Survival Guide to Being One-Handed: Kitchen Edition

*Intro for Survival Guide* Hello Beautiful People How are you today? *BOOP* I am starting a new series of products that help me in being one-handed and I hope you really like this series its really important to me and I hope it helps someone I am first showcasing things that I use in the kitchen to help me cut and prepare food Let’s roll the clip of what I do and voice over of course Hi Beautifuls This is a cutting board I use it is called the Swedish Cutting Board and I love it I got it off amazon as you can see there are spikes to put down what you will be cutting next and this lovely part is a lever so you can close things like a bowl if you want to mix things I love it and the next thing that I show you is the Rocker T Knife I can use it one handed and this clip is me actually using the cutting board and the knife Yeah suction that bowl to that cutting board there I used the lever to actually close the bowl in there I am getting the strawberry because I love strawberries putting it on the pins because its nice there I am using the knife look at that form oh yeah lololololol something also great about this cutting board is the spikes come out so its really easy to just dump things in the bowl here I am showing what its like for me on a regular cutting board it’s really difficult because it slides everywhere strawberries are easier to cut so its not the best demonstration and my final thoughts about my kitchen utensils that I use is I really love them and I don’t feel like I could survive on my own sometimes without them the little tools that help me in everyday life because its not always thought about that someone might have a disability where they can’t use both hands I am really happy that I have these tools to help me in my everyday life I really like my independence If you have any questions that you want me to answer about these products please leave a comment, message me, on twitter, instagram, etc. I’ll do my best to answer any questions Hey I am also doing this crazy thing called TOOT THE BEAUT The first one is Stevie Blaine Go check him out on twitter and YOUTUBE he’s amazing and so is his partner and their cute little puppy they are so cute I am leaving their information in the description box please check them out I know we will do a collab sometime cuz he’s awesome and I just was to thank y’all for watching please SUBSCRIBE and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing to HELLOBEAUTIFUL93 Don’t forget you are beautiful BYE

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  1. Hi – I posted your video on my blog Wheelie Accessible Cooking! Great demonstration of the cutting board , thanks!

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