The Edge: Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins Fight to Survive the Wilderness and Each Other

– And I once read an interesting book, it’s that most people lost in the wilds, they die of shame. – What? – Yeah, you see, they die of shame, what did I do wrong? How could I have gotten myself into this? And so they sit there and they die, because they didn’t do the one thing, which would have saved their lives. – And what is that, Charles? – Thinking. – The Edge is a 1997 wilderness thriller, starring Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins, it’s set in Alaska, but actually filmed in the interiors of BC and Alberta. So the plot concerns them going
to Alaska for a model shoot, Alec Baldwin plays a photographer and Anthony Hopkins plays a
general, eccentric billionaire, who’s married to Elle
Macpherson, the model and I guess he gets to be
married to Elle Macpherson, because he’s such a brilliant billionaire, so stay in school, kids. (laughing) – Man, what wouldn’t I do
to get my hands on her? – Get your hands on who? – The Challenger, $20 million airplane. – I think part of the
reason the film works is because of Lee Tamahori’s direction, he does give it a very realistic approach, like you really do feel
like you are in that forest and there is no escape and the way that he stages the action sequences, such as the bear attacks
all seem terrifyingly real and all of the reactions
and the performances that come in those scenes of danger just come across as
very, very, very natural and which really just adds to the terror factor of this film. It does have a psychological edge to it, which kind of elevates the material, where it does become this kind of deterioration of the human soul, where they’re slowly kind of going from these super suave, in control people to just unraveled psychopaths, that are just acting on instinct and that I think specifically
is what’s so amazing about Alec Baldwin’s
performance in this film and as the movie progresses and they get deeper and
deeper into the forest and have to deal with the elements, he really does kind of unravel and just become this like lunatic and it’s kind of fascinating
to watch that transition. – You know something? Maybe we were right to let people like you run this country all these years, you’re the only ones dense enough! – No, I’m not dense, I
just have no imagination. (laughing) – Although the top bill of cast are Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins, I think the real star of
the film is bear actor, Bart the Bear, who’s had
quite a lengthy career, he was the lead role
in the movie, The Bear, he was also the bear
in The Great Outdoors. Personally I think this is Bart
the Bear’s best performance and sadly, one of his last too, he ended up dying a couple
of years after this, the film was dedicated to
him in the end credits. (roaring) (mellow country music)

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