The Algonquin College Survival Guide

♪ (music) ♪ I think it’s the little things, like taking the stairs
instead of the elevator sometimes, as well as just packing your own lunch, instead of buying
from the cafeteria everyday. Every little day is a battle. You don’t have to eat the whole pizza,
the other half can be your future lunch. I try to get enough sleep. (chuckling) A lot of vitamin C. I drink a lot of water. Learn to cook something
with vegetables in it. Be nice to your beard. Keeping cash on you can help. When we have cash on us, like we have a physical
kind of representation of how much we should be spending, so it kinds of prevents us
from overspending because it’s so easy to do it
on a debit or credit card, right? Spare an hour every week
for a budget check and break down your budget. Don’t be afraid to get
that side hassle on. The gig economy is a real thing. (laughter) A dollar saved is a dollar earned. And a dollar earned
is a future six packs of nuggets. (laughter) If your computer distracts you,
go with the old-school method and take your notes offline. Just google everything. – If you need music to study…
– Put some earbuds. Ain’t nobody got time
for that ABBA dubstep mashup. Keep on googling
and you’ll get the right answer. Limit your tabs on your computer–
you are distracting yourself on purpose. No one needs to read
a Wikipedia entry on Porgs, even though they are cute. You got to google– sometimes
you just got to google everything. Just google it. I would recommend going
to your program-specific orientations– they are a great way
to get introduced to people and make life-long friendships. – Go do weird things.
– The weirder, the better. But not that weird. Talk to anyone you bump into,
you know, without sounding creepy. Oh, oh, oh! I got something!
I got something! Your body replaces its cells
every seven years… …so if you’re in college
for three years, you’re coming out
of the other end 50% different. Embrace the change. It’s just science. ♪ (music) ♪

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