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Hey guys, it’s Akeem with Channel
Frederator and today we’re talking Titans! No, not the human eating variety,
the ones that save lives! Yeah! Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network’s second
series based around the Teen Titan characters Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy,
Cyborg and Raven was such a smashing success for the franchise and Warner
Brothers that they decided to give the series its first theatrical release. Now,
this particular iteration of the Titans has been met with much scrutiny amongst
fans, given its light-hearted comedic take on the once action-oriented
original series in the early 2000s What we see today from the Titans is
definitely a far cry from the original series but that could be due to Cartoon
Network catering to a younger demographic and Warner Brothers’ desire
to shake things up a bit but given the direction the Teen Titans Go! film is
potentially taking, it could lead to a return of the Titans we once loved and
practically grew up with. So, what’s the likelihood of the Titans returning to
the original series? Well, on today’s Cartoon Conspiracy we’re exploring the
impact the Teen Titans Go! film will have on the television series and whether or
not it’ll change the direction of the overall show. Will we see the original
series return based on what plays out in the film? *Heh* Let’s find out. Now, let’s first start off with a brief
synopsis of what Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is all about. Now, while I wouldn’t
necessarily consider this a spoiler because, I mean, it’s pretty much common
knowledge if you’re curious about the premise of the film. I will say that I’ll
be indeed laying down the spoiler alert hammer, in which case, I’ll give you guys
a fair warning. So you can either, you know, skip that particular portion of the
video or accept your manifested destiny and drudge forth into spoiler land!
That’s a land. Okay, let’s go. The film stars our Titans as they set
forth to star in a film of their own. After all, they live in a world where
there has been countless films based around some of the more notable
superheroes in both the DCU and MCU. Tired of playing second fiddle, Robin
decides to take himself and the rest of the Titans to Hollywood to find the
director. But, of course, a villain pops up and that’s where things go up awry. Now,
that’s just a brief synopsis of what the film is all about. Now, let’s get into
what the meat of this discussion is all about. Grab a spoon. Or fork, that’s how
you eat meat. Now, one thing you need to be aware of pertaining to the film is
that it is very self-aware The Teen Titans Go! series has been
compared by many online critics and fans to the original series. Many with
scathing things to say about the current iteration. And, as such, some of the
earlier promotions of the film actually poked fun of this particular fact. Back
in April, before they dropped their second trailer for the film, the Titans
read mean tweets about the upcoming film at the time. Their analysis after reading
said tweets? Well, people are actually talking about them! Just goes to show you that
any publicity is good publicity and *heh heh heh* I agree. Though many may have had negative
notions about the film or even the series as a whole, there had to have been
a very good reason behind giving the wildly popular with kids show it’s only
feature-length film in theaters. And no, not just for the money. Although, yes, cashing in this particular cow is a given. Sweet, sweet, money is always
delicious. But I want you guys to think about it, the last time Warner Brothers
animation released an animated feature-length film in the
theaters was back in 1993 with Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Mask of the
Phantasm was a continuation of the Batman animated series. Teen Titans Go! To
the Movies follow suit in that it takes place after the third and fourth episode
of the series entitled Kabooms, where the Titans are inspired by the babies vs.
dog movie and decide to make a big Hollywood film of their own. Now, the
episode that’ll soon follow after the film takes place after the events of the
movie. The fifth episode of Teen Titans Go! is entitled Tower Renovation and the
only synopsis available online at the time of this recording is “What happens
to the Titans after Teen Titans Go! to the Movies.” …That’s it. That’s all I was
able to find guys, sorry. A question that’s on all of our minds and basically
the purpose of this particular video is that. So what can we expect after the
events of the movie? Back in June, voice actor Tara Strong who voices Raven on both animated shows said in a tweet, “WOW. Just so y’all know…at a movie session
today, they told us that if the #TTGO movie kicks all butts they would do our
show at the same time as #Season6 … FOR REALS!
So go see it! Even if you hate us!!” And a couple of months before Tara tweeted that out, Michael Jelinek, one of the producers of
Teen Titans Go! said during a panel at WonderCon that he can “almost guarantee”
the original Teen Titans is coming back! Oh yeah.
The hype is real! *poof* That was a fire effect! Yeah. To further add credence to
these claims, now that the movie is out, Let’s explore a certain scene that we’re
all treated to towards the end of the movie. That’s right, an after credits
scene, guys. Now I’ll try to keep it vague but I can only be so vague.
Actually, by the time this video is released, the film is already out. There.
In theaters. So, consider yourself warned, this is a spoiler coming, so spoiler
alert! I don’t know how else to make this clear but let’s just.. spoil. So if you
stay towards the end credits, you may have seen the 2003 Teen Titans appear in
a transmission where Robin makes mention that “they may have found a way back” before the transmission is abruptly ended. Now, what is that way back Robin
was mentioning? Well, as a series that is known for breaking down the fourth wall,
it’s safe to assume the answer to that particular question lies in Tara Strong’s
tweet, where she says that they just might bring back the original series if
the Teen Titans Go! film kicks all butts in theaters. Now putting box office
numbers aside, the film has an overwhelming amount of positive reviews.
It’s set on a trajectory to do quite well for the franchise.
Honestly it’s quite surprising, given the amount of criticism the television
series has received, mostly from those longing for the return of the original
series And now, based on what we’ve seen in the Titans film, the comments from
Tara Strong and the confirmation from one of the co-producers, it’s more than
likely set to return to airwaves with the Teen Titans go film being that very
catalyst and jumping-off point. The next episode of Teen Titans Go! kicks off this
month in August, entitled Tower Renovation. Now, since the episode just
before the movie led directly to the overall plot of the film, it might be
positive for the next episode and town renovation to be the jumping-off point
to bring in the Titans from 2003 series into 2018. I mean, in a world of remakes
and reboots, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is even being
considered. This is, quite honestly, the most elaborate means of rebooting a
series. But, for something such as this, it kinda makes sense. Teen Titans Go! is like a
kid-friendly parallel universe to the 2003 series. And there are some crossover
fans of both shows. So, if there are in fact talks of bringing it back, it makes
sense to tie it into the second iteration, given its current popularity.
Though we don’t know the synopsis of the upcoming Tower Renovation episode of
Teen Titans Go, the actions taken in the film by the Titans will undoubtably
dictate the course of the television show. And the teaser towards the end of
the film featuring the Teen Titans from the early 2000s television series is
definitely a sign of things to come. That bombshell co-producer Michael Jellinek
dropped at WonderCon now holds significant weight. And it means
something. It’s getting heavy. Very. Our beloved Titans are returning, things are
definitely about to change! *inhale* I-I think they’re coming back, they are! It’s been
five whole seasons of Teen Titans Go! so it’s no surprise that the producers
might be leaning towards shaking things up a bit.
They’ve thoroughly explored the weird side of things. In fact, Jellinek once said
in an interview with ComicsAlliance, “This show is a million times weirder
than I think we thought it was going to be when we started this. So, yeah, if
anything, each season of the show we try to push the boundaries and see how far
we can go.” And now it seems as though they may be pushing the boundaries
towards the direction of the original Teen Titans Go! television series. It was
just called Teen Titans. They didn’t go yet. But they did go! Yeah. The fans wanted
it and, looks like, we just might be getting the return… of the Teen Titans.
Now, of course, there is a likelihood that the original Teen Titans show won’t
return. But, given all the hints and teases we’ve seen thus far, especially
from the Teen Titans Go! film, it would lead many to question… why’d ya even
bother creating such hype if there’s no plans of bringing the show back? Come on! I mean, I’m sure we’d all be happy, even for a single season to wrap up the
original story and give the series a proper send-off. Now, we’ve seen this
done with Samurai Jack. let’s start a trend here and bring back
all these classic cartoons and wrap up their original storylines. Yeah. Now, I
didn’t place this one on a scale but for those of you who like scales…
let’s give it five members of the original Teen Titans series because, well,
that’s what we want. We want all five of them. Booyah! So, what do you guys think
of the movie, if you saw it? I thought it was pretty damn awesome! I-I mean it was
like Deadpool, if Deadpool was made for kids and didn’t swear and kill people. Oh,
and if he were made by DC. Yeah. That’s what it was like to me. And are you guys
excited for the possibility that the original series might be returning? And
what do you think this movie means for the Teen Titans Go! series as a whole? Sound
off in the comment section down below, guys! I’m Akeem, this is Cartoon Conspiracy
and you guys already know… Frederator loves you.

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  1. Does anyone else think it would be fine if they produced Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans at the same time? TTG has brought a lot of money to Cartoon Network and I think they wouldn’t want to let that go, so to please fans they could also release Teen Titans episodes with a continuation of the original storyline and so on.


  3. i think i speak for 98% of the population…we dont care if Teen Titans Go gets completely replaced by the original Teen Titans 🙂

  4. at the end of the movie none of the younger kids understood how cool it was to have the titans pop up i cried it was so unexpected

  5. Teen Titans was cancelled for a reason. They wont bring back Teen Titans if TTG if the one bringing in the money and both shows can't air simultaneously as it may affect the show's popularity. It would be like opening the door to a future downfall as its happened before.

  6. I hate the new series but if watching the new movie means bringing the old one back I will at least buy a ticket to it

  7. Does anyone else think that a fake teaser for a reboot of the '03 series is exactly the kind of joke they'd make with Teen Titan's Go?

  8. I’m not even that much of a fan of TTG and I haven’t been able to watch the original, I don’t know where to watch it, and that end credit scene still had me shook

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  13. The creators said and I quote: "If the movie does well, we will return the series". But that is IF the movie reaches the goal.

  14. I dont think that teen titans go is trash because im gonna watch it in a couple hours but id would have been awesome for the original to return

  15. I hold no grudges against the 2003 Teen Titans cartoon and can now watch it without getting a bit sea-sick. But the original's inconsistent swinging between serious and absurdist made me say from the start that the writers needed to pick one and stick with it. When Teen Titans Go! debuted, I saw they finally picked a genre and, after watching it, I found it to be both absurd on the surface, but in many cases it hid a message that one didn't expect to find. know I don't hold the popular view, liking TTG!, but I do. And I can still enjoy Young Justice (the better Teen Titans in serious form) and TT2003 as well.

  16. I believe people at CN were upset about the lost of TT and when told to promote a new and wacky cartoon, jumped at the chance to keep the teens relevant.
    Perhaps making GO as terrible yet popular at the same time as possible to garner support of season 6.
    Let me believe.

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