The Down Sweater from Wilderness Technology

Hi there. Tanner here, I’m here at the Sandy Next Adventure
and I’m here to talk to you about the Wilderness Technology Hooded Down Jacket. With winter coming in fast and the temperatures
dropping nothing is going to provide as much comfort and warmth as a down jacket. This jacket acts as a very awesome insulating
layer for any activity whether it be mountaineering, climbing, backpacking, camping, or just kind
of going around town. This is exactly what you can expect from a
Wilderness Technology jacket. You have a nice baffled down-proof construction
featuring 90-10 duck down. It has some nice zippered pockets which is
going to keep all of your kick-knacks and whatnot’s securely inside the jacket. It’s also got a elastic hood so that it is
going to firmly grasp around your head keeping all that warmth in. It also packs down into itself nice and compact
so that you’re not taking up that much space in your pack when you’re not using it. As you can see it compacts down nice and small. You can jam it in a brain of a backpack or
even just like a stuff sack or something like that or even if you got a really big pocket
pop it right in there. It’s highly compressible it’s going to get
nice down and small. This jacket comes with a nice DWR finish which
is going to give it some water repellency and wick away some of the moisture that you
might be experiencing with the jacket and is going to stay dry a little bit longer than
something without that finish. So once again, this is the Wilderness Technology
Down Jacket and it can be found at any of our locations at the Portland store or at
the Sandy location. If you want to come check it out of if you
have any questions on it come see us or you can check it out online at

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