The Lord of the Stings

– I just found a ring. – Can I see? (dramatic music) – Where’s the fish? (growling loudly) (water splashing) Stupid fish! (growling loudly) This fish is fake? A fake fish? (gagging loudly) (spitting violently) Why would they put a
fake fish here, Precious? (sad violin music) What’s going on guys? Today we are on location in New Zealand, and we’re being given the
opportunity to explore Hobbiton. The official Lord of the Rings set where they filmed for the Shire. – (Mario) So- – (Coyote) Wow! – (Mario) Peter Jackson was here. Frodo was here. – (Coyote) Frodo was here. Everybody was here. They’re not here today, but we’re going to go
right through that gate and for the next couple of hours. We’re going to be exploring and making our
own adventure on GoPros, while the other cameras follow us, and see what we can find. – (Mario) Nice! – (Coyote) It’s just like
a make your own adventure sort of adventure. Sweet! – (Man 2) A wha- a what? – A make your own adventure, adventure. That’s why we all have our own cameras. I’m going to try to Frodo
and Bilbo’s hobbit hole. – I’m gonna go look for some critters. I wonder if there’s any
geckos or skakes around here? Too cold for that. – This place is absolutely huge. I had no idea that there were this many hobbit holes, in the movie. I’m gonna have to watch it again because there are quite a few of these. – All right, I am on a mission. Find Frodo and Bilbo’s hobbit hole. I think the first thing
I need to do is really understand the lay of the land here. Look at this bridge. Beautiful. And that water wheel is
actually functioning. Now the further I adventure,
probably the cooler the things are that I might find. Oh here’s a weird little trail. Check this out. Looks like a good spot
for frogs and turtles. Hmm Ooh, not sure if this is where
I’m suppose to be or not. How cool. It’s like a little set
where they dry flowers. Wow! Okay, I’m gonna go meet
up with Mark and Mario. I guess that stays open. Back through here. Ha! Finding and exploring some cool places. What is that? (gentle flute music) Look at this. You see it? That’s a ring. (gentle flute music) That’s a Lord of the Rings ring. For real, just found that
in the leaves, in the water. Holy cow! Ha! That is crazy! Holy mackerel! I just found a ring! Oh my gosh! (laughs) This is crazy! This is really happening. I cannot believe this is really happening. I wonder if they hide them? They must hide them. I’m like- I have chills right now. This is like unbelievable. Hey! There’s Mario. He’s not even gonna believe this. Oh, you found a cat. Hi kitty. – (Mario) that’s Frodo’s little- little- – Is that Frodo’s cat? – Yeah! – Dude! – What’s up? – You’re not gonna
believe what I just found! – (Mario)- Did you find a
little gecko or something? – I found a ring. (light harp music) – What?! – Do you think the people- you
think that they hide those? Around for people to find? – I don’t think so man, I mean- – (Coyote) They must! – It’s got some weight to it. – Yeah, It’s like the ring, the one ring. – Dude! That’s an awesome find. Let me see it. Let me- – Well let’s go show Mark. Let’s go show Mark. – Yeah, let’s get it to Mark. – Oh, are those fish? – Look at this! These are eels. – (Coyote) Oh they’re eels! Dude that’s cool. These are so real-looking. – Little catfish dinner. Can be right here. – (Coyote) Oh a fish. – Yeah. – (Coyote) A sweet fish. Man the props on these
sets are just amazing! Everything is like it’s magical! This place is magical. Have you found Frodo’s hobbit hole yet? – (Mario) Not yet. – I still can’t find it. All right, we’re gonna keep going looking for Frodo’s hobbit hole. – Oh, wow. – (Mark) Look at this,
like a little mailbox. Doesn’t Work. All right, let’s see
what I can get in here. Little gate. Oh, here we go. Ugh. Oh, goes that way. Ooh, little chess game. Let’s se what we got going on here. Oh, those are glued in. Smart. – (Coyote) Hey Mark! – (Mark) Yeah? – (Coyote) Where you at? – (Mark) I’m coming back around. – Here come up into this light real quick. You’re not going to believe this. – (Mario) We found something pretty cool. – All right, what do you got? – You’re on the camera? – I’m rolling. – I’m gonna see if he believes this. (harmonious harp music) – (Mark) What? – (Coyote) I found that. (Mark) Where’d you find that? – So there’s a- kinda
went off the path of where you’re suppose to be. – (Mark) Mmhm – And I was like, “Let
me try and find an animal to put in the video.”. So we went down by the pond area, and that is a Lord of the Rings ring. It even has the inscriptions on it. – (Mario) Let him-hold it. Just hold it real quick. It’s really heavy. I think we gotta contact the owners of the property because that might be like the real ring. – (Coyote) Well let’s- let’s wait. – Can I see? It’s a pretty big ring. – (Coyote) Ugh, here you just- – Mario can you? Let me- I just want to see it. – (Mario) Just let Mark see it dude. Its no big deal. – I just want to see if it’s-
I mean it’s a huge ring. I wonder if it even fits. it doesn’t really fit. I mean. Ma- Ma- Mario. – (Mark) Whoa. Whoa. – (Mario) Just give it to him. That’s fine. I don’t- – Hey, all right man, it’s- it’s- yours. – It’s mine. My very own. That one is mine. – Lets go check out more hobbit holes. – Honestly, I think They’re just a little bit jealous that I found a ring, and they did not find a ring. – (Mario) This is a really cool set. I mean these are not replicas. These are actually like- – (Mark) This is the real deal. – (Mario) Structures. – (Mark) I remember
this one from the movie. – (Mario) Do you want to go inside? – (Mark) Yeah. Do you want to see if
there’s anybody in there? – I guess we could do this, right? – (Mark) Mario we can do whatever we want. Whoa.=(Mario) Oh, that’s pretty sweet. – (Mark) Its not much in here. This is definitely-
definitely a movie set now. – (Mario) Yeah, still pretty neat. – (Mark) All right, let’s-
let’s head back out. – (Mario) I wonder what
else we could find. Oh wow. Look at the light. Mario, look at the Shire. – (Mario) Ah, it’s a
beautiful morning today. – (Mark) It’s gorgeous. Let’s head to the top. Do you want to go on a journey. – Indeed. Let’s go to the top. – (Mark) Let’s go. (dramatic fantasy music) – That’ll make a nice staff. – (Mark) Mario, this way. (dramatic fantasy music) – I think this is it. No admittance except on party business. (knocking loudly) Frodo? Bilbo? Anybody home? (door squeaking) Wow. This is cool. I guess since I’m inside here might as well get a shot of the ring. Pretty cool. I found a ring on the set of the Shire, and now I am in Bilbo’s residence with the actual ring itself. (gasps) It’s getting hot out. Sun is (sighs) making
its way up into the sky, and at this point I guess I’ll um- (loud coughing) I guess I will go back down the hill. Try to meet up with the guys. Let’s close this back up and head back down the hill. – (Mario) I wonder where Coyote is at. – I have no idea. Oh wow! – (Mario) Look at this hobbit hole. – (Mark) Definitely looks
a lot like a movie now. – [Unison] Look at these guys! – (Mario) These are guineafowl. – (Mark) They’re actually from Africa. Pretty cool. – (singing) Taking off my boots. Taking off my boots My boots, my boots. Taking of my boots. – (Mario) Do you hear those noises? – I do. – We don’t need you anymore. No boots. Why would you need boots in Hobbiton? Hobbits don’t walk around with boots. Look at that. Bare feet and one ring to rule them all. Hobbits also don’t wear hats. Don’t really need that anymore. (sighs loudly) Yes. Yes. (whispers quietly) Where’s the fish? Where’s the fish? Where’s the fish? Where’s the fish? Where are you fish? Where’s the fish? (sighs loudly) I’m going to catch a fish. I’m going to catch a fish. Fish, fish, fish. (water splashing) (grunts loudly) (yells) Stupid fish! (Coyote growling) – (Mario) Dude this is sweet. Whoa. Look at Coyote’s stuff. – (Mark) Where is he? He left his hat? He never leaves his hat. What’s going on here? – (Mario) I don’t know
man, but you’re right. He never leaves his hat. – (Mark) Maybe he’s gone to
the bathroom or something. I don’t know. – Sweet, sweet, sweet. Look at me. (birds squawking) See, I’m getting cool shots with the ring. (coughs violently) – Oh wow! Look at that! Look at that door at the top. That’s definitely Bag End. Let’s get up there. (dramatic horn music) – I’m not as fast as I used to be. That’s for sure. – Oh, somethings coming. Somebody is coming. Somebody is coming. Who is that? Who is it? They can’t haves it. No one can have it from us. This one’s ours. Its our very own, precious ring. Precious ring. It’s ours. This is the one ring. (grunts loudly) – (Mario) The home of Bilbo Baggins. – [Mark] (knocks loudly) Bilbo? (knocking loudly) – (Mario) Look at this pumpkin. – He’s never home when
you need him to be home. – (Mario) Hey Mark, I
think we got to go down to the Green Dragon, and
maybe we’ll find Coyote. – Yeah, maybe. Do you think we should
go back and get his hat? – (Mario) No, he’ll get it. – Oh, there he is. – (Mario) Hey Coyote. – Hey bring that ring up here. – (Coyote) What? – (Mark) Bring us the ring! – (Mario) I don’t think he could hear you. – They uh- they’re asking
for me to bring them ring. What ring? – The ring that you found. – I don’t know what you’re talking about. – (Mark) You left your hat! – (Mario) Dud you left all your gear. – (Mark) Your stuff’s over this way. Do you want us to get it? What is up with him? (screeching loudly) – (Mario) I don’t know, man. He’s acting strange. Might be cranky. Sometimes when he’s hungry he gets hangry. – They want it from you, precious. They are trying to take it. They wants the ring. You heard them. They asked for it. By name, they said “Bring us the ring!”, but we are not going to do that are we? No. No. No. We would never bring them the ring. – Yeah, we didn’t eat a very
good breakfast this morning cause we had to get here before sunrise, but that what it is. – I think Coyote is hangry. – (grunts lowly) We must keep moving. Get out of the Shire. Leaves the Shire. Don’ts lets them have it. Leave. Leave, now! (dramatic drums) Yes! Leave! Keep going, my love. Keep going. (wailing loudly) This fish is fake? A fake fish? (gagging loudly) (spitting violently) Why would they put a
fake fish here, precious? (footsteps) Where- where did they go? Where’s the hobbits’? I don’t see them which is good. (coughs) It means they
can’t takes it from us. It’s mine. Its all mine. – Whoa. What’s around the bend? Mario, it’s the edge of the Shire. – Ah, cool. – (Mark) We don’t go there. We have to stay in the Shire. The Shire is safe. – Well if you ever wanted to go there just make sure you deep and go in groups. – You’ve got it now. You got your precious. It’s your own. I don’t know that this is
such a good idea though. You know that you loves it. You found it. It came back which means
it’s yours precious. Its yours! (screams angrily) (intense string music) – What are you doing dude? Shh! I think I hear someone coming. – It’s just us here. – I think there’s riders. Wait they stopped. Let’s hurry, lets hurry. Come on. – (Mario) All right, buddy. Whatever you say. – Riders are out. Got to get to the Green Dragon
before the riders get us. – (Mario) First it was Coyote. Now, it’s Mark. Super weird. Running around. – Mario, hurry. The music’s playing. Let’s go, that means
people are eating already. – (Mario) Hang on man. Don’t worry they’ll be
enough food for you. There he goes off to eat. He’s always hungry that little guy. (growling loudly) (coughing violently) – Thank you! – (Mark) Hmm! – Cheers! – Cheers! (Irish shanty music) (laughing quietly) – The food is delicious. Compliments to the chef – (groans) I hope Mark
and Mario are in here. There you guys are. – (laughs) Hey! It’s delicious. – I think I caught something
and I am not feeling good. – Where’s your hat? We saw your hat. – What are you guys eating? – Scones. – They’re delicious. – Scones? – Grab one of those. – Scones? Scones? We don’t want no stinking scones. – (Mark) They’re good! – (Coyote) We want fish. – (Mario) Hey, hey, hey. I need to see that ring again. – (growls) I told you, precious. They wanted the ring. They want to take it from you. – I need to see the ring. I’ve been thinking. I need to inspect it. – No. – I need to inspect it. – It’s mine. – No! (intense string music) (dramatic music) – (Coyote) There it is Yes, yes, yes. We did it. We gots the precious. We got it away from the
wizard and the hobbit. That’s right. The wizard and the hobbit was
trying to takes it from us, they were but my love, my precious, they were- they were your friends. Mark and Mario. No! They are not. They are hobbits and wizards, and they want the precious
to be taken for them. Yes, Smeagol. Smeagol. Smeagol wants to go back. It wants you to leaves us alone. Leave? We’re not leaving. We’re not going anywhere. Yes! Leave now and never come back! What? Leave? I’m not going anywhere. Leave now. Never come back! (dramatic music) He- he’s gone. He’s gone! Precious! Precious, he’s gone. He’s gone. Yes! Smeagol is free! He’s free! Smeagol’s free! Be brave. Stay away from my precious! We’ll see you on the next adventure. (upbeat safari music) – There we go! – [Crowd] (laughing) – Do I need to it again? Big thanks to the wonderful
stewards of middle-earth for hosting us in the Shire. Getting to explore this incredible set where we made the ultimate Halloween video was truly the opportunity of a lifetime. Give it to me! If you ever have the chance to visit the beautiful island
country of New Zealand. Make sure to book a tour at Hobbiton and tell them that Smeagol sent you. Hey coyote pack, if you want to continue your journey into middle-earth. click the join button to become a member of the
Brave Wilderness channel where you can watch our
extended director’s cut which runs 35 minutes in length and features even more of my one and only Smeagol into Gollum transformation. And don’t forget, subscribe, so you can join me, the
hobbit, and the wizard on our next adventure. (yelling loudly) (birds chirping)

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