Summer ’18 Vlogs (Days 3&4 hangover & seaside) Vlogs Estate ’18

>>Goodmorning looking awfull and puffy as a puffer fish I say goodmorning to you oh gosh, well it’s 10 a.m. as you can see I’m not home because we slept in the same location where Ale’s wedding the reception was and now I’m heading downstairs to have breakfast with a huge headache super huge headache, I almost lost my voice I look like a puffer fish and I decided to embrace the puffer fish look and avoid wearing make up so I’ll head downstairs while Daniele is having a shower Good afternoon and welcome back it’s 3.10 p.m., I had a shower I took a pill for my headache because yesterday’s drinks knocked me over and now I think I’m doing a face mask which I left to cool down in the fridge here it is! I think it’s a good idea Perfect, now I’ll lay down on my couch, I was watching Coraline on Nextflix it’s 3.12 p.m. + 15 minutes makes it 3.27 p.m. I look like a monster, let’s see if it does something to my face it’s time to take it off By the way I have no other plans for this afternoon, this evening we’ll be back at Dani’s parents house and tomorrow we’ll leave for the seaside, but I still have to pack but we’ll leave in the afternoon so I still have time for that but now I’ll finish watching Coraline Good evening ya’ll and welcome back, it’s 7 p.m. After the mask I fell asleep on the couch for hours but I feel better now, I also got dressed and we’re going to Dani’s parents house for dinner again maybe I already told you that now I’ll put on my shoes and I’ll leave the house for a while how’s the weather? ok, not too bad see you later, adios amigos! We’re back home, it’s 11.30 p.m., Netflix on I’m in my underwear again I’ll spare you the view and I’m signing off for today, tomorrow we’ll leave for the seaside I’ll see you in the morning, ciao! Goodmorning and welcome to a new day it’s Monday August 6th, it’s 9.30 a.m…let’s have breakfast! Goodmorning, today I welcome you with this awfull light from below and this set of undereye bags it’s Monday August 6th and you join me in the bathroom such a beautiful background, it’s time to pack so let’s do that! Good afternooon , welcome back, it’s 2 p.m. we’re at Dani’s parents house as we had lunch here again we had meatballs, my favorite dish it’s still super hot , here is my outfit of the day and we’ll soon leave, I packed everything, we just need to load the car as usual I packed more than I would actually need We’re leaving, YAY! the car is loaded, we’re on our way to the seaside I look forward to light breeze, terrace and all fresh things let’s focus on fresh things no more meat… ah ok, I wasn’t understanding what you meant no more meat, now we’ll start eating healthy, fruit and veggies and off we go! C’mon! Here we are! Yay! What’s the time? 5 p.m. yep! perfect, no traffic at all, I’m happy Oh gosh, I forgot we had AC on in the car grasshoppers are singing and finally the sea in front look how beatifull it is look how beatifull it is I’d jump right into it good job Dani, you drove me here, YAY it’s 6 p.m., welcome back, we settled in , as you can see and as it’s quite hot here too we decided to go to the beach because why not? so…we’re going to the beach such a joy! I’m ready for dinner, here is my look for tonight no make up, balanced with huge hoop earrings and this jumpsuit that I’m wearing for the first time, I’m not a 100% sure about it but I’ll give it a go we found a place to eat dinner a second ago we were eating fish at the restaurant and a second later we’re back home and in the total darkness I’m signing off for today, I’ll see you tomorrow…shhh.

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  1. Che fame!!! Vedo sempre dei piattini altamente corruttivi nei tuoi vlog di viaggio. Dovresti avvisare che i deboli di volontà saltino quelle parti li

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