Surviving in the Siberian Wilderness for 70 Years (Part 4/4)

life in the remote Taiga. Aside from a handful of times
going into the city, she’s never left. She’s survived alone and off
the land with untarnished optimism, and even taking care
of another person in this harshest of environments. Despite the sporadic intrusion
of the outside world in the form of visitors, government,
media, and falling rocket debris, Agafia’s daily life
remains mostly unchanged. Her continued existence proves
that it’s possible for humans to live alone in environments
as difficult as this. There were once many old
believers living in the Siberian wilderness. And as we flew over the vast
empty Taiga, it was not hard to imagine that somewhere there
may well be more people like Agafia.

100 thoughts on “Surviving in the Siberian Wilderness for 70 Years (Part 4/4)

  1. All she needs is a good rifle a few hundred rounds of ammo for it, a couple of good axes and saws, and a couple of good cast iron skillets and a dutch oven in a couple of sizes. A moose would keep them both fed the whole year. My guess they don't have a powerful enough rifle. That shotgun looked like it was in poor worn out shape.

  2. we already are slaves to currency. we are forced to live in a society where money controls everything we do and all aspects of our entire lives.

  3. God Bless u out here in the harsh elements that only us sheltered scardy cats can sit back and watch your strength in the lord .amen

  4. As a good picture I saw once explains.. Slavery was never abolished, it was only expanded to include everyone.

  5. So what will money be then? Figures on a screen? Type in 1,000,000$ on your keyboard. Congratulations, you just created money the way a bank does. You don't believe it? Me neither but it's true! — Who controls the figures on a screen, backed up by nothing but thin air? But there are alternatives. If we can think of alternatives.. there is still hope πŸ™‚ PS: This woman does not need any money and seems very grateful and happy to live. A life to love.

  6. It would have been awesome to chill with her when she was my age in her 20's. But you wouldn't be able to cause you'd get her sick. She'd be so full of energy and be skiiing all those slopes and shit haha

  7. She's gonna pissed when she sees people like me in heaven who've lived their lives never less than ten feet from cell phones and other technology.

  8. Some people think that a simple life lived without modern conveniences is somehow more pure& satisfying.As for me,I'm grateful for every gadget& electronic geegaw I have. I am glad to have been offered a window into Agafia's life; She's made me realize how rich with experience my own life is.We can see her narrow life, but she cannot imagine our lives, the wealth of possibilities we hold, the thrill of books and computer and travel and PEOPLE.I'm glad she is unaware of the colors she's missing.

  9. i greatly respect this hard way of life. however i do not agree with the idea of hiding yourself from the modern world. it neither helps nor hurts, its better to do both than neither.

  10. At least leave her a nice saw, maybe a couple of big fixed-blade knives, an axe, maybe some matches, etc. haha. Damn, she's the ultimate survivor.

  11. She said '' it will be imprinted on hands soon, and inside heads.'' She is right, the government are already speaking of RFID Microchip, they have introduced this on news already, youtube : 2017 Rfid Microchip. The Bible prophecy: Mark of the Beast, speaks of a mark that will come in the future, and everyone will be forced to take it. The Bible says that If you don't take this mark you cannot buy or sell, it also says that the mark is on the right hand, and forehead Revelations. Soon Fullfilled.

  12. I was thinking the same, For a few hundred pounds you could sort out out with some good tools. I could trek out there with a chainsaw and sort out some firewood for her.

  13. Agafias life is rich with the colours of the seasons and the knowledge and cooperation of the natural world in order to live.
    Civilisation is rich with the destruction and dominance of the natural world in order to achieve a multiplication of unnecessary necessaries.

  14. Interesting that she talks about barcodes as the "mark of the beast" – seems to be keeping up with the times out there in the forest

  15. I wish someone would stay out there and help her, or atleast visit her once a week with food and other essentials.

  16. What does she mean when she say's "The worlds cycle is 532 years long"? Does she mean that after 532 years from the creation narrative the apocalypse will happen? (in her beliefs I mean)

  17. By her persona yes, but if you think properly she is super smart to put that persona and yet be successful on the world she lives. She sold what the world was asking, and even though we don't like her we consume her information that makes her famous and yet making her richer n richer.

  18. They left her, among other things, a goat and a rooster, both far more important than any fixed-blade knife or axe she could possess.

  19. Or, rather, you are going piss yourself when you see her in heaven, as she has lived a rich and fulfilling life, full of struggle and triumph whilst keeping her soul pure. Or you could also go to hell, there's that option for God, too.

  20. He means a life that she loves, not a life towards love. And what is wrong with piety? I would appreciate it every now and again if I saw it.

  21. ok, so she has a chicken and goat that could die, get sick, killed by a wild animal. In the video she has an old crap saw, etc. Tools would last a while and help her just as much. It wouldn't have been hard to spend a couple of hundred on a blade and axe, saw, hatchet (some fire steels), etc.

  22. Quite the contrary, I don't pity her! I think you're thinking of an incorrect definition. reverence for God or devout fulfillment of religious obligations: a prayer full of piety.
    the quality or state of being pious: saintly piety.
    dutiful respect or regard for parents, homeland, etc.: filial piety.
    a pious act, remark, belief, or the like: the pieties and sacrifices of an austere life.

  23. I dunno. People who are stuck in that way of thinking, usually wont let doctors help them or other people, in fear of god. There are religious people who dont even accept blood if they have been into an accident, they rely on prayers. And we know how that ends…

  24. It's depressing how everyone in her family is dead and she still remains strong and protects the houses her family built and where she grew…

  25. How does she know what a barcode is? She has no newspaper, doesnt listen to radio, no tv, i think its fake. Plus how didnt her teeth fall out without toothpaste or a toothbrush for that matter?

  26. she gets supplies from the rangers, and she listens to the man who lives near her. also she has been to the local city a few times

  27. She's so stupid. She thinks God protects her? If so she could just not do anything. Just pray for it. Oh wait, of isn't real.

  28. If you payed attention they say she has been to the city about 5 times, and if you look closely she doesn't have teeth.

  29. Are you really -that happy ??–what about one day everything will gone -due to some disaster or war –what your life ,will be look like ??—-you likely will die in 3 mth time – from depression– this ,how emotional weak quickly you became -Peace

  30. It's always been my understanding that you should never feed the trolls when you're on Youtube, but I don't agree. Here, nhendrych, have a cookie…@….

  31. The sister of my grandma is 83 years old and still have her teeth. interesting that she lives in a village for all her life and prays a lot during her whole life

  32. Most of her teeth didn't fall out b/c there are no sweets or anything really like them out in the wilderness. Without anything to start creating plaque they would stay relatively healthy. Hope this clears that up.

  33. This may come late, but i am irritated when you people have no knowledge and you donΒ΄t understand what you hear or read. Only the people of "civilized" countries where they eat processed food need toothpaste and toothbrush, for instance native, poor Β people in India and Africa have brilliant white teeth without toothpaste. Β Then, she didnΒ΄t mean that the world was created 532 years ago. She said that there has been 70 times cycle of 532 years. It makes total 37240 years. For instance ancient Egyptians told that there has been 25 sothic year cycles of 1461 years which makes total 36525 years.

  34. This article gives a lot more background information not covered in the documentary – it describes the incredible poverty and hardships they endured for many years… she is clearly much better off now… it's worth reading: Β  Β

  35. I have followed this incredible holy woman in all the videos available. I believe her to be thee most amazing strong woman with great unwavering faith and that has carried her threw the challenges she and only she can face. Reminds me of The Vigin Mother Mary!!! May God continue to bless you and keep you close!

  36. Notice how she received help at the last minute before she was killed several times. God watches over this one.

  37. I watched all the videos about her. What a wonderful human being. such a smart brave lovely woman. Id love to help in some way but i am in usa

  38. In all the documentaries available on you tube about Agafia, none has managed to ask questions about the substance of her faith, what it means to her and how it sustains her during the archest conditions of winter. It seems that her "education" through her Bible studies has made her articulate and deep-thinking. If a priest or another deeply religious person tried to make her understand that her tumor could be removed without affecting the tenants of her faith she might accept the surgery…

  39. β€’Β΄..ΒΈ.β€’πŸŒΌΒ¨.β€’..ΒΈ.β€’In Greek Agafia means "good, honorable; pure, holy".
    Agafia is an alternate form of Agatha;In Russian the meaning of the name
    Agafia is: Good β€’Β΄..ΒΈ.β€’πŸŒΌΒ¨.β€’..ΒΈ.β€’

  40. Great woman and she is real. I honor her, and love her too. God bless you and peace be with you.




    LISA 🌼

  42. I wonder if this woman has been paid for her documentary that is screened like this. Making money by selling the poorest of the poor and she remains with nothing. Nice!

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