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Hey everyone it’s Monday so usually you’d
be staring at Sam’s face right now but he’s actually away learning to be a samurai in
Japan with the green Power Ranger, genuinely. Here’s a photo. Anyway, this week we’ve got your comments
as always. We’ve got officials falling out over Edward Snowden’s leaks and what’s the
biggest threat to the world at the moment. If for some reason you want to skip one of
these stories or watch it again there are arrows on either side of the screen that will
allow you to jump backwards and forwards between the different stories. First up through David
Nutt is a Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London and he used to
be the government’s drugs tsar but he was sacked after suggesting that drug’s classification
systems in the UK were all wrong. He said that some drugs were much safer than their
classification suggested and some like alcohol and tobacco were much, much more dangerous.
Anyway now he’s hoping to secure investment to develop a chemical which would produce
the same effects as alcohol but without all the bad bits. So that’s booze without the hangovers, without
the long-term health issues and without the same addictive qualities. He also wants to
produce an antidote which would effectively reverse the inebriation caused by the first
chemical but he thinks it will be difficult to bring the product to market because of
how powerful the drinks industry is. If he can get some money for it though he thinks
it could be a health revolution and hopefully will mean much less of this. Now what’s the
biggest threat to security in the world? If you watched our live stream of the UK’s
spy bosses you might be forgiven for thinking it was this, “plots towards terrorism.” Now
if you were watching live you might know that we promised to do a count on the number of
times the words, terror, terrorism, counter-terrorist, and so on were used by the heads of MI5, MI6
and GCHQ. In an hour and a half they used them 52 times now that doesn’t include when
the politicians asking the questions used those words nor does it include mentions of
7/7 or 9/11 but actually the word that was used most often and so often that we lost
count was just threat. But if you ask the Iranian Foreign Minister he would have a different
view from our spy chiefs. He reckons that sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia
muslims is actually the greatest threat to world security right now and if you look at
what’s going on in Syria, in Iraq, in Libya and Pakistan on an alarmingly regular basis
it’s kind of hard to disagree with him. Next up it’s your comments and it seems most
of you haven’t been won over by the new layout but let’s focus on something else. On the
private prisons making money from locking you up video Indal quite simply said land
of “freedom” and that comment got upvoted 68 times so I guess a lot of you agreed with
the sentiment on that one. On the Anonymous march highlights quite a
few of you were debating what the actual point of the march was. 187Ghost1 summed it up pretty
nicely we thought when he said “the point of this was to show presence… accomplished
I would say.” And then on the billions of habitual planets
video thesawtoothdude said “am I the only one that finds this stuff f***ing exciting?”
and that got loads of replies so I guess not no. Anyway last up for today I always find
it quite funny when politicians start demanding resignations as if their record is absolutely
perfect and this time round it’s John McCain who’s told Keith Alexander the head of the
NSA to resign all because of the Edward Snowden leaks of course. But here’s what I’d like
to see. Instead of just demanding sackings for security breaches perhaps some heads should
roll because all of this happened without our permission and then perhaps somebody could
explain just why it is that our governments now believe that they can set up programs
like PRISM and Tempora without even consulting people and perhaps they could do that without
using the words terror and threat over and over and over and over. But I can’t see that

45 thoughts on “The greatest threat to the world, hangover free alcohol and NSA fallout – Truthloader

  1. I totally agree adam. The governement should focus not on the failure of "security" programms, but why there were initiated without the approval of the country's citisens.

  2. The greatest treat is the silence of the western world (or any part of the world), not reacting, it seems to me (and a couple professor from Roskilde University) that we (As a western, civilized world) are waiting for some big bad thing to happen, but even though we (as Europeans) have Syria just south of Fortress Europa, there is no response, unlike what was done in Libya. How come no one does anything? Two words which powers the earth; economical interest.

  3. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but according to the Huffington Post, there was a translation error in McCain's comment, and McCain's office issued the following statement:

    "Senator McCain believes that there needs to be accountability for the Snowden leaks, but he is not calling for the resignation of General Alexander, who is retiring soon."

  4. I watched half of that live stream.
    If the number of times terrorism was mentioned, implied, discussed and everything it would easily run into the hundreds I'm sure.

    Got sick of it half way as I finally gave into the realisation that it was just a propaganda video, fully scripted, studied, scrutinised , corrected and finally spewed out of some flappy heads on strings.

    If I wasn't already ashamed of the this countries "leaders" I'd have been appalled (or worse, believed the BS).

  5. Fukushima Nuclear Reactor–the likelihood of killing everyone in Japan and forcing and evacuation of the North American West coast: above 90%? No one is covering it really.

  6. Our terrorist government is the real threat so let's fuck them up worse than all the women and children we mascaraed !

  7. terrorism is brought on countrys that being terrorism on another counrty goverments make billions on it another way to test there new weapons on people goverments are the terrorist being harm on others and on there selfs its all lies 

  8. Snowden simply shed light on our own govt. SPYING ON US! All other foreign ramifications from alerting the American people to this is secondary.

  9. The revolution is coming! More and more i see the 'people' getting pissed off and sick of the system, it will come one day when we have a system that benefits everyone on the planet, black, white, mixed race, muslims etc etc. Everyone.

  10. I've been saying for years that it would be great if they could invent a 'sober up' pill. That would mean you could drive to the pub, get drunk, take the pill then drive home safely and wake up fresh in the morning. What an invention that would be! Hope it comes about! 🙂

  11. the greatest threat to the world is media such as  yours which only Repeating lies together with israel the created cancer by western countries not like iran which media says that it has a nuclear program israel has nuclear weapons can you answer why no one ever talk about it in the UN or security council 

  12. wonder what the heads of the cia/mi6 think when they here people calling them the only real terrorists- that there is no terrorism but what the cia/mi6 develop by funding, training, and secretly backing groups they create that would've never been terrorist groups thus making the cia/mi6 the only valid terrorist threats there are on the planet?

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  14. the biggest threat to the world is us the common man. We have been forced to play a game that we don't know the rules too. We can not win this game but we can change the game to one where we will win as we will be the only ones who know the rules

  15. Tell the guy who need cash for drug research to go to kick starter. That will get him started at least. Then he should talk to his fellow countryman Chris Roberts who can help him further from there.

     If the interest is alive in the public, then getting enough money together is actually pretty easy. And there's tons of interest in this kind of research.

    Peace out!

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