The Escape Artist: Muddy Mountains Wilderness

[RADIO, CITY NOISE, SIRENS, TRAFFIC] [MUSIC] My name is Crystal DiPietro. I live here in Las Vegas. [MUSIC] I’m an artist and a photographer but the thing that keeps me sane here in Las Vegas is hiking and spending time outdoors in the Wilderness areas here. I don’t think I could live in Las Vegas if it wasn’t for all the Wilderness out here. Getting out there is completely different from living here in the city. All the things like the traffic, the noise, all of that city stuff just sort of melts away [NATURAL SOUNDS OF WIND AND BIRDS] To get out there is almost like going home. I like to explore. Look at some place, maybe on the map or some place that I can see in the distance and head into it and just explore. [BIRDS, CAVE WIND AND FOOTSTEPS] For me, it’s the little discoveries you make as you’re hiking. I’m usually really inspired by it [NATURAL SOUNDS OF BIRDS AND WIND] You really feel small out there. You feel like… all the little things in life aren’t important. It’s truly a place that is wild. A place that you’ll get away from all the craziness of the city. [MOUNTAIN WIND] When you’re up there, you just feel like you’re on top of the world. It really makes me happy. [MUSIC]

3 thoughts on “The Escape Artist: Muddy Mountains Wilderness

  1. Hi Rob, This was shot in Anniversary Narrows slot canyon & the nearby Bowl of Fire. For anyone interested, you can see my artwork inspired by the Wilderness Areas at Lake Mead at my website. Just search for Crystal DiPietro & it will come up…won't let me post it here.

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