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DR. MINNIE BODHANWALA: This case of Love and Prince was a complicated case and it’s good to see that both the children who could not move, they’re able to walk without support. COMM: Twins, Love and Prince were born sharing a liver, bladder, intestines and a pelvic bone. DR. MINNIE BODHANWALA: Initially the hospital started with just 50 beds. Today we have 550 beds where we have the world’s largest NICU of 155 beds. DR. SHAKUNTALA PRABHU: It was very challenging, complicated. I was a part of the team which evaluated them. It took almost a month for a complete evaluation of all their internal organs. COMM: It took 12 hours of complex surgery to separate the conjoined twins. DR. SHAKUNTALA PRABHU: Fortunately everything went on well, and now almost a year now, we are following up with them and they are perfectly normal healthy children. It’s a proud moment for us to take up such challenging cases and give them a normal life. DR. MINNIE BODHANWALA: This is the third case being operated by the same team. The first case maybe around 30 years back. The same team did same type of surgery five years back, a separation of a conjoined twins, which were girls.

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  1. Thank you doctor you made them alive and I am so happy for the kids for having such a parents who never give up on them….

  2. Hi Bancroft Tv! How do you get on the Born Different Show? Because I was born with lung problems. And I want to tell everyone my problem I had. How do I get on your show? Please Reply.

  3. Such good news! Most children in this part of the world do not fair as well. Tradition and such can often hinder parents to make their own choices when it comes to matters such as this. They chose well but it still must hurt to be pushed out of families lives over something like this. The love between children and their parents should be as it is between this family!

  4. What does he mean that his family didn't accept them as a couple because they married out of love … Is it because they are expected to marry from arranged marriages? I can't understand why family wouldn't be supportive and happy for their child to find their soulmate or love. I'm glad the family is doing well and happy.

  5. It would be so cute n awesome if the Conjoined Twins boys and girls from that hospital grow up, then marry each other. They're so cute!

  6. I can imagine a love story between the two sets of twins when they grow up– it would be simply romantic and cute! <3

  7. I wish they had given more detail about the operation. If they shared a liver, how did they manage to make that work for both? I assume one has a bladder and the other has a bag to collect the urine? I am so happy that this couple was able to marry for love and become stronger together, even without family support. I hope their families come around some day, but I guess that is asking too much because of the hundreds of years of a caste system. Such a shame.

  8. I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU😓😟😭😢😓😓😓😓😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💓💕💕💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💗💗💘💘💘💘💘💘

  9. Wow this is the most successful separation I've ever seen. Both the kids look amazing and equally healthy. Praises go to the most high and thanks to the surgeon.

  10. Hey you..yes you the one reading this comment..Don't be sad its just a bad day not a bad life..Trust in God..Be happy God bless you.

  11. Your “parents” aren’t your fckin “parents”! They are evil beings! They do not count and do not deserve to be called parents!

  12. I wish these beautiful twins a bright future. Can’t imagine how difficult it must be and happy that the surgery was a success 💕

  13. So precious they are..much Love they receive..t.y. merci for sharing your Loving story of hope, most touching ..
    ♥♥(for your handsome boys), canada 🇨🇦

  14. I wouldnt be proud of having The largest ICU in the world…So much Pollution,Chemicals and Poor Hygiene..India needs allot of help clearly..Look up the statistics of population of counties, then satistics of all child deaths than statistics of being born with deformities..India is right up there..Of filthy water and air, grown and eaten in Polluted soil,cows and goats eat the food thats grown in it,then they drink the milk that comes from them,the water where they get there seafood is highly polluted..the water they drink,and bath..

  15. Married because of LOVE. That is BEAUTIFUL~!, That is exactly what YHWH meant marriage to be. YHWH BLESS YOU.

  16. Just because some one was born different doesn't mean anything that are special I special because I wasn't born with out joints that why God made me special I thanked him for that. You should be unlinking their likes because what happen I that was you I know for facts someone you would have been sad., angry and frustrated when someone bullying. I was in 6th grade and someone asked (Name)why isn't your thumb bending I going throw up. Those on Born different I feel like their my family and everyone time I watched this show it always get me in tears for seeing these kids and people just want to be so mean to them and don't even give them any support if just sorry for them and myself when we people just make those weird faces at me and other like born with conditions. But that not going to happen anymore stay strong for who u are and dot let anyone say anything mean to just keep a smile on your face because no matter what they say it will never hurt you feelings. Thank you Bar croft TV for giving me confidence.


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