Te Radar explores the Untamed Natural Wilderness

Untamed. Natural. Wilderness. The mighty West Coast, a place big on natural
wonders, yet small on reputation. It’s almost as though the locals don’t want
anyone to know just how lovely this place is. The tranquility. Or is it just modesty? Either way, this place should definitely be
on your list, which is why I’m here to put it there. Towering mountains, stunning wetlands, pancake
rocks, blue pools, glaciers, the Coast is chock-ful of natural wonders. Legendary cycle trails, amazing walks and
more lakes and rivers than you can shake a fishing rod at. And there’s plenty of options when it’s time
to put your feet up and a hearty helping of Coast hospitality. Thanks Charlotte. Whether you fly, drive or take the train from
Christchurch, you’re in for one of New Zealand’s most majestic journeys. When you get down to it, there’s just aren’t
many places left like the West Coast. To see for yourself, just visit westcoast.co.nz

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