The Story of Muyiwa Olarewaju: Peace in the Wilderness

I remember my last conversation clearly I remember my last conversation with my father face-to-face. I remember him saying to me which is to say, “Remember whose son you are Remember where you belong” My parents had sent me to the UK I remember coming off the plane It was horrible, the cold. Then I get to my uncle’s house he opens the door and says… “Ah you have come. You will suffer.” And his words just became quite prophetic. So my parents have sent me over for a better life and it becomes clear after a while that something wasn’t right because I’m moved from one family to the other. I wasn’t a bad kid I was just, you know, I was just an unplanned child. There’s one point in my life which I remember clearly This uncle had thrown me out. I had all my belongings in this one plastic bag and I was walking and I’m thinking, Okay where am I going? The bag splits and I just burst into tears. It was something of a defining moment I went through years of questioning who I really was. I was bitter It was just a mess. My feelings were focused on my father I would wonder why In my head he was a giant He is this great, handsome, suave… He is personable. People loved him and in my head that was who I wanted to be. So he came from a Muslim family and he still kept something of his Muslim faith until he met my mum My mum leads him to Christ and news gets back to his family and he’s told in no uncertain terms that You are dead to us. But he became very active in church and there was a group of Muslims and they said to him If you carry on we are going to kill you. I always had questions as to why did you allow me to go to through things I did? And after years of grappling with these things I had made up my mind I want to go and see him I wanted to talk to him I’d written to him before But that didn’t make the pain any less that probably made the pain more once he was snatched away the last thing he was doing before he was shot was he was writing me a letter and he gets a call from a young gentleman who my parents had picked up off the street. He was the one that was hired as an assassin because my father recognised his voice He comes out and he’s shot in the stomach I remember my uncle showing me the picture of my father’s body. Looking back now, I was in shock This great man who I’d lived with in my head who I aspired to was reduced to this corpse on the floor I felt like on the one hand you’ve killed my hero and on the other hand all the questions I could have asked to get an answer I couldn’t get anymore. Now looking back I’m I’m glad he was at rest because this is something I’ve never talked about I’m glad he’s at rest yeah I’m glad he’s at rest The last time I saw him face to face he also gave me Psalm 27 ‘The Lord is my light and my salvation when my mother and my father forsook me, then the Lord took me up” When you’re going through that dry place you don’t realise that stuff could have happened that could have meant I ended up dead in prison There were many times but somehow He shielded me. My father was killed by those who said to him they will wipe his name away from the face of the earth I have the benefit of heading up a radio station the privilege of doing a TV show That TV station is watched by 70 million people This show comes up with Muyiwa Olarewaju Olarewaju, the name they’d said they would wipe away from the face of the earth Does it make it any easier? No it doesn’t. But it means I’ve made up my mind All things work together So if the fire burns us we will not bow. We will worship Jesus only

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