes all my
goodness they’re gonna kill you’re gonna kill this girl yo they’re gonna kill
this chick they’re gonna yo what wait a minute all the way way all Zaza bout to
say my controller isn’t working there for a minute all right what is this so
we have ultra instincts whatever the hell this is Kayla oh never mind okay so
did you guys you see that yo we just did some damage alright let’s see who’s this
okay so we’re doing we’re doing a legitimate damage but I don’t think it’s
the level that I want it to be so and vigy trunks can easily destroy me unless
I destroy him then that’ll be a that’ll be a game changer right there finishing
off with feminists feminists saying oh no no no okay great maximum power whoa
whoa what was that can we defeat them all
no why is this fusion so stupid why is this fusion like so it just feels so
busted like come on oh here we go oh my god yes yes yes aah
we failed this is so bad yo like to end the year off this Fusion is just trashed
bro there we go can you take him down let’s finish him off I don’t want to end
it with her to be honest sorry who is this okay
Vegeta whatever mega fusion this is like I said before we have we have so many
different fusions in this game so many different ideas and concepts and
everything like oh this is insane damn yeah the G trunks is the body catch
these hands like basically this is the end of the whole video bro like this guy
has no chance of survival but again I do want to thank all of you I want to thank
all of you for your support I want to thank all of you for your feedback I
want to thank all of you for supporting the merch and like I said before slap a
big fat like down below please do so it helps out the chain a lot subscribe to
the channel if you guys have not subscribed to unreal networks subscribe
to unreal boy al this dude thinks he’s gonna win like that’s what I find
hilarious he thinks he’s gonna win but you’re not you’re just gonna fall like
everybody else look at this look at the beat down look at this
complete and utter tonnage God Squad hashtag God Squad homies hashtag God
Squad I am going to beat this guy in san oblivion and on top of that I’m gonna
hit my max power and then continuously just beat him around look at this Vigi
trunks has no chance I’m gonna do this until I weaken him enough and then I am
going to finish him with my ultimate we’re about to get that 100 hit combo
watch this folks hundred and ten oh my god going on a hundred and thirty yep
yep it’s just about done a hundred and fifty combos and it’s over super
genki-dama times 1000 if it G trunks he’s finished man wow what a what a
showcase though that was pretty fun again thank you all so much for watching
happy holiday season guys tune back in for the next video check out the
previous mods if you have not we’d also have the official tank HD mod playlist
down below as well so check that out have a good time thank you all so much
for watching and I’ll check you all in the next video take it easy guys
please this is the Galactic Emperor of the universe and of course I’m here to
tell you to subscribe to unrelenting also follow unrelenting on these social
media platforms to stay connected at all times and if you don’t then very soon
you will all be dead oh did someone say Underland gay me oh my god the fuck
someone put on some clothes well why don’t you put on any clothes what I
don’t need clothes Jesus Christ huge what Broly freezer prepare to die

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