The Importance of Device Longevity

It used not to be such an
important performance attribute. But in the last few years, I have become,
I’m placing more and more importance to device longevity. There are more and more patients
who required device therapy. They’re getting older and they’re generally
speaking probably sicker than they were, say, six or seven years ago. Device implantation, de novo implantation
is usually very straightforward. However, pulse-generator change can be associated
with an increased risk of infection. And that, in turn, may lead to lead extraction. A potentially dangerous and life-threatening
and quite costly operation for the healthcare system. So, the patient would need to undergo a separate
operation anyway and there are better choices for a device that I can make to delay or even
avoid completely, the need for device replacements. So, bearing in mind all these factors, so
I’ve started to attach more and more importance to a device longevity in my decision, in my
choice of a device for my patients.

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