The NAB Show Survival Guide

Hi I’m David Wells with Moving Picture Rental. Here’s my NAB Show Survival Guide Top 8
list. The reason I broke it down into a top 8 format
is I couldn’t think of a top 10. First, learn something. You can do this in a variety of ways. NAB has all kinds of experts there. Go to a booth. Ask a great question and you’re going to
get a great, great answer. I guarantee it. Number 2. Focus on fun at the NAB show and you will
not have a disappointing trip and absolutely keep an eye out for the booth girls. Number 3. Hey, maybe look at some gear? Then get pissed off about gear you should’ve bought last year that would have paid for itself by now and then some! Or, rejoice that you didn’t buy it, because
the same thing came out a week after NAB and was much cheaper… and a lot better! Number 4. Some practical things: power bank and charging
cable for your phone. Somehow there are very few AC outlets at NAB. My favorite is the Moshi IonSlim 5K, $50 bucks
on Amazon. Its only 8mm thick and will charge your iPhone
twice. Better carry protein bars, a really great
idea. Also, you want to head for lunch at the show at 11:15. You can save an entire hour. The lines for lunch are insane. Number 5 . Do you know how to identify the smartest person
at NAB? Look at their shoes. A dude can be in a suit and tie with comfortable
running shoes that don’t match his suit in any way shape or form. That’s the smartest guy in the room. Number 6. Fine dining and drinking ridiculously
expensive wine. This has to be one of my favorite things to
do and the best way to spend a grand or more in 90 minutes. Number 7. When you arrive Las Vegas, go for a run or
hike in the desert. Red Rock Canyon National Conversation Area
is just 20 minutes from the strip. You’re in a different world out there! Or, visit Mount Charleston ski area and go
for a hike or run! Number 8. See old friends, and hang out at the pool. You don’t have to be at the show all the
time. Or, go to the Las Vegas Speedway to race cars. Yes! You can pay by the lap and drive the half
million dollar Lambo Hurricane GT car. Take a chance. Try something new!

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