The Tesla Coil

[dramatic music] On this episode of “The Snake Pit”! [soft hissing] This illuminating engineer is hoping to spark the imaginations of the judges with another exciting, electrical invention. [click] What the devil?! Who turned off the lights?! [electrical buzzing] [guitar riff, laughter] [clapping] Oh, thank you! Thank you. My name is Nikola Tesla and I’m here to ask for one million American dollars for my latest invention. I call it– The Tesla Coil! A million dollars?! This better do some amazing things. Before we discuss what it does, don’t you want to know how it works? Not really. The Tesla Coil consists of a primary and secondary coil, each with its own capacitor. The coils and capacitors are connected by a gap of air between two electrodes that generates a spark of electricity! It requires a high-voltage power source hooked up to the primary coil– –Okay! Okay! Enough with the science lesson. Just tell us what it’s used for! Well, you see.. the electric current builds up in the capacitor until it reaches a tipping point. The current flows through the spark gap, into the secondary coil– So you’re shooting electricity between coils, but what does it actually do? I’ll get to that! I’ll tell you all about what it does, you’ll see! Now, the energy goes back and forth between the two coils, causing electrical resonance. And does this electrical resonance have some kind of special property? Well, not quite, not quite! But, you see, the energy goes back and forth between the coils and the secondary capacitor concentrates the current, and will eventually shoot out bolts of electricity!! So.. it shoots out lightning bolts. That’s it? No. Well, yes and no, really– the coils operate at a very high power level but they can transform this power up to several million volts! So you built a very big transformer, is that it then? [laughter] Well- well, you know.. in a- in a way.. Maybe you’d benefit from another demonstration? [protests] We don’t need another demonstration–That’s not necessary– [electrical buzzing, guitar riff] See? Pretty good, eh? It doesn’t actually do anything, does it? Uh- well- sure it does! It is used to- eh- produce a high electric field which causes the air to ionize and conduct electricity! Shoot lightning bolts. Just say it’s used to shoot lightning bolts. That is just one of the many, many things that the Tesla Coil can do. It also creates an oscillating frequency up to 20,000 Hertz! Oh, so it makes noise too? Is that what you’re saying? It shoots lightning bolts and makes noise? It produces high voltage, low current, high frequency– That’s it! I’ve had enough! I’m out. Uhh.. I’m out too! Tommy, wait up! -wasting my time with his useless inventions! Did I miss something? What did you say this contraption does, again? Um. Well, it.. you know.. that is to say.. Yahh!! [guitar riff, electrical buzzing] [dramatic music]

100 thoughts on “The Tesla Coil

  1. Well since this is a series now Imma just go prepare some handkerchiefs to cry for Tesla every time

  2. I wounder if these end with Tesla's death ray. Or the electric gun, or that little thing that can take down buildings .

  3. Tbh what adds extra irony is that most of Tesla's inventions were stolen by some of the people in the room.

  4. I hope this series ends with Westinghouse and Tesla becoming friends since they were business partners IRL.

  5. I went to a Tesla exposition in a local museum a few years ago. I learned there that, effectively, Tesla coils do nothing, BUT the thing is, they look science-y and futuristic enough that there is a community of Tesla coil creators, big enough to warrant a few conventions every year. Some of them are for entertainment, because science fiction and steampunk movies or plays use them to make you think "uh, so science-y and futuristic".

    The other bunch just like Tesla coils.

  6. I'm LIVING for all these miniseries. The other day I came up some more I think could be fun
    -Freud's divan: just little sketches of Freud's therapy sessions (bonus points if it features famous mad people like Nero)
    -Tapputi's love corner: love and sex advice from the queen herself (also answering real fan questions?)
    -Darwin in the world: a David Attenborough/Steve Irwin style adventure and wildlife documentary (even better if it's based on his actual findings during his voyage in the Beagle)

  7. Ford was obsessed with Edison. To the point where he saved vials of Edison’s last breath. 2 vials to be exact. He put one in the Henry Ford Museum, along with the entirety of Menlo Park, and kept the other in his personal collection. No idea what happened to the second vial, but I like to think Ford snorted it to absorb Edison’s genius juices

  8. I don't care if you break from history for it, please, for the love of god just give the man a *single victory*. Tesla deserves a break.

  9. :,(
    >Be me
    >Serbian inventor
    >Build revolutionary machine
    >People don't care
    >Explain how it works with a primary and secondary coil, even though it's made of steel and demo doesn't even have a secondary coil yet works anyway
    >People still don't care
    >Get rejected

  10. He dont create the lamp who create the lamp is a russia person
    They just put a glass around the lamp

  11. i will take it!
    think of the possibility of harnessing this type of eletricity!

    hey Tesla! have you ever try making your own cruise ship that would be awesome if your machines can do more in a ship 😀

  12. This video does not do Tesla justice. Tesla was a great man who kept getting the short end of the stick because people kept stealing his inventions. He invented FUCKING AC CURRENT, and all hes remembered for are his coils. Modern technology wouldnt be possible without his contributions to science.

    Lord Bung, you may make good SCP animations, but you have little understanding and respect for Nikola Tesla.

  13. The Tesla coil was one of its many uses was to basicaly have free electricity BuT Da BiG GUys SAID No

  14. I don’t know what snakepit has come to these days inventors on the show? Bah give me the real people behind it, the people who steal the idea and profit! Don’t know if I can keep watching after this.

  15. It can be used to make music. You've never seen a concert where someone is standing in between these two coils with an iron suit and plays an electric guitar and the guitar controls the flow of electricity so you get an awesome instrument that will get people flocking over.

  16. Ah, I love this things. Yeah, it’s just because they are fun to look at and play with but hey, that’s enough for me to want to buy one.

  17. I dunno, I'm pretty sure there are a lot of ridiculously rich people who would pay bank to see that kind of jazz

  18. Tesla coild could be used at least for the sole purpose of entertainment though, why not? 🙂

  19. Should have just said that it shoots lightning bolts that can kill people
    I bet an US army general would have quickly burst through the window and offered him a job,then

  20. I mean.. it transfers electricity over a long distance without the use of electrical cables, so I like it. Tesla doesn’t deserve this.

  21. I'll tell you what, Edison did not only steal Tesla's patents, he bankrupted many inventors because of a simple lightbulb!
    He bought a lightbulb prototype and proclaimed it was his prototype!

  22. So… umm… should I ship Ford and Edison? 'Cause you know… the first episode of the snake pit… and this episode… and the 2nd episode of the main series… soooooo… ar they just "brothers" in arms, or something faaar more?

  23. I'm very sad by the fact that how low the views on this great channel and series are , I mean the channel is not one of the best but THE BEST . Amazing work again

  24. so what?…. that's the exact argument for building one… unbeliavable!!

  25. In all seriousness I cant help but wonder how tesla would react to the coils to be used for songs and other stuff like that

  26. Could somebody else get roasted next? Tesla had enough… I mean… It won´t be such roasting as a lighting bolts, but….

  27. The Tesla coil and his idea for resonant amplification were the basis for tuning radio. Radios and televisions used to have as many little Tesla coils as vacuum tubes. Tesla talked about many other uses like engine ignition, lighting, wireless lighting, wireless power, x-rays, ozone, induction heating, microwave heating, welding, and many other things.

  28. For real, I think it is really sad, that Tesla now is the most famous inventor. But all his life nobody noticed him, and he was so unfortunate and unhappy. And so sad… oh now i'm sad, too(((

  29. I hate how the super science friendS make nikola tesla a one of the smartest human beings to walk this earth look like such a moron.

  30. transmitting electrical energy throught natural media around the planet.

    of course you need a 500 metres tall coil, and maybe six of them, but it's possibile.

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