South Fork of the Boise River | Camping, Rafting, Hiking (Vlog)

so this is the South Fork of the Boise
we are right under Anderson ranch Dam really close to Boise not too far out
and we are here for a little river camping trip now I don’t have Chad this
trip this trip I brought my family to meet up with more of my family so I
started coming up here and doing this rafting trip since I was nine so things
like what to wear on the river the proper footwear seem like
secondhand knowledge to me Treyden why is your mom already freaking out already because she doesn’t have the right gear and I forget that people that have lived in Idaho people
that have been in the outdoors that rafting might not be something they do
that often I mean I could have brought the right
gear if someone told me what to bring this is what you want to take on the
river and I think for a lot of people maybe you guys out there that are coming
to visit Idaho this is a good place a good trip to maybe consider really close
to Boise we’re gonna do the upper stretch of the Boise right now that’s a
nice easy relaxed trip now a little bit down further you get some some bigger
whitewater some more splishy-splashy we’re going to do some rafting we’re
gonna do some hiking do some camping and it’s gonna be a fun weekend Sarah
it looks like you finally figured out what you’re wearing so we’ve got layers
here you got like a nice fleece under layer you got my pants you got my aunts
long johns you got my wool socks and then you’ve
got like what are these the dudes jellies the sparkling jellies which
are not river approved but pretty fashionable I gotta say *Music* Did I get wet I feel
like I was a human shield right there for you guys just remember if you haven’t rafted
before make sure you get a guide make sure you go with someone that’s experienced
go with an outfitter don’t just rent a raft in Boise and come and think that
you’re gonna be able to raft this river that’s not safe don’t do that I found the bathroom they said you could pee in that if you wanted to or if you’re savage like Sarah you could just squat over the river and pee into the
river they found I did find the pooper for when you have to poop it’s really
nice don’t worry about it dilution is the solution for pollution so rule of thumb is try to pee into the river if you’re a guy that’s pretty easy if
you’re a gal usually you pee into some sort of bucket and then we dump it into
the river in the South Fork in this Canyon area there are bathrooms but not
on our campsite so we brought our own bathroom
there it is and then you can do your business with a great view so this area
of the river there’s bathrooms all around our campsite is probably a 2-3
minute drive from a toilet an outhouse that
we’re gonna go find everyone always has the cool shot of
laying in the hammock what they don’t have is the pain in the ass it takes to
set one up and get into it Oh Oh nailed it this is definitely a
two-person process here so it’s day 2 and we are heading for a
hike first thing there’s plenty of good hiking around here we are just setting
out right from our campsite to one of the trail heads so no need to drive
extra or anything like that which is nice and I’m told there’s some we’re
gonna be following a nice stream a nice Creek here we’re gonna see some water
we’re gonna be around some water and it’s nice a nice change of pace there’s
a lot to do in this Canyon so we spotted from aways I don’t know
if you can see it this this waterfall behind us on this rock and with the
power of drone technology we have been able to scout it out and we are now
blazing our own trail up here to this waterfall to see if possibly there’s a
little pool we can get our hot feet nice and nice and chilled so Treydens already
running up there but yeah it’s super pretty and it looks like a nice little
hidden spot that we found all right Marie you’re 65 years young today
you just hiked all the way up here how do you feel awesome I feel like I
can’t believe I did it and whoo hoo anybody else that’s 65 what advice would you have for them yeah don’t quit don’t quit don’t quit there’s
always a way yeah so this has been the South Fork of the
Boise River please subscribe to the channel for more adventures in Idaho and
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we’ll see you next time

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