The Purge TV Series Season 2 “Survive” Trailer (HD)

[Purge warning siren] [items breaking] Someone is in the house. [gunfire, glass breaking]
What the hell does he want?! [loud footsteps] To Purge. ♪He was just a rookie trooper and he surely shook with fright♪ Without the Purge, this is what our world could look like, every day. You really think so? I’ve seen what people do when they think no one’s watching. ♪ He checked all his equipment
and made sure his pack was tight ♪ What do you do, when every choice you can make seems like the wrong one? ♪ He had to sit and listen to
those awful engines roar, ♪ ♪ “You ain’t gonna jump no more!” ♪ What happens on Purge Night, stays on Purge Night, okay? The Purge is making people more violent, not just on Purge, but every day of the year. Somebody tried to Purge Roe. In cases like these, it’s someone you know. You haven’t been yourself. I know. [sirens]
♪ Gory, gory, what a hellu’va way to die ♪ [sirens]
♪ Gory, gory, what a hellu’va way to die ♪ [sirens]
Whoever is asking me there, I’m not going away from here. ♪ He ain’t gonna jump no more! ♪ [sirens]

100 thoughts on “The Purge TV Series Season 2 “Survive” Trailer (HD)

  1. 1:42 If the guy of the série have the God mask from the 2nd movie , how the leader of the Bikers of the Purge Anarchy get this mask ??!!

  2. So either a) the NFFA were like "oh you know the event that causes PTSD to our citizens? let's do it an all-day event" or b) the producers are going to be like "remember is the season finale how France is planning on doing the purge? let's do that"

    Also if this happened in real life the Mexican and Canadian borders are going to be flooded with traffic

  3. For anyone wondering what the song is on the commercial, I finally found it. Cannon Division "Blood Upon the Risers" (Artist and song). It took me long enough lol…

  4. If you want a real purge read esther in the Bibel. Wish you all the best.Jesus bless. Please everyone read the Gospel 1Corint 15:1-4,Rom 3:25, John 3:16 & Ephes 2:8-9.

  5. I didn't even know that Season 2 was tomorrow until I checked my Sidereel account (which I hadn't checked for months) but OMFG YASSSS 🙌🏼

  6. how is that fair? the government comes up with the the purge but they cant be purged upon fuck them ill purge on them i dont give a shit if a normal citizen can be purged upon so can the fucking government considering they came up with it they can live with the fucking consequences!!!!!!! ill kill any government official!!!!! id be robbing banks fuck killing anyone i would be getting rich!!!!!!!

  7. i dont think im gonna like this season i mean these fucking cunts lied to us they told us there is gonna be a two hour special with the purge but the rest of the episodes was gonna be the aftermath but the first spisode only goes for forty minutes and 2 hours to go in the purge this season is gonna suck i know it is!!!!! fucking yanky liars!!!!!!

  8. Wow I didn’t know there was going to be a season 2? I thought we would get a final movie of The Purge next year but a new show again but it’s all good

  9. when I the first purge movie I thought I was real in America , I was really scared how this can happen or somebody do like this
    Then I searched the internet
    okay it was not really
    but if it was real

  10. I will never understand why out of all the thing to do on the Purge, why would people spend their night dressing up in masks and/or silly Halloween costumes running around with guns killing people like a bunch of mindless savages? I would spend the night stealing food, clothes, and video games.

  11. God damn it i wish they would bring the og bikers back from purge anarchy, the masks were actually disturbing And didnt look cheesy, they had a intresting plot in the story and the way they would use a skateboard and the bread truck was just creepy, yes i saw that they brought the god mask back but its just not the same…

  12. Only the rich Scandinavian countries and possibly Australia could afford to hold an annual purge night. American tax payers couldn't afford the annual cost to business or the community; they don't have health care. There'd be lot of brutally scared people on the streets. No one would want to pay for the clean up ? Lol.

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