The Hangover Part 3 | Movie Review

Hey guys mike here from we watched a movie
here to review the hangover part 3 and no Im not stoned out of my mind i just have really
bad allergies oh my god so me and my cyborg eye are gonna try and
review the hangover 3 for you. movies are all about expectations, from the
trailers of hangover 3 the hangover 2 sucked ass so its gonna be crazy they are gonna blow
shit up it seems like you havent learned anything,
anything from the reviews its not funny its boring
it didnt need to happen so i thought it was going to suck
you bring back the wolfpack with zach galifianakis bradley cooper and you add john goodman and
melissa mccarthy Allen stopped taking his meds and goes crazy
and buys a giraffe and it dies and causes a huge wreck his dads tired of his shit and
he has a heart attack and dies he has the voice of an angel its breathtaking
(alan singing) so they have an intervention with allen and
are gonna take him to happy horizons john goodman captures them and says he remember
chow well he stole money and im gonna kidnap stu and am gonna kill em unless i get my money there is no hangover in this movie, the main
problem though in the second one was it was like hey all you did was copy the first one
and its not as funny i dont know how they could have told that
story again this isnt as dark and insane as the 2nd movie but its a lot more serious they
tried to wrap up the wolfpack characters it is dissapointing that this movie is not that
funny but at the same time i feel like they didnt go too far with it
like in the second movie a smart audience is like your trying to
razzle dazzle and send me on my way, fans
want something new and exciting the movie feels like its about chow and alan,
zach galifianakis character chow has gone evil and batshit crazy and galifianakis
is darker but is the source of most laughs i like what they did with his character just
having him saying something funny ever once in a while didnt do him justice this time
though they did i dont know if its worth getting excited for
and expecting a wild romp with your buddies but its more of a matinee surprisingly since
weve come to love these characters its alright to just watch them without things being insane
the entire time i bought a giraffe! My life is great!
you wanna rent it its worth that option im going to give the hangover part 3 a 7.0 it
was enjoyable my question is would you want to see a hangover 4? i wont say what happens
at the end but it didnt feel like it couldnt come back. would you or would you not you
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we watched a movie and ill see you next time. Ill be in the limo. We watched a movie, we
watched a movie, we watched it.

27 thoughts on “The Hangover Part 3 | Movie Review

  1. Ive read a couple reviews and they were all pretty negative..which is a shame cause i was sooo excited for this movie. I actually liked part II better then part I, ill see it next week at a matinee so if it sucks im only out $5

  2. Finally a reasonable review! Even if you are stoned. The rest of the reviews are too negative, these movies are stupid fun not Academy Award fodder. Either you enjoy them for what they are or you don't.

  3. Good call man! Its worth taking a chance on it for a 5 spot atleast, even if you end up not liking it!

  4. As doubtful as I would be as to how good it would actually be, I'm sure I would be in lline for it as well my friend

  5. I didn't like what they did what Alan. They made him a jerk. It's cool that they gave him more to do but I didn't find him that funny in this one. The movie is watchable and somewhat entertaining but I just didn't think it was that funny. It's cool you liked it though. No, no it's not. How dare you like stuff!

  6. I have never actually paid to see a Hangover film, ha! The first film leaked online early. I saw the 2nd because a friend got me in for free and this 3rd one, I went to the free premiere. If they make a 4th film, I'll be sure to see it for free also, hahaha!!!!

  7. lol Hate be to all those who liketh stuff……..l can't help it man anything Alan does makes me lmao even if he's being a dick

  8. Movie sequels are starting to get annoying now. Especially when almost every single film seems to be doing them these days. And now the second film and sometimes the 3rd film is never as good as the first.

  9. Nope I sure didn't……I hate it when that happens too, lol. Agreed on Hangover 4 too, I'd pay to see it with the same cast

  10. It was an okay movie but as Mike said, they couldn't really make another film about 4 bros getting pissed so they didn't really have many options to go with. I think they should leave it at three now. It was funny but it didn't have me in stitches like 1 and 2.

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